I wish hossin would go away

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by demondrew, Dec 1, 2015.

  1. demondrew

    I wish hossin would go away
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  2. breeje

    No need for it
    Nobody play's on hossin
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  3. Bindlestiff

    VS on Cobalt seem to love Hossin. For some reason.
  4. DCWarHound

    As an Infiltrator, i love Hossin.
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  5. Tiedemann

    I like it but I hate Indar with a passion.

    I do like the fact that the continents gets opened/locked more often now though.
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  6. Eternaloptimist

    My main gripes about Hossin are the tiny little fights and very little engagement with ground vehicles and aircraft compared to other continents. Poor lines of sight and limited visibility don't help.............unless you like small death match style, infantry only close combat. But I thought there were other games out there for people who don't want PS2-type big combined arms battles raging across large swathes of territory. I find that Esamir and Indar lend themselves to the big sweeping actions that I like. Amerish ain't bad either in my book.
  7. Bindlestiff

    Me too, though the exception to that is when a continent is unlocked but nobody moves onto it leaving it to be ghost capped within 30 mins or so. Especially so when that continent is Esamir :(
  8. Azawarau

    I love Hossin

    Indar is too vehicle centered for me and Amerish i dislike for reasons unknown

    Esamir can be vehicle spammy but the snow is nice so i like it too
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  9. DarkStarII

    I have nothing against Hossin, except for making the game crash, but that's on my end.
  10. CapperDeluxe

    Only boring people hate Hossin
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  11. Reclaimer77

    Those are plusses in my book.

    The skilless vehicle abusers still have Indar and Esamir. At least there is ONE continent in this game where infantry have a little natural cover and vehicle drivers and pilots need to actually use their eyes and brains once in a while....
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  12. zaspacer

    I wish they'd just overhaul most of its core design.

    Amerish was terrible at launch. All bottleneck narrow patchs. Then they changed the slope players could climb/drive (and maybe adjust some Amerish terrain, not sure), and suddenly Amerish was a lot less bottlenecked and people could do sandbox play better.

    Not saying removing all bottlenecks is good. I think Esamir has too much lack of bottlenecks.

    So get rid of the amount of Hossin impassable terrain, get rid of that haze, get rid of the small plants that stop vehicles, and make clumps of areas that don't have giant trees for some variation.

    It'd probably be easier to just make Hossin go away. But if it's wishing, then I'll wish for a revamp.
  13. Scr1nRusher

    The stupidity in this sentence is the reason why "Infantryside" is a term.
  14. Reclaimer77

    Stupidity from the guy who posted a conspiracy theory about Daybreak nerfing .75 ADS in order to sell more NS weapons lol.

    Man you need to take a real good hard long look in the mirror.
  15. Plastikfrosch

    Funny, i wish a lot more people would play on hossin. But to be honest, im a Inantry side player. I make the gunner for some of my outfit mates that like to drive tanks and harrassers but most of my time im infantry and i think there is no better continent than hossin. it has the best base designs and even the open areas between the bases are no deathtraps where you will get farmed by long range tank spammers and snipers.
    Im just sad that its hard to find good hossin fights on cobalt and even on miller. If i want to play on hossin i have to switch to emerald in the late hours.
  16. bLind db

    Scr1nrusher is a well known max-defending, vehicle-defending ****ter. Virtually everything that comes out of his mouth is rooted in how ******* awful he is at the game.
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  17. AlterEgo

    Hossin is like Vietnam. The campers will like it but the people who like open maps will call it bloody murder and hate it. Personally, I like it, although my favorite continent has always been Indar.
  18. EPIC389

    There is a reason why I don't like the too-laggy swamp map
  19. oTec

    Sadly the vs is the vietcong and evryone else a young clueless american soldier with a poor career choice.
    Also, i cannot see s**t on that continent. Perfect for the dark outfitted vs.
  20. LodeTria

    Most bases on hossin are pretty easy to get sunderers or harassers into. Only MBT's and Lightnings really suffer. Air vehicles get massive benefits from all the cover in the form of tress, and is an actual dis-advantage for G2A/AA. Hossin is very vehicle friendly when it comes to the actual bases. It's just the outside of them which is trash.