i5 2500k @4.5Ghz, GTX680, 8GB RAM

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Zha1tan, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Zha1tan

    I feel like the performance im getting on this game is not good at all.

    I cant tell wether or not to

    A: Wait for this game to be optimised

    B: Upgrade my processor

    It really struggles and I mean struggles in huge battles, Maybe they were just far to ambitious with the player count on this game and thought more about the vision than how performance hogging it is to have hundreds of players onscreen at once.

    Lets be realistic, what can they do to optimise the game that we cant already do ourselves? Turn down the render distance? Turn down the view distance? Turn down some other resource hog settings so the game can be enjoyed?

    Its not like one day they will be able to magically make the game run better. Perhaps this is the new Arma II and only current gen super systems will run it and next gen processors.
  2. Sobieski14

    What is your average FPS?

    As for you comparison with arma 2, I am very neutral.
    * The game does need a decent system to run properly.

    I've tested with my I7-920 running at stock speeds of only 2.67ghz
    * Average FPS is around 50.
    * Major battles the FPS is around 30.
    * Desolate areas the FPS is around 90+


    As for optimization, it depends how well they code the game.
    * Atm the "memory leaks" are very un-professional.
  3. PureHunger

    I think it is mostly up to optimization for now. Your CPU is quite good, and upgrading it may show little to no change performance-wise. Some people are able to run this game at 80fps constantly (big battles and all) using a 3.2ghz AMD CPU, just because the game is optimized for it. I guess all we have to do now is be patient, but unfortunately, not all of us have this virtue.
  4. LuckyImperial

    Ehh not me. I'm hoping that my holiday bonus will cover a AMD FX-8350. Then again, there''s no guarantees that processor will give me a huge increase in FPS.
  5. Nilbog

    Im in the same boat. There is no need to upgrade ur CPU. It is fine.

    To be blunt they need to be doing better coding
  6. Lavans

    I have the exact same setup as you and I pull around 35 fps average in 300 player battles. What fps are you seeing?
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  7. Zha1tan

    Thanks for the replies fellas, good to know im not alone out here.

    Well I pull 100+ fps in relatively calm areas

    I pull around 70 - 80fos at the warpgate when there is alot of people there.

    But in big battles (cant put a number on it) this game just tanks out at around 30fps and sometimes around 20! battles vary depending on size but it does use 100% of my GPU but it feels like most of the load is on my CPU.

    I tweaked the ini files to put the game on ultra and I had no real noticable performance drops, just makes my head spin ab it in big firefights when the building is shaking due to tank rounds....(something that needs to be lessened) and the games fps fluctuates so much that it gets a bit difficult to aim.

    I was thinking of accquiring an i7 3770K but looking at what has been said it would likely be a waste of money.
  8. Sobieski14

    I am actually building a rig with that processor, I'll tell you later how it runs.
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  9. OldMaster80

    I wouldn't do that. Save your money for something else ;)
    The problem is the game, not your processor. And even if you buy a new and more powerful one, you can't be sure that the result will be ok.

    Best thing to do at the moment is to stress devs for more info about peformance increase.
  10. badname02

    It'll be of no use. I run an i5 750 (one of the ''old'' true quadcores) @ 3.6ghz, 4gb ram (too little) and an Hd5870 and I run @ 90-120 fps everything on medium with shadows disabled (distract me and hog my gpu) and vision @ 1000. That's only when I'm alone though, medium sized battles: 30-50 fps, large battles 25-30 fps. Everybody has the same issues, you just happen to have them on higher settings probably. But upgrading your pc won't do much good at the moment.

    Relax guys, cancel your sub if you have one and have to but at the core this is a f2p mmo that just launched with a brand new engine... Usually either ''f2p'', ''mmo'' or ''just launched'' or ''new engine'' is enough reason on its own for AWEFUL performance... But everyone's riding this game's *** even though it combines all three =p Just eat some oranges and be K. We'll wait and see. I will, since this game is everything I wanted BF3 to be in terms of epicness and general awesomeness albeit in a nice sci-fi setting which I love.
  11. Elbryan

    I'm getting 20-30 fps in battles (low/high settings doesn't make a difference). I have 12gb ddr3, geforce gtx 670 and i7 950 (quad core running at stock speed of 3.06 ghz).

    The game whines about my CPU. From what I've understood, the game is very bad at utilizing the potential of multi-core processors.

    I'm hoping they will make some major improvements for CPU optimization.
  12. Jeabus

    MAte the Bulldozer and Piledriver chips dont do well here in this game because of the cpu architecture.... which is a shame as these cpus on paper are so much better than the intel equvilant but there is no software out there including windows that can utilize it correctly lol
  13. sneakbyte

    1. Double Click launcher> Wrench icon > Open directory 2. Open your UserOptions.ini file

    3. Set ShadowQuality=0
    4. Set MaxVoices=48 (You can also set it to 56,64, etc increase in increments of 8)

    5. (Optional) RenderDistance=1400.000000 (Basically it removes the far away stuff that doesn't affect you).
    6. (Optional) Do you hate that random vehicle chatter? now you can disable it. Set VehicleChatter=0 (May give 1 fps increase as less sounds are played)

    7.Then save the file

    8. Right click and set properties to read only so planetside 2 doesn't override your settings.

    5. (Optional) RenderDistance=1400.000000 (Basically it removes the far away stuff that doesn't affect you).
    6. (Optional) Do you hate that random vehicle chatter? now you can disable it. Set VehicleChatter=0 (May give 1 fps increase as less sounds are played)

    7.Then save the file

    8. Right click and set properties to read only so planetside 2 doesn't override your settings.
  14. FightingFirst

    Ive got basically the same setup as you but with a newer CPU (my gpu is clocked so it is comparable with a 680). I still get piss poor performance.
    WarpGate: 65-75
    On my own: 90-100
    Large Battle: 35-45 since the last patch in beta was getting 45-55.
    They need to code the game better its not your hardware. I have seen people with 690's and really OC'd I7/I5 still struggle with FPS in large fights.
  15. Sebacles

    sounds like you either have a terribad HDD or motherboard. im running the same setup with less ram and a 580 ti. People always go cheap on HDD's and Motherboards.
  16. eZmod3

    There is no 580 Ti!
  17. botosan

    16gb ddr3, same cpu/speed , 660Ti
    getting 90+ at warp gates peak times...big battles drop to 40-50...using all high settings cept shadows=low
    havent tried using the beta drivers yet

    biggest improvement was going from winxp 32bit to win7 64bit

    no crashes in 5hrs+ after crashing right on schedule every 45minutes with winxp 32bit
  18. Bags

    Obviously if you don't cheap out on motherboards you can afford the 580 Ti.
  19. Elbryan

    Hmm. I have beta drivers on my gpu. The game is only whining about my cpu though. Some testing is in order.
  20. ClassifyLP

    I have a comparable configuration (although the clockspeed is 3,4GHz while in PlanetSide 2, as the performance stays the same)... I can run everything on ultra @1920x1080 and get 60fps straight and ~35fps in heavy battles (where even the server gets problems).

    It could be the motherboard or ram. So information on that would be helpful.

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