[Suggestion] Idea for balancing Heavy Assault

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by mer1c, Jan 6, 2015.

  1. Posse

    So? You said killing power, killing power is simply how effective something is to get kills, yes, MAX weapons are less accurate than other infantry, and would be terrible in any other class? So what, MAXes are still much better at killing than any other class.
  2. vanu123

    HA is already balanced.
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  3. WarmasterRaptor

    Idea for balancing? Don't touch it. :D
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  4. repairtool6

    HA is fine stop crying

    But okey, how to 'balance' it imo? Reduce default ammo-pool of all rocketlaunchers by 1. Might make rocketpouch more mandatory for serious AV stuff? Thats it. Touch nothing else (maybe add another 1000-certs level on Muntions Pouch to compensate).

    The shields are fine and the guns are fine, but in general allround play I feel HA can be just a liittle too liberal with the rockets.
  5. Reclaimer77

    Can you find stats to back this up?

    Max's are far less durable on the battlefield than Heavy Assault. Not only does HA have an infinite use overshield, but they can spam healthpacks like crazy!

    Without an engineer a Max will get the drop on a few people, but any moron with C-4 or an LMG / rocket can easily solo him.
  6. WarmasterRaptor

    Infinite? My god, never knew that a 5 bullets sponge was considered infinite!! Sorry but this is so much exaggerated it's ridiculous.

    Strange that the same weapon you named also kills a HA as fast as the MAX... or any classes for that matter.
    Althought a MAX with Flak will survive with more health.
    Or nano repair if you want a regeneration health and play conservatively.
  7. Reclaimer77

    Why are you being stupid? It's infinite USE. It recharges over and over again for as long as you're alive. Anyone with half a brain could figure out that's what I meant.
  8. Posse

    The one non-default weapon (in order to avoid biased stats in the comparison) that you could arguably call the best HA LMG in the game, the Anchor, has a 1.6 KDR and a 37.3 KPH on average.


    Compare it with what I'd call the best AI MAX loadout, Dual Mattocks, the stats for a Dual Mattock MAX are: 5.73 KDR and 69.4 KPH.


    That means, the average player gets more than 3 times the kills per each death with a MAX than they do with a HA while getting almost 2 kills in the same time a HA gets 1.
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  9. WarmasterRaptor

    O M G, infinite uses. The humanity! :eek:

    Like the infinite ammo... of a certain class. (Should we also consider his infinite repairs??)
    Infinite cloak... (One option even allows perma cloak if used properly!)
    Infinite flight...
    Infinite heals... (For himself and an AoE or his tool is infinite too!!)
    Infinite self-repair...

    Again, I never thought that healthpacks were an exclusivity of the HA class.
    I could swear ALL of the classes have access to these.
    Could somebody confirm this to me? I might be stupid again, believing everybody can spam those things. :confused:

    Are you catching up with the rest of us yet? :rolleyes:
    Looks like you're kind of having a hard time making a solid argument without resorting to insults. ;)

    Making a stupid comment attracts stupid responses.
    Use more than half your brain too and I shall do the same.
  10. Kalivix

    The funny thing is HAs are actually not the prevalent in the higher BR players because they aren't really that good, LMGs are the all rounder guns so end up being beaten in most cases (well thats how NC LMGs go anyway) the shield lets you live about 0.5s longer (maybe a bit more) which is the worst class ability in my opinion and rockets.. well the dumbfire is great for MAXs but other than that the engis turret is WAY better for all types of vehicles

    LA gets to fly giving them the best positioning (THE most important thing in a fps)

    Inf gets to go invisible and hack terminals/turrets, invisible is awesome enough but stealing turrets and terminals is incredible.

    Medics get to heal/revive and even a nade to revive HUGE numbers at once, again an incredible ability (and the guns are so incredible powerful too)

    Engis get to have auto-turret, repair (very useful ability), lay mines, give out ammo, mana turrets to hold a hallway easily (especially as rockets have a tendancy to pass right through them) or kill vehicles a LOT better than HA rockets

    Now I do see a TON of high BR infs (stealth and SMG is 1 of the most OP combos there is) and a LOT of high BR ESF and lib pilots (which makes sense as nothing but air beats air.. its like a screwed up rock paper scissors)
  11. Reclaimer77

    Well clearly you're another mainly HA player who wants to drag every argument down into the same kind of nonsense. It's not that any individual component of HA is broken. It's that HA has access to ALL of those things, and they work so well together for HA. Probably TOO well. HA's power and feature creep is just a bit too strong, too compelling, to the point that the game is unbalanced because of it.

    Everything that's ever needed to be said about HA+overshield has already been stated. There's really no argument I could possibly come up with that would make a difference to you at this point, and I frankly don't care to even try.

    When I hit BR100, it will be as a Light Assault + Combat Medic. And I'll get there through superior teamplay, better twitch skill and decision making than 9 out of 10 of you zombie-like shield addicts, and it will feel good knowing I didn't need a gimmick to be effective.

    Just know that this topic isn't going away. From now until the servers close, players will see the obvious broken mechanic of overshield and come to discuss it.
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  12. Reclaimer77

    Oh sure use the most extreme crazy NC Max as your baseline. No bias there at all!
  13. Kalivix

    Wait what.. wheres my HA stealth? wheres my HA infinite ammo and mana turrets? wheres my heal and mass revive? wheres my flight?

    HA is something new players think is good as it has a shield, but experienced players know the shield gives you about 0.5s more life while other classes get incredibly useful abilities. The only really useful think HA gets is launchers but even that isn't quite as good as another classes equivilent (engi mana turret) except against MAXs. So basically the HA is for rambo players (as they aren't very useful to a platoon due to a lack of abilities that benefit anybody but themself)
  14. Reclaimer77

    [quote="Kalivix, post: 3073031, member: 181835"but experienced players know the shield gives you about 0.5s more life while other classes get incredibly useful abilities.[/quote]

    Please. If that was true, hardly anyone would use it.
  15. Shanther

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  16. Posse

  17. Reclaimer77

  18. Posse

    Good luck getting anywhere close to being as effective as HA as you can be with a MAX without using medikits. And even if you're using them, the average player will get a third of the KDR they can get as a MAX.

    You asked for proof that MAXes are better for killing than HAs, I provided it, and now you want to change the subject, lol.
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  19. Reclaimer77

    Max's require support from teamwork to get those kills. A lone Max unit will die quickly. They cannot push a button and get their entire healthbar back.

    And I wasn't the one who even brought Max's into this. You were. Max's are not directly comparable to HA because of the resource cost.
  20. Shanther

    There is a reason Auto Repair exists.
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