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  1. CARunner

    Ok so as we know every class has an ability : LA-Jetpack
    Heavy Assault-Shield
    Engineer-Repair Tool
    Medic-Healing Tool

    As we may have noticed Engineer and Medic are two of the classes that
    have a tool instead of an Ability activated by pressing "F".
    But that's not the point.

    My idea is that every one of those classes has an Offensive capability designed for killing targets
    with precision and style based on the class you are playing.

    Examples :
    Light Assault - Jetpack , Offensive Capability (OC) : Laser Burn
    Laser burn could be LA's offensive capability.
    What it does is upon activation a laser wrist attached weapon is
    used to fry its victims to death. Upon Activation the player has 20 seconds
    to use the ability until it has to recharge.
    Recharge time is 10min.

    Infiltrator : Cloak . Offensive Capability : Electric Charge
    Electric Charge : Upon Activation the Infiltrator releases a
    brutal surge of electrical currents in a specific radius ( maybe 50 meters)
    These currents destroy all deployed objects such as turrets and clay-mores ,
    while killing every enemy in range. This capability can only be used
    once until its has to recharge for 10 min or so.

    Heavy Assault : Shield. Offensive Capability : Flamethrower
    Flamethrower : Upon activation the HA gets an extra weapon, the flamethrower ,
    that spreads deadly fire. Its up to the player whether he/she uses the weapon
    correctly to actually get some kills. This capability can be used for 5min due to the
    difficulty to use the weapon. Recharge time is 10min or so.

    Engineer : Repair tool. Offensive Capability : Swarm
    Swarm : Once activated the Engineer will summon a deadly force
    of Mechanic-eating Robotic beetles that damage all Vehicles and
    deploy-able mechanics in a 100-150 meter range. These beetles might not
    destroy a tank for example buy they will sure cause some damage.
    Turrets, ammo packs , health shields that medics deploy , and clay-mores/mines
    be either badly damaged or destroyed. Recharge time is 10 min or so. Its a one time
    use which means once activated the recharge time will start.

    Medic : Healing Tool. Offensive capability : Air Blast
    Air Blast : Once activated the medic will summon a huge blast of air
    that moves through enemy lines with high speed. This air will knock off
    regeneration time by 15 seconds , revive time by 10 seconds , and will drop down
    shields just by 15%. It's a one time use which means once activated the recharge will start.
    The recharge is 5 to 8 min.

    Now these are all just examples that could be fixed or upgraded.
    Just give some useful suggestions.

    Now if you guys like the idea of expanding specific class capabilities than
    take a look at the abilities and give some suggestions.

    For those that won't like the idea , just state why you think this idea won't work , or
    perhaps suggest an alternate idea.

    :) thanks for reading , also note that i came up with this at the top of my head so the ideas aren't
    solid yet.
  2. Metrack12

    Hmm,I would put other HA ability,like a "shockwave" that disable shields in range or make them fall to the ground.

    And LA,I would like some type of charge attack,this cant kill a full health enemy but affect the enemy's aim for about 3-6 seconds.

    At least thats my opinion
  3. GamerCat

    This is a joke right? A 50m radius that destroys and kills EVERYTHING??? A flamethrower is cool...but only with a shield? The medics doesn't even makes sense. The James Bond laser watch...what? And robotic beetles?
  4. Iridar51

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