I Use AI Weapons To Kill Mass Infantry, Am I A Farmer

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by zombielores, Oct 18, 2014.

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  1. zombielores

    I would like to hear other people's opinions on this subject and I'm guessing I'm not the only one.

    I'll keep it simple, if you want me to elaborate then please do ask.

    I kill infantry when they need to be killed effectively and efficiently.
    IMO only if I'm not trying to actively push then I'm farming.

    This is a gray area subject, there is really no right or wrong answer and is all opinion so I would like to keep it civilized.
  2. ColonelChingles

    At least for SOE ToS purposes, that is not "stat padding" or anything.

    The line I would draw at "farming" would be intent.

    If your intent is to capture a base (or defend), and in order to assist in that capture you kill enemy infantry to provide cover for friendly forces, that is not farming. Doesn't matter what you use or how many enemy infantry you kill... if you are being tactically useful then that's not farming.

    But if your intent is to sit there and try to rack up as many kills as possible without regard to helping allies capture the point or destroy enemy logistics, then that's farming.

    Infantry can farm too of course. Probably happens more often than with vehicles. I've been on infantry-only squads where the standing orders were to allow enemy Sunderers to stay alive (was that Esamir base with the two connected towers), which is most definitely farming. Or most Biolab fights involve farming, and not a vehicle (usually) found inside those.

    The test to see if you are a farmer or not is if you would leave a high-kill chokepoint if there was a greater tactical need for you to be elsewhere. If you would want to stay in that one spot and kill the enemy even though it has less tactical value, you're probably a farmer. But if you would disengage to pull some less action-packed duty like protecting a Sunderer, then you're probably not a farmer.
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  3. Alarox

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  4. CorporalClegg

    Truth be told, you'd might as well ride the PPA train while it lasts as 200m farming with no fear of retaliation is coming to an end
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  5. Ronin Oni

    I like the automatic assumption OP is VS.....
  6. KenDelta

    No such thing as farming.

    It's simply killing.
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  7. Llamar

    As opposed to?
  8. FieldMarshall

    If you pick AI weapons for the sole purpose of hanging back and getting as many kills as possible, i would consider that farming.

    If you go with AI weapons because you need to get rid of infantry so your faction can advance, then i wouldnt consider it farming.

    There is a sort of gray area where (what i consider) farmers help out more than they farm, or non-farmers do more harm than good.
    Most likely subconscious.

    This is just my own opinion in what "farming" is/isnt though.

    Hate to say it but if you kill other players, no matter how, you are playing the objective. Actually, you are supposed to farm and it's always been like that. But now it's official with the implementation of directives. Territorial control has no meaning anyways. So we're left with basically 4 choices:

    #1: Be a die-hard PTFO-er and/or gentleman and add an imaginary meaning to every hex and/or imaginary rules to every gunfight.
    #2: Play the game for what it is, namely a big motherf****** TDM. Rules: Kill or be killed.
    #3: Play the game just to jerk around for a bit and enjoy yourself in a big open world with lot's of other peeps and vehicles and guns 'n explosions.
    #4: A, for your intents and purposes, healthy mix of all of the above.

    Also specialised AI weaponry exists for reasons, and as much as I hate it myself I gotta say that it's there to be used just like everything else. If you kill lots of bad guys with it you're doing it right in my book, regardless of your intentions.
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  10. McToast


    One thing I've learned from The Walking Dead last week: "You're either the butcher or you're the cattle" :).

    There are people who "farm" and there are people who let themselfes being "farmed". Part of the game is to know when you're getting farmed and how to counter it.
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  11. Thesweet

    No such thing as farming if you get an AI weapon to take out infantry. If you are stupid enough to not counter with the appropriate weapon then you are the noob. If you are being farmed in a spawn room then normally you. Are out gunned and should fall back the the next base to prepare or counter attack.
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  12. Hegeteus

    If you can kill a mass of infantry, I guess you should. It's not like they're innocent sheep themselves without rocket launchers, C4 and all that. Whenever I "farm" infantry I at least get a lot of challenge and action for my buck so I don't consider it "farming".
  13. DrPapaPenguin

    You sow despair and reap delicious tears of hate and impotence. Why would you think its a bad thing? :D
  14. Whatdayisit

    IMO if it contributes to your factions battle its not farming. Two examples of what I call farming,
    2 x BR 100's in ESF's well behind enemy lines shooting down those straight flying noobs at the beggining of a continent change that are heading in the direction of the third faction.

    Those in tanks, ESF's and gunships going 4 sectors deep into enemy territory to target pumpkin hunters.
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  15. Wizlawz

    without farming how would we ever survive? farmers are the back bone of this great nation!....oh wait...

    so i stalk around and hack terminals, hel ye i am "farming" , it's the game mechanic, it's in the game etc and so on.....Vanu would not have created it if Vanu did not intend for you to use it.
  16. MAXArmar

    In popular opinion, yes, that'd be considered farming.
  17. ronjahn

    If you kill more than about .65 people per death you are farming. You should feel bad about yourself.
  18. PrimePriest

    If I use AV weapons to kill armor am I farming? But if I also kill enemy Sundy providing spawn solution am I not farmer anymore because I contributed to the fight?
  19. Borsty

    I'd say you cannot be a farmer, if you are killing inside your own class. Meaning, if you fight vehicle vs vehicle, or infantry vs infantry, you cannot be considered farming.
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  20. Thesweet


    May as well just have a tank only game, infantry only game and an air only game. Aren't there already plenty of those around?
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