I used VS SMG's for the first time ever...

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Mustarde, Apr 7, 2014.

  1. Nanomorph

    I'm sure a good fps player can easily go 20 to 1 as SMG Infil.

    Move from cover to cover, sneak up behind enemies, aim, hold down LMB, uncloak and win.

    You don't even need to ads with these SMGs, it's totally unfair to sneak up and instagib players like that.

    Imagine how people playing on low graphics feel when they get instafarmed by something they can't see coming.

    Plus what is the point of fully automatic scout rifles when you can use SMGs?
  2. RockPlanetSide2

    Have you ever used the Artemis effectively ("no" is the answer in case you were wondering); because you can kill somebody at ONE HELL OF A LONGER range than you can with an SMG.

    Again, if infiltrators were going on 20 to 1 kill streaks all the time your argument would be worth 2-cents... but, its not the case.
  3. Nanomorph

    I've used both the Artemis and the PDW, they are very similar but the PDW has a shorter TTK + better hip fire + more ammo = another instagib SMG, and it's not even the best one.

    Artemis is at least balanced at close range, unlike SMGs.
  4. MajiinBuu

    I take it you've never used a PA? :rolleyes:
  5. RockPlanetSide2


    I'm sorry, but your comments just don't reflect what actually happens in game for every other player in the world other than yourself (apparently). I respect your opinion, but not sure what else to say other than... "wrong".

    The Scouts are quite a bit more effective than the NSPDW at medium range, because the PDW has a really funky cone and horrific damage drop off at medium range (like actual medium range, not "just beyond standing in my face - medium range).

    I do think that some of the SMGs are better than others, the Eridani SX5 is comically good... there really is no argument against that fact, but its not game-breaking by itself as a weapon.
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  6. Posse

    Placebo effect probably, looking at the DA site, the average KDR/KPH numbers for all 3 1st gen SMGs are pretty similar
  7. RockPlanetSide2

    I'm not pointing out anybody specific, but a total average does not represent what a highly skilled player might deduce about a weapon or reflect what kind of performance level he/she might be able to squeeze out of said weapon versus the results of the common masses. If I'm average all SMGs will probably appear the same, if I'm looking to just power-tweak every single aspect of my overall game then the Eridani is ridiculously good (IMO). Regardless of my skills or results with the weapon my performance, no matter how amazing, won't effect an over all statistic from a data-collection site, but it will show in individual results that at the zenith of play one gun is better than the other.

    And again it's like in Good Will Hunting, when the professor tells Will ~"only a handful of other mathematicians can tell us apart, but I'm one of them"... that just matters to some people.
  8. Posse

    Well, the average KDR for players who auraxiumed them is even more similar than the global average, while that is not a perfect representation of higher skilled players, the fact that the difference between players who auraxium'd the SMGs across all factions is lower than the difference between all the players that used them is indicative of similar results at the highest level (or at least, that's how I interpret it).
  9. DrankTHEKoolaid

    Cmon dude, even in the best situation these types of numbers are rare, but more often than not you run into a MAX or decent HA who pops his shield and turns on you. SMGs maybe awesome in CQC but they are also high risk since you're putting yourself in so close to your enemies. I have much better K/D ratios when I'm using a Vandal or Bolt Action.

    The reason SMGs get such a bad wrap is because their are those situations where you find 10 guys who have no situational awareness and get a crazy kill streak.
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  10. RockPlanetSide2

    I would agree, except that AUX does not represent skill, it just represents the amount of time you can play. If there was a stat that only went up with your KD ratio versus a specific weapon that would be different. I can grind 16 hours a day and go 1 for 1 on lives and still get an AUX.

    I blame you for this :D (and other montage makers), montages are most likely the reason that people assume that you just log on every single day and get tier 1 SMG footage, they don't account for all the times you just run out of the spawn room, get headshot, v6 taunted, and then T-bagged.
  11. Nanomorph

    Ok but I'm really not sure why you brought a medium range weapon into this, in the first place.

