I tried this game again...

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Corezer, Nov 17, 2016.

  1. Corezer

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  2. adamts01

    That first death..... I don't understand how a game can get worse, and worse, and worse performance over the years. For being out 4+ years this laggy freezing crap is inexcusable.
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  3. DivineEquinox

    I blame the plummeting performance on their insistence on adding new content instead of improving quality. The construction system im sure is a major part of the performance issues, and it probably is responsible for the increased latency as well. While I can't hate them too much for it because this is a F2P game and they gotta add things that rope in new players and get them to spend money, it just sucks for the long term players who just want to see the kinks worked out.
  4. Villanuk

    Freeze death, nothing worse !!

    Why the hell they have not amended this bug yet is disgusting, its gone on far to long now.
  5. The Shady Engineer

    Screen freeze deaths, A2G ESF farming spawn rooms with overpop and weapon optics desyncing- the current meta.

    That last one could actually be beneficial sometimes. My Striker once desynced and used the Carv model, so for a short while I had a Striker with a 1x red dot sight. Felt good, man.
  6. Campagne

    What, no 30 second black-screen freeze that locks down your whole computer? :p
  7. Hammerlock

    even the launcher dont work properly
  8. SoljVS

    Stop playing games on a dam potato. What the hell do you expect?
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  9. Corezer

    I have my graphics set where they are deliberately, it has little to do with the PC. The only thing potato on it is that I don't want to pay for windows. cuz screw that.
  10. zaspacer

    What bull**** are you specifically talking about? I in no way mean to say PS2 does not have bull**** (I think it has tons of it). But I believe the list of stuff that could be called bull**** in the game is a very big (and subjective) one, so it would be nice if you could clarify what specific bull**** things bother you the most.

    In terms of the "player base slipping", I think it's been the same for a while. Looking at the details of your kills and deaths might shed some light on your overall performance. Just looking at this video:
    1) you kill a BR 15. Noobs continue to die lots.
    2) a BR 47 kills you... but you are defending as massive underpop vs. a massive enemy zerg. Underpops in straight up fights continue to get outgunned. And you got knocked to your OS. Snipers can still OHK non-moving Infantry targets from extreme range (especially ones being Spawn Room camped).
    3) a BR120 in a Scythe G2As you. Air continues to wreck ground, especially A2G ESFs vs. Infantry (some props for that guy being to aim his A2A Nosegun), especially when Spawn Room camp farming an underpop.
    4) a BR102 kills you... but you are defending as massive underpop vs. a massive enemy zerg. Underpops in straight up fights continue to get outgunned.

    I won't argue that there isn't more noticeable skill gaps between players these days, but most experienced players know how to use superior numbers/units/tactics to offset their inferior skill. While the majority of high death counts go to either noobs or stubborn vets who are trying to do something dangerous.
  11. Corezer

    I say the player base is slipping not to imply declining.

    I started this game playing on high sensitivity with about 15fps on the computer I played PS1 on. it took a long time to get myself to where I started averaging even 2.5 in a session. That session ended at something like 2.25 or so even though I hadn't played in like 3 months. This tells me that either veteran players, who would normally farm me being so rusty, had left. I cannot tell if they are being replaced by new recruits or not but presume they are as fights are plentiful, but regardless of population I feel the playerbase is slipping, as a whole, in terms of skill.

    As far as bull, no other games randomly minimize on me, it especially sucks when the nature of FPS games causes you to be punished much more for the event but that's neither here nor there, the point is no other games do that.

    As for the G2A that was more annoying than anything due to the only way of discovering it being via sound which was taken up by a squad mate, but there wasn't an abused game mechanic as much as it was just luck or fate or whatever you wanna call it deciding other players needed to have fun too, this ability for luck to impact gameplay displays inconsistency in design, which all games have to some degree outside of chess. That being said, there are very few shooters which I can think of where this inconsistency has such a profound impact, maybe tabula-rasa or other shooters with an underlying dnd system? I'm not sure how much credit to give, the fact is either hornet could have done the diddy outright, but even both together didn't manage it and instead only brought me low enough that being somewhere in the circle meant a kill due to the greater CoF of the A2A and only needing 1 bullet. now if he strafed along side of me while beading me with the stock nosegun (which some ace pilots have done) that would be a display of aiming competency, this alignment of stealth frame with the more easily aimed AA nosegun to mop up what he couldn't finish with 2 one-shot projectiles fired on a standstill target (this ignores the luck involved with talking over audio or the time of his pass syncing perfectly with the grenade toss) displays more aptitude in selecting loadout than actual skill in the execution, something I would give props for if we were playing ygopro or hearthstone, not sure how I feel about giving such a high level of reward for strategy that it negates execution in an FPS...

    pops were good up until that point it was sungrey east flipping that caused it to change during my last life, which is why I didn't respawn there (that and the valk hovering over C meant I couldn't hop over there and nab a few quick kills before redeploying)

    Then I spawn at another fight with some time left on it and my sight decides to be a no call no show. Sometimes in MMORPGS some skills will come off the hotbar or something but that's when you first log in, not on a random spawn somewhere when u need them!

    so that being said, even with the overall experience being above expectation (I was expecting to log in, grind off some rust while doing horribly, leave) I still just... ya know, it's like that girl who overall is good, but there's just a few things, just cant do it, sorry babe.

    that's PS2 in a nutshell for me.
  12. DeadlyOmen

    Blaming the game is something I've never seen before. Nice work.