I wish hossin would go away

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  1. Jubikus

    Honestly my only problem with Hossin is the land itself the Base design there is far better than the other 3 continents. But that damn terrain makes it impossible to do combined arms large battles because your Vehicles get extremely limited and bottle necked between bases. Take indars land Hossins base design and we would have quite the cool thing. I mean hossins bases actually feel like bases not just buildings thrown somewhere with some points added in they have alot of walls levels and just overall complexity that gives the players many ways to engage the objectives from both sides.
  2. Jubikus

    Theres more than one way to be good at the game. Some utilize their good accuracy and fast reflexes to dominate in the infantry game then some use strategy and coordinated numbers to hammer down objectives vehicle drivers use map knowlage and their ability to read the fight to position themselves appropriately to support their team or when defending swing the tide by taking out all the enemy spawns without dying all of thees take skill different kinds of skill but skill none the less. Theres good and bad players in every part of the game and as long as the game is combined arms your going to need them.

    Now im not the biggest fan of Scr1nrusher but Vehicles and Maxs have their place and purpose they arnt just farming tools.
  3. Azawarau

    Im going to have to disagree slightly

    Map knowledge helps a ton but indar is just staying 500+ meters away with your prowler and shooting players who cant really fire back

    Some players do it skillfully but most are just casuals

    This goes for every playstyle but most have a higher risk than distance tank sniping
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  4. Jubikus

    Sniping of any kind is typically low risk Tank sniping does get you more reward than regular sniping but it costs nanites. Tho i wont say it doesnt come with its drawbacks you dont die much but as soon as someone figures out where your firing from they can easily avoid you and it can take alot of time to preposition and maintain your range sometime too long and you become useless. I would also say that this style does take some skill if your going to do it well from that distance your aiming window is smaller if your using a prowler you have to fire 2 shots and predict the enemy movement because the only thing your going to kill in less than 4 shots landed is a flash (at least with a prowler) The skill is all in positioning and aim with basically zero in twitch skill.

    As a side note the problem of it really only exists on indar and because battles are much smaller thees days than they used to be if you were going to try and tank snipe before you might take a few vehicles out but one of the first people you kill is going to get a lib and completely destroy you especially if your a prowler there a bit easier to tank bust or at least destroyed quicker lockdown inhibits the reaction time magburner and shield might save your *** or just delay the inevitable depends on the battle.
  5. Azawarau

    The nanite cost isnt much of a factor when youre not likely to die for long periods of time

    You can build nanites in that time

    Most people dont do this anymore but when there used to be bigger battles theyd have a ton of tanks on a mountain and one AA sundie to chase off any liberators and provide ammo and such

    The best shot of stopping this was a suicide tank mine run but that usually ends in a few failures then a success...

    And as for aim, Its as much about kills as multi directional suppressing fire. The kills are a bonus

    My point is going back to very low risk and cost with high reward
  6. Jubikus

    Your correct for the most part your average battle will yield very good reward with little risk especially if your careful i would know this is my playstyle i always played a sniper so when i started to use a tank it just came naturally. It does have its counters but they usually require you to go out of your way to do and require a bit of time most the time youll just find that the enemy just avoids you or geurillas poking in and out of cover when you hit them this is the suppression effect that you stated. The problem isnt really with the style as its really only effective on indar and select few places on esamir and Amerish and basically impossible on Hossin but Indar is the continent people are always fighting on for some reason which makes the Prowler easily the strongest tank do to basically always being in its element.
  7. Azawarau

    There few places on Esamir and Amerish are within a more reasonable range where reasonable counters can be launched

    Its not that Indar is vehicle dominated so much as its abuseable. Its fine that vehicles can snipe but not at 500-800 meters

    I think at this point we mostly agree on everything

    So where to go from here?
  8. DeadlyPeanutt

    lol true :)
    dumping hossin and creating a new map with better bases would be welcome.... I suggest letting the mod community work on it. They'd do a much better job than hossin.

    Let mod community create tank vs. tank maps, air and tanks, infantry only, etc...

    think outside the box !!

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  9. AxiomInsanity87

    I love Hossin and it looks stunning.

    Seems to only work well with large numbers though.
  10. DeadlyPeanutt

    bases on hossin are irritating and illogical, hard to get around and impossible to remember. I have better things to do than look for the obscure route to A point for 10 minutes... I just log off

    this is the reason I don't generally play on hossin at all.
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  11. DeadlyPeanutt

    that was pleasant. thanks for being open minded :)
  12. Pikachu

    I want old Hossin look back. Green daylight. Dark teal nights. :(

    And I want that red sun dmn it! :mad:
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  13. breeje

    i be saying something like this for over a year now
    finely a soulmate :D
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  14. DCWarHound

    His comment is actually spot on, there are too many places that vehicles can go.Also considering that you need teamwork to take down a vehicle close to cover even when the vehicle is only occupied by one person.

    Hossin has enough cover so infantry don't get butchered like in the open bases on the other continents, vehicles also have to use teamwork for once to avoid getting C4'd due to all the blind spots.
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  15. HMR85

    Agree completely. Easily my favorite continent. I love the look and feel of Hossin and I think the base designs there are some of the best in the game. There not bland dull looking layouts that you find on some of the other continents. The variety of approaches and hidden locations you can sneak through as infantry and armor are superb imo. It makes for some excellent fights.
  16. Savadrin

    Because your potato doesn't render fast enough?
  17. Crayv

    I wish Hossin didn't have all the mountains and was more of just a swamp. So much of the terrain is just nearly unusable mountain tops.

    Also wish the trees were smaller.

    Other than that I rather like Hossin.