I-V-A balance and DBG´s stingyness on customisation

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    TL, DR: add MOAR options to each platform for better selfexpression

    and balance between platforms

    LONG version (unlikely without multiposting):

    well i TRY to keep this as readable as i can (with my personal style of capitalization and punctuation that is) for you to not have a brainmeltdown or scratching your eyes out … but here it goes …

    first of congratz i suppose on the latest major contentdumb … it definitively is major as with a lot of changes to existing content and some fair additions like additional mines, weaponattachments and vehicle turrets … while the latest patch is a bit of a mixed bag it leans more to the positive direction for me … so it is very appreciated ...

    that said though the latest patch reignites questions i had about the game for years and made various threads about …

    the main question is WHY does DGB hold back on adding more options to other plattforms? because lets be honest when it comes to infantry customization at the very least with primaries, secondaries and implants there is a LOT of options to pick from for a lot of playstyles

    now with the latest update DBG added new empire specific turrets of which the ANT and the Sunderer after years finally got their first variant of … yet there have been ES turrets for the Harasser and the MBT all along already … so why not add them to the other vehicles as well? why not add them to the galaxy, liberator and Valkyrie ?
    why not add the missilelauncherweapons of the galaxy and Valkyrie to groundvehicles? I could understand that maybe for aircraft and vehicles respectively porting these turrets may need some new art but otherwise the addition i think should rather be low hanging fruit .. because how much different is a VS Aphelion different from shortrange NS Basilisk besides the chargeshot? How much different is the NC Mjolnir different to a NS bulldog?

    ... tbc ....
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  2. TR5L4Y3R

    i could go on about adding these weapons as a deployable MANA turret variant for engineers but that might be much trickier to pull
    but the thing is actually ADDING these options would IMHO do soooo much to bring both more variety to the game allowing players to express themselves in more ways with playstyles and potentially bridge the gap of I-V-A balance (the stats being done right that is) at least in the vehicle vs air play … infantry needs some different additions … the MANA turretvariants ported from vehicleturrets or maybe the heavy assault´s rocketlauncher were just ONE example ..

    something i have talked about many times, still do and also talk about here:

    give infantry more AV/AA options … and again this (iMo … correct me if i am entirely wrong) isn´t sooo difficult as the assets are mostly already there … heavy assaults and light assaults have decent options even though i´d ask for a slight buff for rocketlaunchers .. engineers have their turrets were i would ask for a better pitch though (and aforementioned additional variants) .. but medics and infills should get their own range of AV capability with (at the very least) rockletlaunchers and AV grenades (also please buff the latter) ..

    differently than the other 3 aforementioned classes instead of a toolslotoption infills and medics could very well be limited to having the rockletrifle only as a primary option so to have them make a choice to forgo anti infantry capability for more specialized AV duty and otherwise have their secondary be their AI supplement ..

    again bringing in these additions would do a lot more for infantry in general being capable to fight outside against vehicles and aircraft to a degree and not just be confined within bases or limited to just antiinfantryduty … buff their survivability to at least survive one direct AP maincannonshot, infantry already gets obliterated with hesh-splashweapons … also buff MAXsuit-surviveability; add a walker and saronequivalent weaponchoice to their arsenal or the respective weapons of the factions as MAX weaponvariant, same for the lightning were you talked about adding new MBT cannons .. also give MAXs proper squadsupport abilities (examples: ammo dispenser, shieldrecharge, motionspotter)

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    ESFs: really just FIX the darn controls … ADD sensitivityoptions for the keyboard
    allow yawing with the mouse and add banking/strafing movement, add proper direct input device support ..
    buff secondary weaponoptions to be capable for air engagements, revisit the default ESF setup to be new player friendly, i´m not entirely sure about the inbuilt engagement radar but at the very any ESF should by default have stealth to not be picked off too quickly ..

    lastly ASP .. seriously with few obvious exceptions there is very little i would be motivated to grind my way for ASP tokens .. and as you might imagine i made a thread about it with the link here https://forums.daybreakgames.com/ps2/index.php?threads/asp-and-cert-options.252299/ for my suggestions .. but you can imagine what the theme is … MOAR diverse options … allow more styles of play but obviously in a balanced manner …

    if you bothered to read through all that, first of thank you for your time
    but what matters to me is that you put any of the aforementioned into consideration
    if i forgot something that would be cause i´m a bit tired of writing all this ..

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