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  1. Iridar51

    This video is absolutely not mine, I take no credit. If you want to tell the guy he did a good job, go on youtube and show him your support.

    A pretty interesting video showcasing how Icarus Jets can be used not only for rapid vertical movement, but also abusing game's physics engine to get some fast horizontal movement as well. This way, Icarus Jets can be used as all-purpose maneuvering device in close quarters, with very high skill requirement, but high payoff as well.

    I still think that standard Jump Jets are better for 90% of players in 90% situations, especially the classic Shadowflight playstyle, but Icarus do provide something more for those who can and want to get it.
  2. DarkStarII

    And that's why I like Icarus jump jets :D

    All the naysayers saying you can't go horizontally with them, pffff.
  3. Cynosure

    Thanks for posting this!! I had, literally, just loaded the LA Class forums to search for help/advice regarding these jets as I had become a bit frustrated.

    I've just started toying around with a new character as light assault (TR) to experience more of a close quarters feel as my main character tends to focus on mid/long-distance support. I had such a blast with the Icarus jump jets during a couple tower fights; but, since then, I've found it way more difficult to get around flatter or more spread-out bases. The 'lack' of mobility in these flat bases has essentially doubled my death rate and halved my efficiency. I ended up certing in Adrenaline Pump (which didn't seem to help much).

    Are you aware of any more definitive/tutorial-like guides on how to utilize this technique? If not, I'm simply going to have to go practice and try to figure it out.
  4. Iridar51

    This is the first I've seen of this technique, but the core idea is very simple:

    First you find a sloped surface, then use the Jet Pack to fly above it, then fall on that sloped surface. Physics engine of the game will make you bounce from the sloped surface and propel you horizontally at great speeds. Then you engage the Jet Pack again to maneuver and keep altitude.

    Technically, this can be done with any type of Jet Pack, or even without the jet pack at all, but Icarus do it the fastest, and benefit the most from it.

    You can look up other tips about Icarus in my LA guide: http://planethead.info/classes/light-assault-guide#LAJet
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  5. Riksos

    I do that technique all the time with normal jump jets and jump pads, it's due to the physics of the game. For example a good way to the Crown tower from the C point jump pad at the bottom, is to hit the jump pad at C that takes you up to the plateau. Usually this rockets you toward a "catcher" positioned on the wall, where you hit and then drop to the second floor balcony below. Using the technique in this video, if while in the air as any class you hold up and left or up and right on your left joystick (Jump + Forward + left/right on PC), it will cause you to land to the side of the "catcher" on the roof, where the roof is angled. If you hit that angle on the roof above the catcher, it will rocket you upward in the same way if you came from above and hit the angle it would rocket you sideways. Since jump pads prevent fall damage, you are free to land wherever after launch.

    You can actually use this "bounce" technique to get classes other then LA to places they normally would have no business being. It makes for some pretty good streaks when an Inflitrator is up in some random corner sniping from nowhere anyone expects.

    I am on PS4 and don't know how to work my capture card correctly or upload video to edit. I'm sure it isn't terribly complicated I just haven't bothered to learn how. If anyone is interested in walking me through it I could upload a few tutorial videos.
  6. Iridar51

    There's no need, it's already been covered by Wrel years ago:

    While the concept is similar, it's not the same. We're talking about Icarus Jets specifically, and not so much about using the jet pack to hit a sloped surface, but more about using the gained momentum to increase horizontal speed, which is normally not possible with Icarus.
  7. Riksos

    My point was that the physics the Icarus jet technique you're talking about takes advantage of, are techniques you can apply to movement with other classes to get results. Hopefully an understanding of these physics helps you not only pull off the techniques I'm describing, but the Icarus trick outlined in that video as well.

    When you use icarus jets as outlined in the diagram, you gain momentum from game gravity and hit an angled surface, it conserves your momentum and changes your direction.

    So too if you hit a jump pad and hit that same angle horizontally, it's literally the same thing but in reverse. Except that instead of gravity giving you momentum, the jump pad is giving you momentum.

    I'm more just trying to give commentary on how the physics engine in the game works, and why the Icarus Jump Jet operates the way it does- so that this information can be evenly across the board to improve gameplay even without Icarus suited.

    That video on directional influence is very, very helpful to newer players and you are right; gives a basic rundown of what I'm trying to describe.
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  10. Iridar51

    Something that I realized a bit after I posted the Shadowflight is that it's basically the classic LA carbine playstyle that I was propagating all along, but with a higher emphasis on stealth, mind games and general safety, while the classic carbine playstyle is open to interpretation. Shadowflight is about minimizing risks.
  11. Iridar51

    DarkFlight released another video, even more educational than the first.

    Quote of the day:
    Also, apparently, holding crouch near a surface increases your falling speed, and sprinting down a beveled edge will give you a nice little kick of momentum.

    I'll have to do some testing to confirm, but sounds promising.
  12. Corezer

    I wonder how far you can magnetize from.

    This might have something to do with the "you fall faster while crouched." crowd and why your testing from max altitude only picked up the tiniest fractions of a second difference. Perhaps testing jumps over a crate would pick it up better, although it may be less accurate...
  13. Iridar51

    Yeah, would be a good idea to test it.

    I'm not sure there is such a thing as "fall faster while crouched" crowd, though. It's just something I noticed myself doing instinctively while playing and wanted to test if that's true. It also fit nicely with other crouch-related things.

    It seems that in general crouching has any effect only when touching or sliding near a surface.
  14. HomicideJack

    I don't normally use Light Assault, but when I do my preferred choice is the Icarus jump pack. It IS better for all around use than the other two - if you know how to use it. Excellent for flanking on tech plants and larger outposts in a pinch.