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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by RabidIBM, Jan 5, 2021.

  1. JibbaJabba

    That's fine. I'll be the only one that thinks this way.

    I really have no trouble with the plants. I think everyone did at first but geez... how many times you gotta hit your thumb with the hammer, guys?
  2. Demigan

    Well if I were holding the hammer, not so much. If I were going around helping dozens of projects on a busy factory floor and dozens of people might or might not be swinging a hammer while you are around, yeah there's a big risk of getting hit on the thumb a lot.

    It's not that people will be hitting these plants when all's well. It's when you try to avoid the choked down roads and do some tactics by flanking and finding alternative routes and come under fire that these plants become a problem. "Trees left, trees right, a few bushes in front and a minefield of small plants between them that will do horrible things to my combat capabilities if I hit them".

    It's like saying that if you were standing in a minefield during combat, you would always spot every mine and never hit one. These plants actively inhibit using skill and intelligence in your combat and encourage players to stick to the rail-roaded small roads.
  3. JibbaJabba

    ...aaaaand you deal with all that. And use it.

    You know that guy's gonna drive around the glowy bush so you put the mine there. You know he's trying to charge you so you back into the vertical spike plants. Those forced bottlenecks? You may be mad because you bog down in an ambush there, but your enemy is happy.

    Your ability to deal with the added challenges and use them is a differentiator. I love getting a few good shots or even a kill on someone who got stuck in the terrain or didn't pull off the turn during a chase. Love that armor needs to coordinate with infantry or get chewed by the enemy infantry. Love the invisible water mines too.

    I learned to stop hitting my thumb with the hammer. :D
  4. Demigan

    Again, you can claim that anything is useable, but the question is if that will generate good and enjoyable gameplay. Just because plants are there to limit enemy movement, or you can easily predict an enemy's route and mine it with things hidden in foliage, water and ditches does not mean its good. In fact its bad because of how easy it is and the lack of tactical alternatives there are.

    You say you learned to stop hitting yourself with the hammer, which shows how much you missed my alternative of that metafor. Its not about you hitting your own thumbs, its about you holding the nail while someone else swings the hammer. Your own experiences mean nothing if someone else is there with you and their experiences arent up to par. At best you can remove your hand before the hammer strikes, but that means letting go of the nail.

    Only cheap and easy tactics prevail in Hossin. Its the continent that requires the least thought or experience with the cheapest tactics, making it a land for cheeselords rather than the experienced.

    Also lets get this straight: out-thinking and tactical combat is what I live on in games. My days of turning a corner and being surprised that I fired and got a headshot before I really knew what I was looking at are long over, so to compete my only choice is to have superior ability to think about how to fight. Where on Esamir the proper placement of an AT mine is an art, your enemy has almost unlimited of places to go and reach their objective, the mines are often a single different texture in the unbroken snow. To place a mine there effectively you need in-depth knowledge of enemy positions, likely paths to take, drive mentality, where they might look or what they pay attentin to when driving so they notice the mines too late etc.
    On Hossin that same question is basically "hey there's water across this road, I could place one there". Or "the road can easily hold back vehicles so I'll just dump some mines in this one narrow back road between some plants and foliage". Its no-brainer work, just a step above throwing mines in front of a vehicle pad. To try and glorify that as tactical knowledge and skillful gameplay is like saying someone is smarter because they were allowed a copy of the test answers while making it.
  5. Exileant

    :eek: I love Hossin AND New Esamir. The Trees are my home. I enjoy all the close fighting and the fact that it is actually HARD to find vehicles for both you and your opponents, I would go there every chance I got once I got the hang of the game. When I first started, the second I saw it, I warped away, because I knew it was for pros... :D My exact words were, "Not until I MASTER my Scythe, shall I return to you." Hahaha! Once I felt I had the respect of it, AND my Liberator, I went back and had a BLAST! This was back when Heat-vision was available for vehicles and worked for Humans.... :( I miss those days.

    :p My first day I learned not to run into the steel plants, and used them to hide myself so I could stalk my pray. The Tank Mine kills were all but insta-gimmis, thanks to the swamp! ;) Could not get enough after that. o_O Shortly after though they changed it to where one map was available at a time, and my schedule conflicted with it or literally NOBODY played it so I had to chose another island just to have a fight... :mad: BOOOOOOOO!!!!!
  6. ZDarkShadowsZ

    I admit, I like Hossin though there are parts of it I do dislike (those orange bulb things and the thorny plant things that are everywhere). I don't really like flying but do enjoy the Valkyrie. Hossin was a great teacher for me because if I didn't crash into a tree, I smacked into an antenna tower. I learnt so much from that continent, even if it was frustratingly done.

