I was talking to my friends about PS1......

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  1. WorldOfForms

    What does PS2 offer that is demonstrably better than PS1?

    - Prettier graphics

    - More players per continent

    - A more skillful flight model

    - Modernized gunplay

    ...and that's it. That's all I can think of. Everything else is the same, or worse (mostly worse). If lots of people were playing PS1 still, I'd play it over PS2 in a heartbeat. But nobody plays it, so here we are.

    In no way am I saying PS2 is a bad game. I wouldn't be playing it otherwise. But it's a shadow of PS1's depth and complexity, and PS1's flaws, or which there were many, were made up for by the wealth of gameplay options, compared to the relatively sparse offering PS2 has (and PS2 has its own array of problems).

    I hope this game succeeds on PS4. Clearly, it has not succeeded on PC, and with BF4 and CoD coming out soon, the PC population will be in a dire state. I hope the game lasts on some small scale (more merged servers), because it could one day live up to the legacy of PS1. It will take a LOT of development to get there, but I'll keep giving them money if they keep trying to achieve that.
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  2. Rhapsody

    i can handle bugs if there's a "Reason" to play.

    Conquering a continent in PS2 dosent really mean much as you dont actually 'conquer' it. You simply push teh other guys back to their warpgate. In PS1, when you 'conquered' a continent.. the enemy had no way to get back in except FROM the other continent. and if they had no connecting bases.. .they could not get in. You 'owned' that territory.

    Bugs asside, feeling as if you actually accomplished a major goal kept me playing.
  3. Timithos

    Once they optimize the game, then they can make it slower again!

    I would like a small ammo recharge from looting enemy corpses. Or maybe that's where we could get a fair grenade refill, since rocketeers get their rockets on ammo packs. I can't depend on engineers or being near a terminal. Once I'm out of ammo, I either do a suicide run to get killed, or redeploy.

    I never collected much in my PS1 locker.
  4. UberBonisseur

    I was thinking in terms of client side performance, but if it adds so much burden to the server, I get it.
  5. RasFW

    In Planetside 1, you weren't only able to loot the primary weapons off your enemies. You could loot his ammo, his support equipment, his secondary weapons, pretty much anything. Anything he packed his backpack with could potentially be yours once he died.

    But you needed to be certed into the "same level" weapons he was certed into. So sure, you might have killed a guy who was carrying his Heavy Assault Weapon and a Decimator, but unless you were certed (which also worked very differently) into Heavy Assault and Anti-Vehicle, you could not use them.

    As for ammunition, this depended on WHAT you were looting. If you had looted a Gauss Rifle or MCG or Cycler, anyone could get ammo for those, because they all used the default 9mm ammo. As for the Jackhammer, which was a shotgun, you needed at least the Medium Assault cert to get access to the Common Pool shotgun, the sweeper. And thus, the shotgun ammo. Vanu Ammo, which were energy cells, were only obtainable by looting off Vanu soldiers you have killed who were using VS-specific weaponry or trading out your guns for VS ammo from a VS player. Also, if you had picked up any ESAV, they each had their own specific ammo.

    More often than not, since my certs were specialized into support and vehicles in PS1, I'd loot the weapons of the enemies and store them in my locker. Then later, when my friends logged on and wanted a MCG or a Jackhammer, I could just give one to them.

    Another fun fact - you could hack and steal enemy vehicles in PS1. But you could NOT resupply them. Not no way, not no how. Unless you met, again, with an enemy of that faction who was willing to trade you HIS EMPIRE'S main tank ammo for something he wanted from you.
  6. ChuckU

    PS1 locker consisted of a couple of glue guns, a maelstrom or two and a sh!tload of MCGs and Lashers.

    PS2 locker (if it existed) would consist of nothing but Strikers.
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  7. Goretzu

    It didn't really in PS1 (that is maybe it did affect performance, but the game handled it perfectly well - IIRC they despawned much quicker in big battles).

    Like so many things recently, 10 years ago seems to be more advanced than today. :confused:
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  8. Lucidius134

    Self Heal/Self Repair Rexo Meta

    The only thing sillier is having shields repairable by all classes and having HP slowly regen while having medkits being universal sort of like another gam- WAIT A MINUTE
  9. Free

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  10. Kid Gloves

    So many PS1 things I miss :(
  11. EvilPhd

    It will never happen. That would circumvent you having the buy weapons.
  12. Kalendric

    I remember back in the day my outfit having a big thing for gen holds. What these were were missions were we would park ourselves in the power generators of valuable bases, typically techplants or Interlinks so that we could deny our enemy empires access to key benefits such as cavern modules or advanced vehicles. If the enemy wanted them back they had to come dislodge us. It was something a small squad could do to make a difference and we men of MoX went at it with relish.

    We had to prepare before we got there. We found that Maxes rarely got the opportunity to use all their ammo so we took to packing spare ammo and equipment in the MAX inventories because there was no way to resupply properly once we arrived and blew up the generator as all the base terminals would die.

    And come they did. Depending on the tenacity of the enemy and our own skill we could be in the same gen room fighting off waves of attacked for up to an hour. Our only means of resupply - picking over the remains of our enemies for desperately needed ammunition and medical juice.

    Sometimes our efforts won the TR whole continents. Other times we were crushed by worthy adversaries. And a few times we just ended up chilling in an empty generator room for ages because everyone was having fun some place else.

    It was glorious, some of the most enjoyable gaming I've experienced and sadly, something I don't think I'll see repeated in a game ever again.
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  13. Goretzu

    There's very little from PS1 that couldn't be included to improve PS2 (at this point I even include Core Combat and BRF's in that :eek:).
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  14. Redshift

    I had a locker full of jackhammers and spikers.

    It's a shame they removed it because staying alive for ages on scavenged equipment was good fun, like when you were down to a beamer you just looted o_O
  15. Loclear

    If you were down to somebody else's beamer then you probably wouldn't be surviving for much longer ^^

    I really would like to see the inventory system make a comeback, though I don't think it will.
  16. Goretzu

    That was really fun, it's strange they didn't consider it (although I wouldn't how many PS2 devs genuinely played PS1? :confused: )
  17. Redshift

    I half believe the performance thing, i half believe they just wanted to dumb the game down to make it accessible to a larger audiance, i don't blame them for that, it's good business, it's just a shame that newer games need to be simple to sell, there doesn't emms like there's any room for in depth games in the mainstream anymore
  18. Lucidius134

    the games free!
  19. Goretzu

    It likely has some effect, but if you put mitigation in like in PS1, it should be perfectly possible, like in PS1.

    The thing is though I dunno that not having it is really dumbing things down, so much as just not having extra depth, which is a shame.

    It's certainly scary though, because if it goes from PS1 > PS2 > PS3 in 2023, by that time Planetside 3 will consist of people clicking with one possible weapon option and a built in game aimbot! :D
  20. Rhapsody

    Actually, i ran around as a Agile Armored combat medic (i'd wear Rexo if we were going into the base itself so i could carry extra hp/armor for healing my squadmates, but outside, always wore Agile) with a punnisher and Jammer/plasma grenades. I killed plenty of those "ultra-soldier Rexo's". I was actually the only person in my outfit i believe that was allowed to carry a punnisher during ops, as i could use it so well in its intended role (squad support).