I trialed a battle rifle, but then realised that I already own one

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  1. Trysaeder


    Firing single shots from this gun gives you 70% of the performance of a battle rifle, and it's available by default. I'm not saying that it completely takes over the role of a BR, but the amount of performance and flexibility you lose for using one is too large when the SAW is available.

    Battle rifles feel mostly fine, but their bullet velocity is seriously lacking. The SAW without HVA has a velocity of 600m/s, while the battle rifles are at a carbine level 500m/s. Increasing velocity doesn't change much, but it makes prediction less necessary and the gun becomes easier to use.

    Obligatory NW5 ruins battle rifles statement goes here.
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  2. Accuser

    If you think that's a good Battle Rifle, you should try out the TR's SABR-13 Assault Rifle.
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  3. Trysaeder

    Yeah, that's another one of my favorite flavor guns. I love the low first shot recoil and its flexibility.
  4. HooWoo

    The SABR-13 really isn't as good as people think it is.

    Make it like the AN-94 from BF3 and it'd be a whole lot better, 2 shots firing at the same time instead of the recoil hitting the second one up and to the right.
  5. Delnar_Ersike

    Well, now you know one of the reasons why some people call it the "God Saw".
  6. Llaf

    I thought this was common knowledge. When I use the SAW that's usually how I'm using it, whereas I'll use the EM6 for any actual LMG duties. Also, people have been using slug shotguns with 3.4x scopes on them as battle rifles since launch. Slower velocity, more drop(Except for VS, they love their slug sniping), and higher spread, but you just can't beat a 3 shot kill versus a 6 or 7 with the actual battle rifle. Battle rifles are probably the worst weapon in the game for performing their namesake role.
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  7. RHINO_Mk.II

    Still can't figure out why the actual battle rifles have such terrible bullet velocity and damage dropoff.
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  8. NC_agent00kevin

    Its really not that good. I personally hate the damn thing; the recoil and CoF are terrible unles you baby it and single shot/burst fire it. Whats the point of a high damage low RoF weapon that you cant even use effectively full auto? GD-22S is where its at.
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  9. Trysaeder

    It has the same TTK as the Orion and CARV at close range against non-NW enemies, so long ranged combat definitely isn't its only role.

    That's a common misconception. The SAW has lower recoil and CoF increase than the Orion and CARV.
  10. eldarfalcongravtank

    i have a battlerifle too. it's called pandora with slugs
  11. Cinnamon

    But with the GD22S or Anchor you can actually move around and hit people accurately.

    In normal use the only base cof stats that matter are the moving ones.

    GD22S is 0.35 and SAW is 0.5.

    Then you have the cone of fire bloom. GD22S is a little lower than Gauss SAW although EM1 is lowest making EM1 superior for suppression.

    So he is right in saying that GD22S cof is better than SAW.

    Orion/T9/MSW-R do all have the worst cof bloom for LMG but the Orion and MSW-R have superior moving ads accuracy while T9 is just meh. NS-15M is the overall best for cone of fire.
  12. GamerOS

    Over time yes, but on a per bullet basis the SAW has a lot of recoil, were on the more higher ROF guns the barrel will smoothly rise the SAW kind of jumps at every shot.

    Not to mention the CoF advantage is only worth it if you're standing perfectly still, preferably crouched, if you're moving it's pretty much gone and don't even think about hip fire.

    The SAW is superior yes, but only in those situations were you can afford to stand still.
  13. Vixxing

    Im VS and yes, Slugs and autoshottie with no bulletdrop is awesome (specially as flying sniper in Biolabs) and 10 fast slugs in the back/head of a MAX even stings them a bit and when they turn around you are long gone... (only a brick of C4 where you just where just in case they are curios) ;)