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  1. Codex561

    The subscribers are said to be those who pay for all the f2p players while getting a bit back for it. Martyrs pretty much.

    And how can you allow yourselves not to show them off for it?

    Throw it peoples' faces!

    Guy killed you? Show it off! Exclusive banner maybe?
    Highlight them in leaderboards, squads, outfits, things alike. You get the idea. Make our martyrs visible.

    More XP bonuses:

    XP boost for all outfit members (5%)
    XP boost for all platoon/squad members (5%)
    XP boost for players in the region (5%)

    Maybe the last one is a bit overboard but the idea is to add subtle peer pressure. (Hey subscribe, we want them certs!!)

    Just a couple ideas.
  2. SteelMantis

    Making people feel forced to sub drives them away when they are still in the checking out the game phase.
  3. Codex561

    How would any of that make them feel forced?
  4. VXMorte

    The XP boosts for squad or platoon is the most feasible IMO.
    But I do think 5% may be too high, especially considering number of players and the possibility of the passive benefit stacking.
    Let me break it down:

    The '%' on any of your proposed ideas would have to be smaller, since even having 5+ paying members in an outfit/platoon/region could skew the XP gain to a point that could be called pay to win (XP=Certs=sidegrades and new kit).
    All that is based on the assumption that the bonus XP stacks.

    If you took this bonus and trimmed it down even as low as say 0.5% for example and maybe applied this to XP and Nanites, you now have a passive contribution to the game, that even with a full platoon of subscribed members would cap at 24% if stacked.

    Now, I think this should only apply to squad and platoon as this will further encourage people to play as teams and join together for a purpose, even if they do not wish to be part of the same outfit as you (for a variety of possible reasons).
    If the squad or platoon sticks together properly, then the region boost becomes null.

    Basically I support your idea, but with a lower point of application to act as control.

    Just my take on your idea, :)
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  5. Khrin

    The game already calls you dumb and ugly (essentially) for not being subbed. Besides charging over £5 to unlock guns and helmets (which plenty of people seem to do) is a balanced enough way to trade cash for ASP. (attention-seeking-potential)
  6. TheChris

    I am also a subscriber but i dont want to be highlighted.
    I wanna stay Anonymous. I already get my benefits with +50% EXP , +50% Nanites +500 Cash and a reduced waiting time if a Continent is full wich is enough.

    Freeplayer also could get P*ssed if you dominate them bcoz they think you get an advantage 1on1 on (Yeah alot Weaker player looks always for excuses)

    If DBC wanna make more Money they should fix the Prices. Its almost " Oh i hava enough cash os let my buy a new things. " Meh around 10 cash are missing and i have to reload. This prevents me from paying more instead put more cash into the game ^^
  7. VXMorte

    IIRC there is/was (haven't had time to play since this latest update) a little icon in the squad menu that would show an up arrow or something, signifying membership. No need to highlight a person, just a small passive benefit that rewards squad mates and team-play.

    Is there a way to know if the person who killed you is a member? If not, then I dont see that being an issue, but ultimately there will always be someone finding a reason to complain.

    I do agree that there are other avenues DBG can explore for cash, but this was relevant to subbing.
    For me personally, I find that many people are still very unaware the game even exists, that combined with the scale and higher than average learning curve is often very intimidating for people and can be disheartening.
  8. TheChris

    Nope my Enemy does not see it. And that is fine. what i wanted to say is. i simply dont want get highlighted everywhere.
  9. FieldMarshall

    Some sort of sub benefit for people who are already BR100 and have everything certed would be nice.
    I dropped my sub because i didnt get any benefit from it anymore.

    All i do nowdays is directives. Maybe some sort of bonus to directive gain?
    I would definitely sub if it gave double directive points for BR100s.
    I would even buy "directive boosters" if that was a thing.
  10. Villanuk

    Now they have increased the BR level, their maybe more interest in people signing up again but the main issue is still cost.

    Would you buy a 3 year old game for £90 with declining numbers, well some will but the majority will not.

    I cant see them reducing the price which i dont think is reflective of the current gaming market place, but i do think they should introduce a "entry" level membership. All the benefits but no SC to spend, as a lot of players by now have more or less what they want and if they need it, they have more certs than they need just to purchase items.
  11. HadesR

    All access add's some value to that ... BUT only if you are interested in their other games

    Maybe they should add in a cheaper " Non-All Access " plan ..
  12. ferlinco

    lesser people sub to the game, i will stop my sub soon after it expire :(
  13. Villanuk

    I agree completely. Im not interested in other products, so i dont see the value in paying for them, so im sure im not the only person to feel the same way.
  14. Hammerlock

    give subs their passive cert gain back and more ppl would create a subscription (maybe)
  15. VXMorte

    You mean the daily 48 certs extra for subbing? Cos that's still around.
    So far as I remember it was only taken away from non subbed players.
  16. user101

    Dude the entire PS2 game is about you spending money on it.... ! The DEV's have done everything but make the game Play to Win with a month subscription fee.
    ****** ---> Again I say maybe make the bugs go away... and improve the image of the graphics. ( fix the game engine )
    Fix the Flora - Fix the shadows, FIX Fix fix the PhysX.... ! ADD VR to PS2...

    UN-NERF the game....!!!!!!!!

    Directives are the most stupid things the DEV's have ever done and the most usless... I am a BR100 and still sitting at 460 in directives... after 3 years of playing. Why would I be stupid enough to buy all those weapons to fill out directives.... ?
    Most game players have a higher than average IQ... The DEV's need to learn that.
  17. AxiomInsanity87

    Just have a small message at the bottom of the screen stating "Still a bum?" for f2p when they die.
  18. VXMorte

    I doubt that the stick will work better than the carrot.

    I do agree that there still needs to be more work on game performance, bugs, graphics and a fair amount of other things.
    But as it has been pointed out before, there is always a balancing act between staffing and finances, thus affecting actual development.
    So yes, you are correct, but I interpret the point of this thread as trying to increase subs, which can hopefully lead to more or better developments within better time frames.
    Are we sure this would be the case or work? no.
    But we enjoy the game and want it to improve and grow, so we try.
  19. customer548

    VR requires expensive equipment. People who already spent 400 dollars on VR googles must be 1% or less of the entire gamers pop. And VR will go nowhere in the next years , because of the same reason.

    Directives are not an IQ indicator. Some people simply like to have goals to reach.
    All classes have different roles. Most of weapons have a different role and efficiency depending on the situation.