I want to mount 2x reflex sight on my emperor...

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Okjoek, Feb 23, 2016.

  1. Okjoek

    I don't want a fricken revolver or crossbow. I want a semi-auto pistol with range like the Emperor to go with my Armistice, but everyone keeps trying to shove the commie down my throat because it's OP they say. I don't want a revolver. I'm not a fan of revolvers in real life nor in most games. Why can't I put a 2x reflex sight on my ES sidearm?

    Just needed to get this off my chest again, sorry if I come off as angry, but this is a bit of a rant.
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  2. EPIC389

    ES pistols dont have scopes(no idea why) which is sad. The reason why people do recommend the commie is because it has more range which complements the Armistice as well as being a good backup weapon(i understand if you dislike revolvers).
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  3. sIcGER

    what you say is definitely justified - and was asked for too many times already ;)

    edit: wrel ... please :D
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  4. Maljas23

    No idea how this hasn't happen yet.
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  5. entity009

    The commie is good but the fact that you cannot silence it leads me to use mainly empire pistols. I mostly use my pistols cloaking. You have but to fire the commie one time to see every red arrow on the map turn in your direction.

    I play vs and nc mostly and i like to use the mag scatter or spiker for sidearms. A pocket shotgun is a fantastic backup and the spikers hail of bullets is often a shock to enemies

    The commies high damage falls off quickly with range, as do all pistols.

    I have found that the 2-round burst pistols make a good silenced substitute at 167x2 and they have a faster fire rate.
  6. Scr1nRusher

    Because NS side arms are:

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  7. Stigma

    The short answer for why this isn't already possible is simply that they need rework models and game assets to make scopes work. It's unfortunately not as simple as just clicking "enable" in the code for them...

    but yes - of course this is a must-have. It is even more needed by the fact that a lot of ES pistols are ironsights that make them almost useless for anything but hipfire. Especially many of the fat "ring" type sights on TR sidearms block most of the target, but all of the factions have some pretty bad ones.

    Hipfire in general is too good on all the sidearms - there is very little incentive to actually ADS since you can EASILY hit with hipfire at any range that pistols typically get used at. Heck, most of the time its no problem to go for headshots with hipfire.

    As much as I love the commie - it's a prime example of a gun that really doesn't make much sense to hipfire with pinpoint accuracy. The thing is huuuge...
    as is, it's arguably a good notch above most ES sidearms assuming that you have decent enough aim to not run out of bullets with misses (its DPM is surprisingly high, not really a weakness).

  8. Maljas23

    I am a programmer so I realize this. However, from a logical standpoint, it doesn't make much sense to NOT have this already, this late the game's development cycle.
  9. omegaskorpion

    It makes even less sense that the developers made rails for the scopes, for weapons that cant even use scopes.
  10. stalkish

    There is also a plethora of unused or outdated models in the assets folders.
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  11. Moz

    Surely the best side arms for that Armastice thingy is either the Commy, xbow or blackhand? Sort range SMG with a lon range option side arm.

    That said, i totally agree OP. Even if they just add 1x to ES pistols and leave the 2x to NS side arms.
  12. Pikachu

    New ns auto pistol has scopes.
  13. omegaskorpion

    Yes but just like every pistol with scope its NS pistol, not ES pistol.
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    Of course it has, NS weapons always receive magnitudes better treatment.