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  1. RigorMortiis

    1: I need to know what is being done about Connery.
    What is the plan? Is Asia still getting their own server? Will Connery then be merging with Emerald? (please let this be the case) If so what is the ETA on these changes, I have boosts going and have even tried to just "give up and play on Emerald" and then I get there and realize I don't want to lose EVERYTHING.(game plays so much better it's unreal though)
    Have I missed some info on this subject somewhere?

    If none of this is happening,do I not DESERVE a free transfer to a server I can actually enjoy playing on??? Heck I'll take A 1 character 1 time transfer and that will make me happy. Something needs to be done. I feel like I have completely wasted my heroic boost on this server.

    2: The alert system sucks.. really, REALLY badly. At this point we're all better off not even having alerts instead of feeling unrewarded for trying. The ISO system is hugely imbalanced and goes to whoever is being ignored and/or to the faction who doesn't try and fight the faction currently on alert, meaning they just cap land from the faction that is playing the objective and if the alert faction loses THEY make 100 ISO?? not the faction that played the objective(50 ISO).... What!? None of what is happening with alerts makes a shred of sense.. these 2v1 Meltdown alerts need to be scrapped. fully scrapped. 2v1's should be happening organically where they can eventually fizzle out on their own and all 3 factions re-balance the fights on their own. A new system needs to be figured out for ISO rewards. At this point I would rather just pay money to buy the implant of my choice then play a lotto with real cash because the faction I play takes forever to get ISO (50 at a time) where as I watch other factions make 1000+ a day on some days, give or take. take ISO out of alerts and keep the other rewards, Decals,helms,boosts, Etc. and figure something else out for ISO. Even ISO ticks over time would be a much better system. (the more you play the more ISO you make) it would definitely make people want to log on and stay logged on for longer knowing time spent is ISO.

    Feel free to flame this post,these are my two cents.
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  2. HippoCryties

    Can’t remember where but Roxxly the community manager said that asia was getting their own server so yeah hopefully you Connery guys will stop complying about Chinese guys on your server now...

    I don’t know anything about a server merge with Connery and emerald however and if it happened the ping would be worse than the supposed Chinese lag wizards
  3. HippoCryties

    Found it... here is exactly what he said

    I know I'm only addressing one of the issues from the original post, but I did want to disseminate some information here about servers.

    We are working on allocating space in our Tokyo based data center to open up an Asia-region server. When this happens (no ETA to share yet, unfortunately), we'll be offering free one-way transfers for players that want to move to that server. From there, we evaluate whether we want to set up a ping-lock or take additional action.

    Hope this helps
  4. stalkish

    To backup what Rat said above:

    See post #17
    Non of this is set in stone of course, and TBH i cant see them doing it after closing their original Asia specific server, but perhaps there was a reason for that closure that doesnt apply to this new idea.
  5. Erendil

    I actually hope they don't open an Asian server. I play late-night Connery and I'm afraid it'll become a ghost town w/o the Asians.

    I really don't mind their lag most of the time. Much of the time I don't even notice it.

    Sure it can get you killed on occasion after you've ducked behind cover or rounded a corner. But that sort of thing will always happen w/ a game that has such a low tick rate and relies so heavily on CSHD. You will always have players that lag. Connery will still have to deal with Brazilians, etc, who IME lag worse than our Asian friends.

    Beside, if you're fast enough and adjust your playstyle a bit to account for lag, Asian players die just as readily as domestic players do. :cool:

    More importantly, one of PS2's main selling points is large battles. IMO, the more players around the better. Assuming the servers can handle the load that is. :p
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  6. DeadlyOmen

    The people that know Connery exists because of Asian players (meaning it would be dead without them) will move to the Asian servers.

    Racism is not cool. Neither is myopia.
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  7. HippoCryties

  8. Erendil

    IME, about ~95% of the time, it's not. At least not, say, 10PM - 4AM Pacific Time which is when I play.

    Again, IME, Asian players die in just as many bullets as domestic players. I've personally seen only one base that had something undergound (the OS Uplink). Players almost never warp. Etc.

    In fact, of all the things he mentioned, the only things I've witnessed on Connery with any sort of regularity are damage chunking (where all the damage from multiple bullet hits you all at once in one big bang) and taking damage after getting behind cover. Both are more frequent than on Emerald but IMO they certainly aren't game-breaking - at least no for me.

    Admittedly, mega-zerging is worse on Connery than Emerald. But that's always been the case, long before the Asian Invasion. It's just how that server's meta developed. And I have occasionally seen people stat-padding while waiting for bases to cap, etc (e.g. - 2 Engies sitting on each other's ammo packs, each firing 1 bullet then reloading over and over again for the xp). But that, too, is rare and short-lived, and TBH I really could care less about it.

    FWIW, I'm in Minneapolis and also get ~50ms pings to Connery per the in-game meter.
  9. Roxxlyy Community Relations

    Yes, we are working on allocating hardware for a Tokyo-based server. When that happens, we'll likely offer one-way transfers to that server for existing characters, and then go from there.
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  10. CplRDaWiggy

    I mean, I get the frustration. Theres plenty of that on Ceres, with Russian players that make Goku envious of their instant translocation, but it can hardly be their fault if they want to play the game yet there are limited servers.
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  11. REZistance

    I certainly hope they do not merge Connery with Emerald. As a player from California, I don't want to be the new laggy guy trying to play on the East Coast and messing those players' game up. Unless they merge us into a server physically based right in the middle of the country, then forget it. It'd be solving one problem by creating another.
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  12. utofbu

    honestly, I am learning mandarin, and when you ask for help, they really jump to be team-players. Why do you hate the Chinese? Is it the lag issue? Because in terms of interp, I don't see a huge variance when the server is running well.

    Is this the same Rigormortis that is in yellchat all the time?

  13. strikearrow

    What I wish is that I could transfer my characters from Briggs to anywhere else. I have a BR 82 and a BR 97 that I put there when I started playing because I figured the lag would be least on the lowest populated server, unknown to me that server is in Australia...
  14. Street Enemy

    Ah you're that guy who whines all day every day, you're worse than paletiger.
  15. utofbu

    at least PaleTiger only yells at his platoon lolol AMIRIGHT? my TR was in pale for awhile, not anymore tho. lolol too much drunk-uncle.
  16. Tasogie

    Dont tell me Connery is going to die, I already had to restart there because Briggs is dead. Dammed if ill play on an Asian server, racism an none to talk to isn't how I wanna play. (racism goes both ways)
  17. delbert.clifton

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  18. delbert.clifton

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  19. adamts01

    Connery won't die. This would just remove the worst offenders. I hope a ping limit would be set around 250 so the Australians could still play. I'm in the Philippines and can get around 220ms. That limit would include Singapore and Korea as well. At 220 I don't have any problems with the game or warping around, but it's the guys around 400 that start skipping around the screen. I've noticed this myself when my ISP decides to take a funny path. Anyway, that ping limit is absolutely critical, as I know a few Asians who are playing on Emerald.