[ICE] - Icy Hot Stuntaz

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  1. lCECOLD

    icy hot stuntaz iz a fuly sik n krunk gang of ice cold mofoz who pledge alegiance to da clown king pin boss of briggz, ICECOLD. regardles of weather or not ur sum gangbangin hood rat hustla who roams aruond muggin mofoz, a fuly ice cold gangsta who ices mofoz for brekfast evryday or a double agent spy for da kgb, ICECOLD has risky n dangeruos gheto work for u dat wil earn u sum sik dirty dolaz. rich mofoz wif totaly ****** out blings n gold teeth pledge ur life to ICECOLD n u wil be part of an infamuos n feared criminal organizatoin dat has power n influence over evry other briggs outfit whether thoz mofoz know it r not. dont mess wif da icy hot stuntaz or u wil get ***** iced

    wif over 2100 total brothas and 900+ active gangstas fortnightly, [ICE] is da largest and most activ outfit on briggz. we can mobiliz a huge amount of mofoz in less than 420 secondz and alert victorises are solidly iced daily by a state-of-da-art comunication system that manages multiplle platoons across da map. bein an icy hot stunta ensurez u dat u got intel on demand and da suport of a canonfoder thugz everywhere. icy hot stuntaz alwasy help each other even if they arnt in da same platoon caus we are solid as ice

    da culture of [ICE] is naturaly super chill and no one givs a **** about anything caus we are blazed hot n smoked cold at all timez

    u can join [ICE] in da outfit browser as u play with [ICE] mofos u will get stret cred and eventual promosions

    stay ice cold
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  2. Draegor

    The Vanu Sovereignty will eventually decrypt this strange language you speak!
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  3. sebastian oscar post

    WTF is this sh*t?!
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  4. RFMG567

    shout owt 2 da most sik n krunk gang on Briggz from da Sundering Squad

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