I think there's two variants of the Phoenix.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by OneRedBlock, Mar 27, 2013.

  1. OneRedBlock

    All the TR and VS complain about getting instasnipegibsploded by Phoenix missiles that can turn in .005 miliseconds to snipe any target, but I have trouble getting mine to hit anything that I'm not aiming directly at with the launcher. Wierd.
  2. Sinoby

    I dunno, seems OK to me. The Phoenix is still bugged as hell though, but that is different conversation. Right now they have fixed camera position, so just aim at your target and lead it, if the target is running. Hitting A-DADADAD strafing players is hard, but AFKers and people running at one dierction is easy. And now they made it viable against air... Even to me it seems, that it is too good...
  3. Erendil

    It's probably your mouse sensitivity. Trying increasing your sensitivity in-game and see if that helps. I'd start with the vehicle sensitivity slider.
  4. Kubor

    Actually, there is a weird rendering bug with the Phoenix since the last patch that sometimes makes the missile look as if it's flying 20 feet above or to the side of you, only for it to literally snap to your avatar at the last second and hit you from a right angle. It was a bit like that in PS1 too.

    So it's a little bugged on either side of that weapon right now.