I want my SC back!

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  1. MissTiger

    I started playing PS2 a couple of months ago, and liked it so much, I decided to invest $20 into SC. So I asked people what's good for anti-air? They said grab an annihilator and a second burster arm. The bonus was annihilator could be used against tnaks as well. So I did that. Just a couple of days later, the annihilator got nerfed. Then shortly thereafter, nerfed again. Now I can't get it to lock on anything that is moving - and if I do manage to get a hit (on a tnak, never get one off on aircraft anymore), the vehicle gets to cover before I can get it to lock on again. It is totally useless to me now.

    So peeps are telling me now "Get the Striker - it won't be nerfed, and it's better than the Annihilator was pre-nerf." Are you joking? I imagine it will go like this: I buy the striker, in a week, it'll be nerfed. Then a week later, it will be nerfed again into total uselessness. Then, a week or two after that, SOE will offer ANOTHER rocket launcher "that's better than the pre-nerf Annihilator". It's just a bloody racket and I am damn sure I will never spend another dime on SC.

    I'm not asking for OP guns - that's no fun at all. But now I've spent $7.00 on a weapon I can't use at all. What's good about that?
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  2. Imortalvalk

    Please don't forget people this thing is guided and dumbfire, which ever you choose. That is a big advantage that no other launcher has. It is a damn good weapon that is now being used more like it should, you don't like it and feel cheated? I ask you this, did you buy it at launch or after you learned of its farming capability? If the answer is the latter, you are bad and you should feel bad.
  3. Imortalvalk

    I apologize if this is offensive, but are you an idiot? I have the anihalator and bought it after the nerf, fantastic rocket launcher, not great damage but it makes people bug out in a hurry and finishes off damaged aircraft and tanks pretty well. It is really easy to lock on to anything that is not moving fast and closer than 100m, that can be tricky. But 100-400m is a piece of cake and I find myself saying this again, if you can't lock people out at that range and find it impossible to use, you are bad and you should feel bad.
  4. Root

    The Annihilator was strong at one point but then overnerfed. In fact, if they'd give it a slight reduction to lock on time that wouldn't be a bad thing, I might use it once in a while. The Striker, it's actually good for what it does, but despite that I'd be surprised if it was nerfed. The data from PS2 stats suggests it's in a good spot, perhaps the damage buff they gave against vehicles will help the Phoenix (unless people knee-jerk react to it no longer OHK'ing infantry). Lancer, well, I just dunno. Can chalk that 700SC up to a big "whoops". :) MAX Burster is quite effective at farming cert points at times, even better if you get a great spot (and with an engie buddy).

  5. Eclipson

    If you are talking about the Pheonix, the thing is still really fun to use. I bought it today on my NC alt since it was double SC, and I had a ton of fun with it. I also killed a ton of Infantry with it. Its a lot more entertaining to use than the Striker imo :p
  6. Phrygen

    ... the damage changed vs vehicles. go test it again
  7. Jaes

    I was live "testing" it all night. Didn't notice an difference in damage output before it was "buffed" still took the same amount of hits to destroy vehicles than before.
  8. Phrygen

    oh i did
  9. Tasogie

    If you didn't understand that this is SOP for any game these days that does the so called F2P system (it isn't actually free to play), because they always make the game unattractive to play for any length of time....
    If you didn't know that this system is made for putting out things that are flash over powered an basically a "hook" then they wait till sales slow an nerf it.... then its too bad. You should have known that it would happen, an it will always happen. This is SOE/EA/Activision etc etc etc, they all do it.
  10. CraftKing

    I am never ever going to spend money on this game. I'm done. Seeing all these inconsistencies, bugs and releasing imbalance weapons and or untested then nerf hammer will commence later on.

    Do note that I only spent money on my first month, so I didn't really get hit by nerf hammer. I just don't like how SOE rolls.

    Even today, it's still 2x SC, I am really tempted, but because of these issues, no thank you. I'm just sharing my opinion. This game is F2P anyway, I can still play this game for free and have fun. :)
  11. Ashnal

    Except tears have salt in them ... so you'd be supplying South Africa with salt water ... which they already have tons of.
  12. Bankrotas

    I agree, it's finally great and with right purpose.
  13. Patrician

    By that reckoning the Prowler should be nerfed into the ground then.
  14. Frigidus

    Look...guys...what do you want them to do? Never balance anything? I mean, do you really think the game was in a better spot balance wise at launch than it is now? Really? Sometimes things need to be altered to make them fair. That's all there is to it. My recommendation is to try to look at an item objectively and ask yourself whether it is likely to receive a nerf before you buy it. Anyone that didn't see the Phoenix nerf coming was willfully deceiving themselves.
  15. Poka

    It was invisible, silent, and you had no idea where it was coming from, that was the problem, not that it OHKO'd infantry. The thing is incredibly slow, has a terribly short range, can be shot down, and turns like a sloth that has been drinking molasses. If it rendered properly it wouldn't have been an issue, it reminds me of the Austin Powers bit where the guy just screams at a steamroller while people are yelling "Get out of the way!". You get hit by something like that, that takes the person a considerable amount of time playing statue, you deserve to die.
  16. Poka

    Lemme know when you hit an esf with it that isn't either landed and repairing, a new terrible-at-their-job hoverspammer, or one that's afk or looking at their map. Please TRY the phoenix vs an esf before mentioning this, it's terrible at trying to take out air, anything the phoenix can do vs air, a base RL can do better.
  17. UrMom306

    best response yet...and it came from an NC :eek:
  18. Zenanii

    In a perfect world SOE would release every weapon perfectly balanced. It is possible they could do some more testing before selling them, but they should never hesitate to rebalance items out of for fear for usetting a part of their playerbase.
  19. Glyken

    You may want to check how that law (which?) applies to services rather than goods...
  20. Kubor

    The Phoenix is a perfectly useful AV weapon.

    The unintended feature was fixed. The weapon was not nerfed. They changed the Lancer before release for exactly the same reason. It could OHK Infantry from miles away.

    Just imagine if the Striker was released with the ability to lock on to Infantry and kill them in one salvo and the Lancer was a OHK sniper launcher of doom against softies. Now imagine that the Phoenix was released as it is now. I'm sure all NC players would just man up and accept that they were the only Empire that didn't have an AV weapon with OHK Infantry capabilities :rolleyes: