Idea when a continent is unlocked

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  1. elkikko92

    We have the same battles in the same territories in the middle of the continent.
    I give you an idea that could be implemented with not too many code lines.

    When a continent is unlocked, the system gives to each faction random territories on his own: not the same near the warpgate.
    To you think is a bad idea?
  2. JibbaJabba

    I think the unstable warpgates as is work just fine during the unstable times.

    It's afterwards that problems arise. Nasan's defiance, Ti Alloys tend to remain massively populated even after the warpgates stabilize. In the case of Ti alloys this means a great farm for one faction, and crap or no good fights for the other factions. Things stay like this for a really long period.

    What might help: Kick off a major facilities or similar alert very shortly after warpgates stabilize to incentivize players to move to other fights.
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  3. Armcross

    So it's like a mini game knowing how to figure it out the best way to reconnect the territory? Current Stabbilisation is ment to help low pop.
  4. PlanetBound

    Nason's going back and forth is the rare time new NC players have for the defense directive (defend with at least 5 enemies present. Same for capture depending on population.
  5. DeadlyOmen

    Take away lattice.

    A long time ago, battle location wasn't contrived.

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