Idea for a "F" ability - Ares Jumpjets

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Blackpulse, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Blackpulse

    Hey there!

    While i was a bit unhappy with the things the LA brings to table when it comes to teamplay, the Ikarus JJ gave me an idea. It was in combination with that frustrating moment when flanking wasnt an option. A heavy armored assault!

    On open field there it takes to long and its way to unhealthy to flank. But what can you do other then switching to your HA?

    You switch to your new and awesome Ares Jumpjets. What do they do? Those JJ are a bit like the Ikarus but with MUCH MORE raw brute force. They are like a booster rocket for spaceshuttles. And guess what, your the poor thing getting shot in the atmossphere.

    But why? Because of that:


    Normaly you would try to flank, jump around a lot or just sit in a corner and cry.

    But with the new Ares JJ you can do this:


    AWESOME! You bypass those nasty distance and other things that want to hurt you :)

    But what are the details? The tradeoffs?

    - With them equiped you have a normal jump (spacebar) like all the other classes. You have to press "F" to use it.
    - it has a long CD (maybe 30 secs) and can only be used with FULL energy, just like the Max rush.
    - u need an open sky you can fly into, a closed room just gets u killed.
    - to aim at your target (aka this sunderer) the ability has two phases.
    -> first phase the takeoff. u get kicked into the sky.
    -> ur fuel is depleted. now you can steer in the style of a droppod to your target.
    - u can also fly at the top off big bases. but keep in mind you cant use this thingy indoor afterwards.

    Well what you think?

    Could it be usefull? Could it be fun?

    I also dont think its OP or something. The enemy just need to make sure they GUARD their high value targets with infantry. Cause even a truckload off tanks and aircrafts wont stop 2 or 3 LA to land on the roof of that sunderer or magrider :D
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  2. FieserMoep

    I kinda like the Idea, thought of that by myself how awesome it would be to have some kind of jump packs like the assault space marines from WH40k that not only allow you to jump (as we currently do) but will allow to either speed you forwards or crush down on the ground and backfire just a few seconds before hitting the ground to take out the impact force.
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  3. Wolfwood82

    Open fields are the best areas to flank targets in. LA can very easily attack from any direction by using terrain and cover to conceal their movement.
  4. Yalk

    I like the idea due entirely to your epic drawing

  5. RobotNinja

    Sounds like a good idea and it's something an LA could use both defensively and offensively, to either retreat or attack.
  6. Thrustin

    I like it a lot.
  7. Trysaeder

    To be balanced, its effective range would be no where near what you're imagining.

    Look at how far a MAX charge pushes you, then consider how much benefit those few metres closer are to the max. A MAX cannot instagibb parked vehicles if it gets close enough, and the utility of the charge isn't game changing. If an LA moves the exact same distance in the exact same time, his influence is increased immensely.

    Then, look at how far the default jets get you. Perhaps around 20 metres of horizontal distance if you use them right, and it takes a very long time to do so, making you an easy target.

    Now think about the average distances between barriers and high value targets such as sunderers. About 10-15 metres. This distance is traversible with the default jump jets, but again, it takes a long time. If you could close that sort of distance in less than 4 seconds, it would be too effective and easy to reach high value targets.
  8. Regpuppy

    Can't say it would improve our teamplay ability, but it would be epicly awesome. Even if its use is highly situational.

    @ Trysaeder If it's on a decent cooldown and expends all your fuel like a max rush does, I don't see it being as overpowered as you think. If used well, it'll be awesome in the right situations but if used willy nilly, it can get you killed or put you in a bad spot.
  9. Meiu

    Well technically the backfiring jets would hit you with as much force as landing if you wanted to negate the land, It would be best to just give you some sort of weird magical something to prevent the fall damage. I too would like some jump jets with really strong verticle/horizontal force but limited your control as the trade off. Just like the warhammer jumppacks you mentioned. I personally think the suit should have a utility cert that drastically reduces your fall damage. Sort of like how you have the run speed boost cert.
  10. Winterspawn

    I'm diggin the drawings, other than that, it might be a good plan if you want to create a bunch of kamikaze suicide bomber LA's.

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