I want my 2500 certs back please

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Grandizer, Oct 3, 2020.

  1. Grandizer

    So the campaign completion is a luck of the draw on warpgate position so you can actually get to areas in the shattered area, while the oppositions have the points camped with tanks, harassers and massive bases just to prevent others from being able to complete objectives. The area is littered with Stalkers, harassers and ESF's just there for the gank. People are on for 9+ hrs just to get to the Esamir rotation to block the other factions.

    The missions are time gated as well, as you have to hope Esamir is open when you're on and not overloaded when factions have massive overpop that can afford to just farm it and control everything.

    Platoon comms is littered with constant complaining, especially with drill missions which is totally stupid, especially when it's placed in enemy territory most of the time and guarded so you have no chance to get to it. On top of it, for some reason, it stops collecting when enemies are around except there were no enemies around. I took 4 minutes of battle to clear some tanks and players just to get to the damn drill. Every few minutes it's " anyone see any plants" or " I just walked 1000k to get run over by a harasser" or " there's Stalkers just camped waiting for people along this ridge so bring medics and heavies".

    Just to complete on mission.....we have to go through all of this.

    You have new players getting farmed for useless missions with crappy rewards. I will not be doing another 12hr mission. I didn't come to play this wanting to do chore quests that are time gated and stopping me from getting into the flow of playing the game as a FPS. This is a another great idea to kill the game population.

    Esamir has now been turned into a massive bio-lab. No one is doing the alert, it's splitting up the player base to this shattered area just like bio-labs do. The only reason I see for this is to satisfy those who like to live in the bio-lab. You might as well just get rid of the alert. My Outfit has platoons up just to help players gather friggin plants.

    These side missions for a story line, if you can call it that, doesn't belong in a FPS MMO. If this was Final Fantasy or Borderlands 3, I could see looking for plants and abandoned vehicles but not while live players are preventing me from doing it in a massive battle zone where you can easily be a lone wolf if you can't get into a platoon who's there.

    Having to leave Esamir to have to go back to Sanctuary to advance the campain and then not get back in Esamir due to queue times is just stupid. Esamir was one of my favorite maps to play and it's littered with Shattered Warpgate players only.

    You should have made Shattered Warpgate a totally separate map to queue for, for players that just want to fight over the land space and mission objectives. You would free up queues for the Alert objective players who want to fight in combat for continent alert wins and have more players in the game at the same time, cause that's the reason for this awful update isn't it?

    I can't believe I wasted 2500 precious certs I could have used for many other things I still haven't unlocked, stupidly thinking this was going to be fun.

    I want my 2500 certs back..... please
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  2. karlooo

    2500 is a lot of certs but wait until you hear how many certs Construction costs approximately: 30,000 CERTS !!!
    I didn't pull this out of thin air, that's approx. how much it costs, possibly even more than that.

    And the devs have forgotten about this role for more than a year. For years 80% of construction is unusable...Unplayable, filthy role.
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  3. PinkHurtsMyEyes

    Thats nothing. you make about 100 000 certs per 100 br. We have ranks for about 300br 100+120+100 so when you are "finished" ranking up you are looking at about 300 000 certs. Now contemplate this: The game have cert content for over 2000 000 certs. Thats equal to ranking to br 100 20 times. :D
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  4. vonRichtschuetz

    2500 certs isn't that much, but the campaign chapter feels unrewarding to finish. There are additional rewards for "campaign standing", but the daily missions that should reward that currency are bugged on my main character. I wonder what people would say if they kept their planned 5000 cert cost for starting the campaign. There would be quests to gain campaign standing currency for some cosmetics etc, which could be interesting, but those are bugged on my main character and don't give any reward at all.

    I doubt it will change, because 1) they're trying to sell memberships and 2) the reward structures in this game are bad.
    Construction costs 27k certs to unlock everything, around 20k for most of the "important stuff". You have to put effort into collecting resources to build and maintain a base. Meanwhile zergfit officers can do everything construction can by right clicking on the map, with shorter crafting times and zero effort required to collect resources. Most stuff either takes way too long or is given too easy - that includes directive weapons which are simply not worth it, except the Betelgeuse (which actually got an indirect buff because the new grenade and thumper ammo don't affect heat regeneration, thanks vanu developers...).

    Reward structure of quests is usually either "reward too small to be worth the additional effort, instead of just playing" or "reward ok, but quest structure is too annoying" or "autocomplete". Examples are "go to 3 different tower bases for 1k certs and a 30 minute boost" which requires tower bases of 3 different factions. It's not even always possible to do it and the reward isn't really worth the time it can take. Or "supply convoy" missions which require 1) your team participating, 2) the enemy team participating, 3) halfway balanced teams, 4) getting kills (according to description, wich means my own team competes against me and will try to killsteal) 5) the event actually taking place - all that for 2k xp and an 1h boost. On the other end of the reward spectrum are quests that will essentially autocomplete by playing normal, for example "kill 1 bounty" or "put up a spawn sunderer".
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  5. karlooo

    You can't count only the structures itself. You also need to upgrade and arm your ANT. You also need to arm both the Engineer and Heavy Assault with Anti-tank weapons (because turrets fall too quickly, and AI module doesn't do its job) with the weapons designed for attacking targets long range....Infantry weapons most of the time lack the necessary range, so you'll probably have to purchase an Anti-tank max (purchasea Nanite free Sunderer from vehicle terminal, deploy, and get MAX).

    Personally I started Planetside 2 by fully maining Construction. I didn't enjoy the objective, the infantry fights, I just constantly died, didn't have enough certs to purchase whatever I wanted....So I chose Construction as the role to specialize in and only played that role, nothing else.
    I just stopped doing it because it's more useless than ever, especially now.
  6. vonRichtschuetz

    It's better to play it in the shattered warpgate area than along the lattice. At least as long as there is enough population in the area to protect your base.
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  7. Johannes Kaiser

    In fact I'd argue in the SWG is is the ONE AND ONLY place where PMBs actually make a lot of sense. On the lattice they either fall behind the front or get dismanteled before completed.
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  8. karlooo

    But then you're not playing the game in the corner of the map.
  9. colymoli

    i total agree that the campain is trash.

    why they do not let you complete the missions whyle doing the normal gameplay.
    if you dont must be near the shattered warpgate the missions wuld be okay and able to complete.

    like in rocketleague, there are also missions, but you can all complete this in the normal rocket league gameplay.

    the campain in planetside 2 is braking the gameplay complete with this shattered warpgate thing.

    i also struggle to get the support duty.

  10. RabidIBM

    2500 certs? *Laughs in construction*. Also, just play for 3 more days.
  11. OneShadowWarrior

    I don’t mind the base redesigns, but I didn’t ask them to reduce the size of Esamirs map.

    With as much work they put in since March, they could have had a new map and not fiddled with Esamir.
  12. RabidIBM

    I don't mind the redo on Esamir, it was severely unbalanced in favor of the southern warpgate, however this problem hasn't really be fixed as the southern warpgate is the only one to not lose large proportions of population to people picking carrots.

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