I want the PS4 version already ;(

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Bape, May 28, 2014.

  1. Bape

    I just want some population and tired of searching for a fight :mad:.
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  2. doombro

    It will be at E3. Early june. Less than two weeks.

  3. Bape

    Yes I heard it was either june- july :) but the wait is hard. Do you know if they will allow us to transfer our SC items to the PS4 version it will be dumb If I have to rebuy everything.
  4. Maelthra

    Being shown at E3 doesn't necessarily mean it's being released any time soon :cool:
  5. doombro

    It's the first time we'll be able to see actual hands-on gameplay of it. A release date will probably be announced there as well.
  6. Alexanor

    Side note... I'm pretty sure I heard that all the PS4 players will be on separate servers due to update limitations of the PS4.
  7. Elrobochanco

    This is due to limitations in certification for consoles in general. You can't patch 3 times a week on PS4 for hotfixes, each patch needs to go through checks before being certified/allowed rollout on PSN. The PS4 version will never be able to keep up with the PC patch rate (even at it's slowest).

    So all other balance factors aside, to make the two play together would mean reducing to a glacial rate of new stuff/balance tweaks on PC.
  8. Tuco

    so. Full server is better than empty server.
  9. sindz

    Console players would get _demolished_ by pc users and they would cry like there would be no tomorrow. There is a reason why no one did pc and console players on the same servers.

    So no, empty servers are better than a server flooded with cannon fodder. And I think its hilarious some console players actually think they have a shred of a chance vs keyboard and mouse. Guess that auto aim, snap to aim and dumbed down gameplay went straight to their head.
  10. andy_m

    I've not bothered with a PS4 yet, does anyone know if you can use a keyboard and mouse with that thing? It was certainly being discussed as a possibility prior to release...
  11. DK22

    Its already stated in the PS4 FAQs that its all separate servers.
    Which I think is good, because I can just see it full of 8 year olds and chat/voice channel spam.
    no thanks, I'll stay with PC.
  12. Yeahy

    To me its way harder to aim with joysticks.
    Plus there just aren't enough buttons for binds and stuff. It's going to turn out to be tf2 for xbox where you can't airblast.
  13. VSDerp

    ima miss you bape.
  14. Bine

    Personally, I would -love- an option for it. I'd like to be able to pick to play on the current-up-to-date PC servers or play on the PS4 servers. Of course, they would be two separate clients but an option of which client to install would be great :D