I understand people are sick of Indar....

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  1. Hodo


    Its not that hard, if you are leader of some massive outfit or a single player, you control where YOU play. If you dont like Indar, dont go to Indar. If you dont like the crown, dont go to the crown, I have been there a grand total of a half dozen times and most of those were in beta.

    Complaining to SOE isnt going to get you off indar, well not the way you want. If you want to take the fight to Amerish, DO IT! Dont put up 500 threads with bad videos saying how horrible the game is because you cant figure out how to leave the continent you are on.
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  2. LegioX

    Yes and lets go ghost cap everything!!!!
  3. KAHR-Alpha

    The issue is not leaving Indar with your platoon/outfit/monster squid, it's having the other factions do the same.
  4. CptFirelord

    The reason nobody is leaving Indar is because there isn't any ACTION anywhere else. Sure, the uncommon little "armor push" of 3 or 4 vanguards form the Warpgate or some Scythes rolling out of THEIR warpgate, there's nothing to do but ghostcap. Everyone wants to play where the action is at, not something that looks amazing, and is hardly used. Amerish and Esamir should be the only two continents (besides Hossin) imo. SOE has even admitted that Indar was there as a test continent, combining three different styles of obstacles and terrain. They should just get rid of it.. only thing there anymore are Crown fights, and Biolab fights.
  5. UniqueLaharal

    Okay, I"m going to take the fight to Amerish!!

    ....Uh I'm here on Amerish...the fight's here? Where are the people...? Still on Indar...yup...

    Going back to Indar the fight, and thus the fun is still there.
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  6. Hodo

    Indar was like that for about a week when Amerish was pushed out. I hate Amerish personally, but thats because its an air map, but thats personal reasons.

    It may start with a few ghost caps, but after you get the ball rolling it turns into a fight, then next thing you know you are having fun on a continent that ISNT Indar.

    People are going to go where the fight is. If you leave the fight to create a fight on another place, there will be a lack of fighting in one place and a lack of fighting in a second place. But once one side realises HEY everyone is over there, they will go there to fight. It sounds stupid but thats the zerg mentality.
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  7. VarkaanPT

    If we get off indar we might aswell log off. Like the others said there's not much to be done on other places. I quit playing this game because i always end up fighting on Indar and Crown, Ti Alloys, Crossroads Watchtower, not because i want but because there's nothing else to do.
  8. Ash87

    I mean, do what the OP Says.

    The outfit I am in, captured Easmir in 1 hour the other night, pulling a majority of the people off indar to go retake their continent. Tried similarly with Amerish, and ended up starting a massive fight.
  9. Hodo

    I have done the samething myself with a handful of people. It is boring for about 15min then gets real fun real fast.
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  10. omega4

    Whenever people resort to the "Love it or leave it" argument, I know they have nothing left to justify their position.

  11. robo

    I took 100+ people to Esamir last night on Mattherson, but before we rolled out I came here, to the PS2 forum, and posted a thread calling and even mildly taunting people to come fight us.

    An hour later, we had 2 squads respond - which didn't really stand a chance because of the previously mentioned 100+ people. Props to them for coming to the fight, I really have respect for those guys. We took the continent and went back to Indar, the only place with a heatmap reading more than "enemies detected" (Esamir) or at best one instance of "enemy squads detected" (Amerish).

    Sometimes it just doesn't work.

    Last week, however, I did the same thing on Amerish and there was a massive response before we even got to the middle of the continent. It's a toss-up. You can't rely on the other empires to fight you on Amerish and Esamir. The only place with a reliable fight 24/7 is Indar.
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  12. Talizzar

    If there was a real reward for capping a continent maybe people would actually go there and fight and defend to keep the other faction from having said benefit. 10 percent is meh and nobody cares and I bet most don't even realize there is a bonus.
  13. Hodo

    I dont think I am telling anyone "Love it or leave it". I am just saying, you are the only person keeping you on Indar.
  14. Razzyman

    Hey guys, indeed this issue is popping up everywhere. Jaeger is trying to do something about this though, as you can see here some people are attempting to make changes by doing different things, the first of which is a challenge on Esamir. Hopefully it goes well, and if it does we'll get the word out to the community to try it out for themselves, or if need be reroll to Jaeger and join in the mayhem :)

    Check it out.
  15. Hodo

    If I had time to play this weekend I would SO BE THERE! But I will be out of town and I still need to put together my new rig.
  16. HerpTheDerp

    I'm on Esamir... waiting on you?
  17. Hodo

    At work, you know that thing you dont do.
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  18. HerpTheDerp

    Let me guess - you're American?
  19. Thornton14

    Amerish is so empty it's like a golf course
  20. riker

    hey jerk, not all Americans are slobs.......only most of the politicians and celebrities
    and matter what you say we still have the best military that has ever existed