I used to play this game between 21 and 42 hours a week

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  1. Halo572

    far too much and not healthy, but don't trouble your pretty little heads as I go to the gym numerous times a week and I am grown up enough to have a job as well.

    Anyway, my point is now I can only stomach - and I use the word stomach specifically - less than 2 hours a week and in only one session. Per week.

    After 7 months of play I can only tolerate this game for less than 120 minutes every 7 days because of all the things they don't bother to fix or balance or make fair.

    120 minutes per 100080 week.

    All I have just faced, in my less than 2 hours for this week play that I could stomach/tolerate, is tanks and aircraft on Indar.

    That is it. Vehicles and on a tsunami zerg.

    Engineer with AV, LA with C4, AT turret, AA turret - nothing made any difference as it was a small defending force versus enough to sweep it away attacking force that could pwn with their 1hk or 'you are dead because you are infantry and I am a vehicle and don't even get a scratch'.

    My lifespan on daring to face this immense power was invariably less than 4 seconds. Destroying them would take me minutes, IF they didn't manage to run away, hide, repair to 100% and come back at me.

    That is what your game consists of and that is what you all, if you too can manage to stomach it more than me, play. This is your game.

    I see a game where a gamer that plays for fun - and I don't mean casual - won't bother, so many other fun titles that you can - gasp - enjoy, where a gamer who has cash to spare and wants to believe they pwn will lap it up.

    Good luck to you all, last game I saw like this was SMNC, I understand they have around 200 players online globally at any one time now.

    If you need me you can find me playing a fun single player game. For now and until there is one server left.

    And I have to say, with the potential of this game how sad it is that it has come down to this, but I suppose they still make their money.
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  2. HannaDest


    Cool story bro ?
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  3. Arquin

    Hah, only that much? I managed a good 60 hours a week for 4 months straight.

    Thanks to this game I now have a very probable arthiris...
  4. Halo572

    And enters my target audience.

    Dear distant and estranged relation, I will come back and visit you on occasions, I am sure you will still be here and lapping it up for time immemorial.

    For commiserations, I cannot in all honestly join you on a regular basis, because I play games for the aforementioned fun and not for personal status or to boost my e p33n.

    And it isn't a story it is just my feedback on what could be such an excellent game, nay if not the best MMO FPS so far in history, and yet is reduced to a money whoring for the lowest common denominator market segment exercise, i.e. not me or not likely any decent, fair minded gamer.

    V sad and enjoy the Kingdom of the Dead Game that you rool over. 1337 pwnage.
  5. HannaDest

    Yeah well what was the point of your rant ? I guess you dont realize you got a burn out. Take a break and come back in two months. Ponder about the weired changes they made and play on.
  6. SShocK

    Sounds like you finally burned out. Not surprising given the amount you played.
    Take a break and try again later.
    Good luck to you too.
  7. Crator

    So, you wish for more infantry play, correct?
  8. IamDH

    Can you please specify the issue
    You got steamrolled?
    Redeploy and go to a battle where you arent being steamrolled or are 48+ on the map (hover mouse over zone)
  9. woooow

    well you seem to just want to be smarmy and engage in self-aggrandizement at the expense of strangers by cutting them down...but just in case your post is about anything but getting people to watch as you go down the slide, where do you fight and who do you fight with?

    If you're facing down an armor column with a handful of people then yeah, there's not much you can do and it would be silly if you COULD wipe them out...but if you're watching the map and going to the kind of battles you want to fight with the force that you have and utilizing the terrain you can do a lot of damage...especially now that we have a continent with lattice, you KNOW where that armor column is going to get bogged down, and you have time to set up a flank

  10. Zakuak

    Burn out, I'm feeling it too though I'm not at that "point" yet my game time with PS2 is slowing a bit.

    I plan to grind through this weekend and see how I feel.

    I don't dislike the game, there are aspects I do not care much for but no sense in me posting about them as there's plenty of threads on the topics already but most of all I think I am just burnt out.

    I'm a shallow player who likes new shiny things and PS2 did a pretty good job on providing me with more crap to buy then I needed so we'll see where it goes from here.

    The one thing I don't like about burning out is I never come back to that game, I move on. PS2 is a really good shooter IMO but when the day comes I walk away I think that will be it and that sucks, I'd love to find a game I can sink my teeth into like I did/do with EVE online (playing since 2006). Hmm I do burn out on EVE and always manage to crawl back to it at some point so maybe PS2 will keep me crawling back haha.

    I'm not done yet though, I have plenty more deaths to give you stinky VS and terribad NC :D
  11. Vanu Superiority

    I actually logged in the other night. I went to where the fighting was, and was stuck in a spawn room surrounded by dozens of TR. Every time i left the room i'd try to kill some of them, but would die because there were too many of them. I then logged off in frustration.

    This game doesn't hold my interest any more, and the zergy game play of the lattice system has rendered the game stale.
  12. Kevorkian

    OP needs a woman.
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  13. Klondik3

    If you wish to have fun experience in almost any kind of MMO then you need to join some kind of player group or play with your friends.

    When facing tank zerg there is little you can do solo except maybe grab a rocket pod ESF and divebomb tanks.
    Playing with friends is entirely different experience. You can for example cert 2xC4 and lvl 1 Drifter and then your friend can drop you over a tank column in his Lib. You can then blow up tanks one by one.

    You can play solo as well but then you need to choose your fights instead of going to nearest battle. Check the map and only deploy to regions where there is at least 40% friendlies.

    In MMOFPS better prepared players will always have an advantage. You can't have fun in a fight in which you are outnumbered and outgunned. Planetside could definitely use some sort of balancing system but for now only thing you can do is try to adapt or go play some arena shooter.
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  14. haldolium

    imagine if we would get payed for playing....
  15. NC_agent00kevin

    Similar hare; havent played much in about two months. I still pop in now and then though.

    Tried out the Lattice system last night, and every single thing I predicted about it is true. Zergs are King, everything is a Zerg or faceroll, framerates are abysmal. Not sure what went down with ESFs when I was gone but I gunned a Lib to warm up and the slightest damage from the tail gun would make them immediately flee. Only one out of about 25 or so ESFs dared to try and take us out still. Which 4/5 would do in the past. I saw several Libs in the sky dogfighting multiple ESFs and winning...very unusual. Didnt bother to look up recent patch/update notes. Played Infantry for a bit and did ok for being as rusty as a WWII battleship. Drove a Lightning around for a bit, shot some stuff, wasnt really into it. The game has changed too much. And I didnt even experience the MAX abilities.