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Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by yeHHH1g, Mar 10, 2015.

  1. Iridar51

    Can I ask about your reasoning behind compensator? Seems really counter-intuitive to me. 0.2 recoil too much? :confused:
    Is this some sort of "ADS and get headshots all or nothing" type of loadout?
    Why not forward grip then? 0.25/0.25 horizontal recoil is gonna shake your gun about twice as hard as vertical recoil with compensator.

    I just don't get it. Obviously, from your stats you're doing something right. So please explain.
  2. MaKiro2

    I would say im equal to her ;)
  3. tigerchips

  4. TheKhopesh

    I'm actually finding it difficult to set my sensitivities so that I can react quickly without having to swipe massive swaths across my mousepad, while still being able to keep accurately on target.

    I run at 400 DPI, a mouse sensitivity of .558, a scoped sensitivity of .385, and an aimed sensitivity of .363.
    I can switch between 200, 400, 800, or 1600 DPI, however I find that the higher DPI on my past 4 mice (the only mice I've ever owned with variable DPI, and all 4 were different brands/styles), the less smooth and fluid mice are with their movements, making scoped accuracy virtually impossible.

    200 is too low, as it requires about 1.5 full swipes across the pad to turn full circle even with the in-game sensitivity at the absolute max.
    800 tends to be quite choppy when trying to be accurate with sniper rifles and crosshair scopes in general.
    anything higher is difficult to accurately land headshots even with a 1x sight on targets outside 40m with high accuracy weapons.

    While still not ideal, 400 with my above settings seems to flow relatively nicely, still allow acceptable (though not preferable) reaction times, and a nice, fluid movement for sighted in targets.

    Is this an issue anyone else suffers from, or am I just doing something wrong?
  5. yeHHH1g

    I'm currently on vacation overseas so I'll answer the text questions for now, I'll try get to your video tigerchips if I have some free time.

    I ADS most of the time, so the compensator basically negates the already low shot recoil so I just get all headshots for shortest possible ttk. When I hip-fire its normally 5m or less and I've found the inaccuracy caused by adding a compensator to be neglible. I don't use forward grip because of the additional time to equip, I don't want to wait when swapping in between weapons, medkits, and deployables. Also extended mags are so much more useful than grip, 40 bullets the dream.
    What mouse do you have? Also do you have your windows sensitivity at default (6) or is it set lower than that? From your sens it sounds like you have a pretty small mousepad, 400 dpi at .558 is a super high sensitivity. On mouse-sensitivity.com that comes out to a 2.5 inch 360, I'm running a 28-29 inch 360.
  6. Iridar51

    I see. Is this is a playstyle thing or something you consider to be optimal and recommended for infiltrators / in general?
  7. Jawarisin

    Well, I decided to try a new character and use the compensator, something nobody else would of convinced me to do. It hurts not having a silencer, but yesterday I had 30 kills, 15 of which where by headshots. today I'm at 68 kills, 30 of which are by headshot. I haven't tried foward grip on it yet, and probably won't till I auraxium it again, for the sake of trying what he said.

    I don't really know if it's a playstyle thing, but as far as I'm concerned, whatever he says should be taken like raw gold (and knowing my super ego, you should understand I'm not saying this lightly).
  8. TerminalT6

    I just picked up the Bighorn, so now I'm making my way back to SMG infil, continuing where I left off with the MKV Suppressed. Therefore, I'm wedded to the gun until Auraxium, which is some 360 kills off. Then I get to use the Hailstorm, yaaaaaaay.
    I'm also chasing the Black Camo, so I'm also wedded to the Blackheart. I know you said no x-bows, but I only whipped it out once. IT WAS JUST ONCE, OKAY???

    Should probably mention that because I'm hunting directives, kills are really all that matter to me.

    So while I'm sticking by the guns, I'm up to change attachments and ability/suit slots.
    Current SMG loadout:

    MKV Suppressed, 1x Cross, Fwd Grip, Softpoint.
    Blackheart, 1x Cross, Laser Sight
    Motion Spotter
    Nano-Armor, ASC, EMP, Medkit
    Enhanced Targeting, because I don't know what else to use

    And the moment we've all been waiting for, me failing.
  9. tigerchips

    Implants are a no-brainer for me since i don't use medkits. I use health regen and betty mines instead.

    Current set up...

    NS-PDW (for directives mainly, most kills i've had is with Blitz)
    Nico 1x yellow dot
    Advanced Laser Sight
    Soft Point Amunition

    I'm currently using the LA8 Rebel pistol with silencer and laser sight, but i don't think it's much good, the NC4 Magshot is better. The reason i don't use Commish is because of lack of Silencer. I'm aiming to get the Desperado, as it seems very goof at close range, and has silencer.

    Motion Spotter
    Nano-Armour Cloaking 5
    Nanoweave Armour 5 (note that when cloaked it doest stack, but it still works when not cloaked, so it's still beneficial)
    EMP grenade
    Bouncing Betty
    Regeneration implant
    Spaceish Camo
    Bipod knife (yeah, i'm kidding)
  10. reydelchicken

    Name ingame is KammyTR/VS/NC
  11. yeHHH1g

    So instead of sitting in a bush for the first minute, I would have placed a dildar in that bush and moved up to the crates, you would have gotten more kills than you did. Your crosshair placement could be better, ideally you should be aiming at neck level at all times. In the clip you consistently aim at the feet or crotch level, which does the least damage. Landing headshots is the most important thing when using SMGs. That last death was a prime example, you aim at the ground and have to readjust to the head. If you had correct crosshair placement you would have killed him instead of dying. I also would never recommend running mines instead of medkits.
  12. Weatherchild

    This seems fun! I'd love to get your imput! Here is a nice knife killstreak I recorded a couple of months ago :) Have at it.
  13. salembeats

    A nifty thing about this footage is that he could also use it to submit a bug report for the shield regen bug. :p

    A little off-topic, but EMPing my feet when I have a safe spot to do so usually makes the shields come back.
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  14. tigerchips

    Yeah, i was thinking before i posted that you were going to mention my crosshair placement. It's simply just a bad habit which i have been unable to stop.

    As for hitting the head, i normally aim for that but at greater distances i have less confidence.
  15. tigerchips

    It's been fixed now i think. I died there at the end while that was happening, and he also didn't appear on the mini-map, so either that was bugged or he had a specific implant. Sometimes i place too much faith in the beacon.

    OTT, BTW, i wouldn't currently equip a silencer on a pistol since it's bugged and doesn't stay in deep cloak. Just been informed of the bug by an enemy. I put it on the issue tracker.
  16. cykael

    I'll never understand compensators on anything not LMG or semi-autos. Why not just use ALS and no comp, the spread is so tight that at most ranges you'd fight with SMG you don't need to ADS ever, you just hipfire. I guess some people like ex mags but the same way as .75 ADS makes you harder to hit when hipfiring you become basically unhittable for most people in 1v1, especially up close.
  17. Iridar51

    Bug is definetely not fixed. It's easy to get rid of, you just have to equip a different class at infantry terminal, and then equip your previous class back.
  18. Jawarisin

    Because dem numbers D: This is taken from Yehhh1g's dasanfall's stats page, with my pro paint editting skills.
  19. Iridar51

    And Compensator probably amounts to <0.5 of that 7.3 K/D :)
  20. Jawarisin

    I'm not looking at the k/d, I'm looking at those hsr numbers D:

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