I want a shotgun. Suggestions?

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  1. Maelthra

    So, I play primarily as Vanu and I don't yet have a shotgun in my arsenal. I'm thinking a shotgun might be nice for biolab or tower fights where I'm generally in very close quarters with an enemy. With this in mind I'm looking for some feedback on what people think about the VS shotguns. What one do you prefer? Or maybe shotguns suck in general and none of them are worth it? Whatever the case may be, please share your insight!
  2. Sen7rygun

    Whichever is the equivalent of the TR's Barrage.
  3. Poorform

    The one that fires more shotguns. Oh wait you aren't NC. Nevermind, a regular shotgun that fires bullets will have to suffice for you.
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  4. DarknessPulse

    It really comes down to personal preference, as there are Pump Action, Full Auto and Semi-Auto shotguns.

    Best bang for the certs IMO is the Thanatos, as it only costs 250 certs. Semi-Auto, fast reload time, lesser spread and 10 rounds with an extended mag is preety good.

    The Nova offers more rounds per mag (12 if i'm not mistaken), but it has a longer reload time and more spread compared to the Thanatos.

    Pump Action shotguns are an instant kill if you get a clean shot in CQC. If you are a good shot, those might be the best due to the OHKO potential. PA Shotguns are high-risk, high-reward weapons. Consider your framerate during heated tower fights too, as it might get exponentially difficult to hit targets if your framerate is low.

    Full-Auto shotguns are the most user friendly IMO, as you hold LMB in the general direction of the enemy and watch it die. Excellent damage against a MAX too. Only downside is that you run out of ammo quickly if there is no engineer close, and the spread is generally big, especially during sustained fire.
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  5. NC_agent00kevin

    I second this. Got killed by one a few times so I logged in to my TR to try and recreate what happened, based on suspicion. Then I bought the NC equivalent.
  6. Pikachu

    The one with higher ROF. The others has no noticeable advantage.
  7. lothbrook

    Roll NC, buy a jackhammer and run around yelling "Thats not a shotgun, THIS IS A SHOTGUN!" While the rest are fun to use the jackhammer is just balls out amazing. Other than that i love the pump action as well, just like the old fashionedness of it, lol.
  8. Greenmachine

    clearly its the 250 cert or 750 cert semi auto shotguns (sweeper/mauler for NC) with extended mags and slugs


    I played with the VS:pandora/NC:piston/TR:Nighthawk for quite a while. Now I'm rolling the VS:Thanatos/NC:Mauler/TR:Haymaker.. After a while using it you will notice your shotty accuracy increase quite a bit coming from an auto shogun. I've bought the deimos a while back but still suck at it.. But I reckon the cheaper versions are just as good as the more pricey ones.
  10. Amarsir

    Go watch Wrel's "Shotgun Roundup" on YouTube. Best summary I've seen of the different options, and he gives a framework for deciding which one best suits you.
  11. eldarfalcongravtank

    vanu shotguns (in order from easiest-to-use/low-reward to most-difficult-to-use/high-reward):

    PANDORA - use this one if you lack aim skill, it's fullauto and melts people at closerange

    NOVA - use this one if you want to have more "sustained" fire, it is semi-auto and has more rounds per battery than other shotguns

    THANATOS - use it if you think you're more skilled with your aim, it is semi-auto and has a tighter spread (does more damage than the two other ones above if you have decent aim)

    PHOBOS - only recommended if you can aim very well, it is pump-action but one-shot-kills within closerange with proper aim. compared to the DEIMOS, it shoots a bit faster (= more forgiving for a missed shot) and has tighter spread

    DEIMOS - again, only recommend if you can aim very well, it's also pump-action and one-shot-kills at closerange. compared to the PHOBOS, it does a bit more damage with one additional pellet

    that said, use the one that you see fit your playstyle and skill level. if you're a pretty bad shot, get the automatic PANDORA. if you're average regarding aim and situational awareness, get a semi-auto (NOVA, THANATOS). if you're very skilled, get one of the pump-action shotguns (DEIMOS, PHOBOS). before you unlock/purchase any weapon, make sure to go to the VR training area to test the weapon(s). and if you think you've found a candidate, trial the weapon first! they dont refund SC and certs if you make a wrong choice
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  12. icor1031

  13. Zombekas

    Just get the cheapest one.

    Upgrade to full-auto later if you want.

    Yeah, I reckon get the Nova or Thanatos. They're cheap and fun in biolabs and towers. Sofar I prefer it over all the others.might also help doing a trial.
  15. Kitakami

    I use Thanatos, and have no complaints about it. Well, except that Vanu shotgun slugs now drop out the end of the barrel like they've over-indulged at Xmas.
  16. Zapon

    any thoughts on slug ammo? from my vr testing it seems to remove the 5+ meter one-shot capability,in exchange for 2 shot kills up to about 20+ meters
  17. IamDH

    But doesnt the jackhammer have like a 6 round ammo? Add that to the 3x burst and you'll be reloading quite a lot right?
  18. Latrodectus

    Go for automatic over pump action just in case you have to fight a MAX suit. Hitting a MAX with a PA shotgun gives him plenty of time to turn around and gib you, but you can unload everything with an automatic shotgun into a MAX's backside before dying, which is sometimes enough to kill him.
  19. PrimePriest

    Jackhammer with extended mag has 12 rounds. It's enough to mow down half the squad. :D
  20. eldarfalcongravtank

    use slug ammo on semiauto and auto shotguns, never on pumpactions, since the damage for slugs on pumpactions (compared to slug damage on semi/auto shotguns) doesnt justify the much slower firerate. use slugs for medium range engagements and for longrange sniping of static infantry targets, that's where slugs excel.

    additionally, you can make slugs work at closerange but you'll need to aim properly at your targets since they wont be easily damaged by stray pellets anymore. hipfiring with slugs isnt very recommended unless targets are right in your face. still, i wouldnt necessarily go for closequarter engagements with slugs equipped.

    be aware though that slugs drop like bricks inflight (even the vanu ones!) and travel very slowly, so hitting moving and zigzagging targets is close to impossible unless you can lead very well
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