[Suggestion] I'd like to see more deployables added

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Spadar, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. Spadar

    I think deployables for various classes would add a lot to the game, right now we're pretty much limited to ammo packs, explosives, and engineer turrets. The more powerful ones could use up infantry resources, similar to how mines and other explosives currently do.

    Here's a bunch of ideas without regard for gameplay changes, just brainstorming.

    Different types of turrets
    Deployable shields that block enemy bullets/explosions but not movement, destroyable "generator" on the inside.
    Weak auto turrets

    Health Station - deploys and slowly heals people in a small radius until destroyed.
    I really can't think of much else for the Medic...

    Infiltrator -
    Some sort of small flying recon drone, similar to the BF3 MAV. Maybe even the ability to equip them with certain abilities or a weak (pistol-like) gun.
    Long duration deployable radar
    Scrambler that shuts down enemy radar within a radius
    Deployable cloak that hides stationary friendlies within a small area.

    I just think that things like this could make gameplay more strategy based than it is now.

    I'd like to hear what other people have for ideas in general in this area.
  2. DJPenguin

    a substitute for the turret in the form of a shield would make my day. using a battle rifle, i have no use for turrets aside from the rare stairs-camping moment and generally use them as cover anyway.
  3. CanadianSniper

    Thats amazing! Should seriously be looked at by the Devs... I was thinking about another vehicle to be added... sort of like a supply truck/ supply sunderer variant. Take it out, and you can use it to deploy say anti air craft guns, or a mortar pit, or Artillery battery of guns or even a Rocket launcher artillery variant also.
  4. Faint

    +1 for a good idea
  5. TheGangsterPanda