    My original point was that SMG Infiltrator is an instagib close range monster and that's not fair on the average player, and especially murderous for new players who are just trying to figure the game out.

    Shotguns are also instagib at close range and that's exactly why they were removed from the Infil arsenal, right?
  12. RockPlanetSide2

    Again, tho they are not insta gib... I can show you endless amount of clips from assorted montages where somebody just runs up right behind another player opens fire, only to have the person swing around and kill them, turn on a shield, or just Client-side lag them to death (which happens A LOT in this game, which is why in the VR training you can kill 4-5 people with an SMG, but really in game its maybe 2 per mag... because the game is client based and you can't stop firing until they actually drop dead).

    If I come up behind you with the Commissioner and the Knife that is a more assured Insta-gib than any SMG... does that mean they are going to take away my Knife?
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  13. Posse

    I know that it doesn't represent skill but that's not the point. You have group A which encompasses everyone who used the SMG and group B which encompasses everyone who used the SMG and Auraxiumed it (obviously, group B is contained in group A). What I want to say is that group B is likely more skilled in average than group A.

    Since the difference in KDR between the group Bs of each faction is lower than the difference in KDR between the group As of each faction (a difference that is pretty small to begin with), I have reasons to believe that the higher the skill of a given player, the more similar his performance would be with any of the 3 SMGs.
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  14. Nanomorph

    You don't exactly have to get in that close with a SMG, do you? ;)

    Maybe we can go back to this subject after the HA shield nerf kicks in and they turn their rage on Infiltrators.

    Should make for some interesting action on Forumside. :) kthx
  15. RockPlanetSide2

    Well I'm 100% sure that the HA nerf will make SMGs appear a lot better, and it will also show about 50% of the community that they were not as good as they thought they were, but that again won't mean the SMG is OP.

    We'll just let this rest that the burden of proof is on you here.
  16. Akeita

    "Vanu are f**king overpowered" - ZoranTheBear 2014
    I still remember this quote.
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  17. Mustarde

    Well, I guess I'll have to get a few hundred kills and find out. I do have a lot of respect for the cyclone, after going on a rampage with it on waterson during a crowded fight at crossroads a few months ago (300 kills in 90 minutes). And I still love my Armstice. But it pales next to how this Eridani feels and performs. I will wait until I get auraxium before making another post about it though (in a few days :) )

    Rest-assured, it will be featured heavily in my next video, along with more Ghost/TSAR-42 fooage. Two weapon classes under-represented in my youtube collection so far

    Now that I think about it, I bet a lot of those stats come from the pre-buff Eridani. It would probably be difficult to discern that old data that is now invalid from new stats. So... perhaps they were similar before. But the weapon I hold in my hands today... it is different
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  18. ShotgunGuru

    I like the blitz just cause I can spray in the general direction my enemy is in(within 20 meters of course) and put him down in less than half a mag.:D
  19. Hoki

    Its a 50 round armistace.

    Cyclone is the one SMG to rule them all though, ho-ly **** bucket.
  20. justlooking

    An infiltrator infiltrates. Period. I'm sorry that SOE mucked up
    clasess that infiltrator is synonymous with sniper to many. Deal with it.

    It's simple.

    o Audio cues [Cloak / deloak, SMG firing sounds in the background]
    o Visual cues [cloak shimmer]
    o Less shields than every other class
    o Ally recon [Everyone is so god damn lazy, and even then how many players actually look at the damn mini map?]

    These are just some of the weakness of enemy infiltrators.

    You either have a low spec machine, you're playing with music on, have visual perception problems, or simple just need to learn HOW TO PLAY THE DAMN GAME. People like you are why SOE is nerfing everything.

    I'd rather deal with an SMG infiltrator than a relatively out of reach sniper.

    This instagib nonsense talk is just demonstrating that you're a poor player who is unwilling to increase his situational awareness skills.