I tried to play this game again, but the one frame kills are keeping me out.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Leftconsin, Apr 24, 2015.

  1. Leftconsin

    Yes, I'm venting. I tried. I seriously tried. I took about two weeks off. I come back and all the bugs that randomly kill you are all still around, I'm still dying in one frame to automatic weapons due to laggy attacker, and Hossin still gives me sub 20FPS on my i7, GTX750.

    I seriously want to play this game, I really enjoy it when it isn't acting up, but so much of it is pure frustration and simply broken...
  2. FocusLight

    And it's clearly not all that terrible or no-one would bother to play this anymore. Also, two weeks? Really? You wanted to take a break to let DBG work out some bugs and you waited for a grand total of 2 weeks?

    What's the matter with you, should you now know better getting BR100 on a toon? There is no way DBG work that fast, sadly...

    My advice? Tweak your hardware and/or software if you think you can do something on your end to help your performance, or give this game at least a couple months rest while you wait.
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  3. breeje

    i think you need to tweak your computer
    i only play with AMD FX6100 and GTX650 and i have 60+FPS and 40+FPS in big battles
    some stuff is set on low but not everything
    now tweaking is half the game experience and i don't like it if i see somebody with bigger specs telling the game is unplayable
    if you where close to me i would tweak it for you
  4. Lucidius134

    watching actual good players is scary. They land nothing but head shots and the TTK is faster than my target acquisition due to low FPS and input delay.

    R.I.P scrubs.
  5. FLHuk

    My 2009 amd 955BE * HD6870 = 30-50fps so summit very wrong there!

    Though I have to agree that watching videos of PS2 has nothing in common with my version of PS2.... They seem to be able to aim during 1v1, they have time to react. I just have 2 frames and it's all over. :D
  6. prodo123

    I play just fine (if not a smidgen worse?) on my i7-2720QM (Sandy Bridge!!) and Radeon HD 6750M (Laptop mid-end GPU!!) on low-mid settings at render quality 90% from Asia (220-290 ms ping!!). The key here is the 90% because it pretty much doubles your FPS at the cost of minimal quality loss. 15-45 FPS, with 15-25 on Hossin. I still manage a 2+ KDR most sessions, and with my desktop (4790K 4.6Ghz + GTX 770 4GB OC) in the US I hit stable 60and 70 ms ping. There it's a solid 3-4+ KD.

    Play with your settings and find what works best for you. Also update your drivers; it doubled my FPS :eek:
  7. wrenched

    Check your computer temp/thermal paste because your setup is broke.
  8. Leftconsin

    Only Hossin is doing that to my frames. All other continents are fine and in the 70s-80s.
  9. ronjahn

    Sounds like some sort of hardware issue or compatibility issue somewhere with that type of setup. I run i7 2600k, HD6870(worse then your card iirc without looking it up) and get FPS ranges from 50 in the most heated battles, to 150 idle at Warpgate.

    How much RAM are you running? What is your internet connection speed? I get those one frames deaths maybe once a month on 50mbps. Do you run frequent spyware and malware screens?

    Seems like you should be getting better performance unless you are seriously lacking in one of those above questions.

    There was also a period of time a day or two ago on Emerald when everyone on the server was getting the shield lag bug and were still running around after getting killed. That lasted only a few hours. Would be quite unfortunate if you happened to log in while the server was taking its nap.
  10. BlueSkies

    Even for a low-midrange card like the 750 you should be getting way more than 20 FPS on hossin.
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  11. Leftconsin

    I guess it is concerning that Hossin and Hossin radically dropping my frames seems unique to my machine, but I pretty much hate most of the bases on the continent anyway. No worries from me if I just avoid the place forever.
  12. Liewec123

    your comp is messed up, i'm running an i5 compared to your i7 and a gtx760 compared to your 750 so we should have similar capabilities, and I can happily run the game on ultra (constant 60fps)
  13. Ianneman

    I play with a 3-years old HD5870 and an i7 also and I'm smooth sailing at 60FPS at High graphical settings.
  14. Dreez

    I have an I5 with a GTX660... i run PS2 flawlessly max settings max res. Sort your PC out, its NOT the game.
  15. prodo123

    Also wondering: which generation i7 are you running? Nehalem (i7-xxx, 1st gen) is far behind in performance and could lead to framerate drops, especially in Hossin.