    With the way I work (or worked... UK lockdown and all) I would return home at 11 PM and didn't get to relax until nearly 12 AM... but then everybody on Cobalt has shut up shop for the night and it's just the remaining 300 or so players left, so I feel your pain. I do have a couple of alternate characters on US servers. Emerald works great because of the -5 GMT time zone and I can get in 30 minutes to an hour of game time before I go off to bed.
  7. JibbaJabba

    I think this is it. I've struck a nerve. It's my opinion. You have yours.

    Please don't lecture about out thinking and tactical combat as if you're the grand poo bah or something. Nor assume you know how other people play.

    "Where on Esamir the proper placement of an AT mine is an art" LOL. Indeed.
  8. JustGotSuspended

    Demi I might just wanna point out the fact AT mines are useless because of minesweeper. Like seriously they are as obvious on hossin than on other continents, not a serious issue tbh.
  9. Demigan

    Hold on, you've been going on and on about how liking Hossin is a sign of skill and how you can use anything to your advantage as long as it's a cheese tactic, then when I finally point out I'm not unskillful and give a solid example why your tactics are cheese you suddenly say I'm the one who's lecturing and pretending to be the Grand Poo Bah? Hypocrite much?

    This isn't a matter of opinion. Promoting low-skill easy to do tactics as skillful is not something you can have a differing opinion about as it's objectively wrong to do so.

    And yet, AT mines are used by more players than all standard rocketlaunchers combined. The point is also not about AT mines exclusively but about how he's pretending that liking Hossin instantly makes you a skillful player as to his eyes skillful players can exercise their skill there, which makes no sense in how limiting the continent is and how it gives advantages to lower skill tactics.
  10. JibbaJabba

    No. In fact none hypocrisy at all. Were you counting on that insult to save your point or something? c'mon man.

    What I said... "You know that guy's gonna drive around the glowy bush so you put the mine there. "

    What you said...

    "on Esamir the proper placement of an AT mine is an art"

    Then I said...


    Because calling it an art is hilarious to me.

    Now before we end up in some straw man, here's my point..

    My assertion is that y'all are idiots for keep running into the plants and complaining about it. Drive around them.
  11. Exileant

    :( Sheesh.... I am sorry to read that. But dang, I wish everyone had locked down early and long term, maybe this virus would be dead instead of over a million people nation wide....;) Thankfully that pain is for the most part salved (Planetside 2 speaking) with the addition of the Escalation. A loooot more people are playing on Genudine, and though it takes a good 5-6 hours to get BACK to Hossin, there are plenty of people to fight with once there, even if they are not there by choice. Hahaha! Antenna towers were HORRIBLE... You would think, they would just snap off, like they would in real life, but nooooOOOOOoooo. :eek: "I am made out of INVINCION, and your plane WILL submit to me...."

    :confused: Seriously antennas?! :mad: KNOW YOUR FREAKING ROLE!!!!
  12. Exileant

    :D Welcome to my world, Jib... I am going to tell you NOW, from experience, do not even bother. You have seen me argue with Demi.... He does not care in the least about facts. Just know in your heart that skilled players are reading and know better. You can make anything work with some skill, I can see what he is saying with it being classified as an Art, because it is dying. :rolleyes: So yes, it is a Dying Art. :confused: However it is a style that is executed by common sense mainly. Always place down wind, never be obvious if you want it to work, bla, bla... o_O He said that Hossin was predictable... That is beyond a lie, because for one, Light Assault and Infiltrator, the list goes on when it comes to vehicles... Hello? And two, there are STILL tons of holes in the terrain that even Hossin LOVERS know nothing about, which is why it is so easy to hide a Sunderer there.
    Just shake your head and bat your hand at him. :( Apparently this stuff is hard for him and them. :D I mean THESE PLANTS AND TREES HAVE NOT MOVED IN 7 YEARS!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! At what point does one PUSH the door instead of pull?:p
  13. Demigan

    What I'm doing is pointing out a fact that you've been a hypocrite, blaming me for doing something you do. That isn't an insult, it's the simple truth.

    What you said: Everyone who likes hossin is skilled and anyone who disagree's is stupid.

    Me: Points out hossin's flaws and why people dislike it.

    You: More insults and claims that hossin is for the skillful, promoting low-skill cheese as skillful.

    Me: points out that I'm well able of doing skillful things, and that what you are pointing out is low-skill cheese. Ofcourse people know you can drive around a plant, it's the limitations it causes on tactical gameplay that are the problem.

    You: Don't try to tell me you know skill stuff! It's just your opinion man!

    Me: You've been doing that all the time, you are a hypocrite.

    You: Is that an insult? Oh noes!

    Allright I give in, you've convinced me.

    Hossin isn't just a Litmus test for people who ignore the continent's flaws, it's also about people who enjoy low-skill cheese and hate anyone who points that out.
  14. JibbaJabba

    You are full on arguing with a straw man and I'm just gonna let you do it. Good luck.
  15. Demigan

    I'm following the exact lines and arguments you did, only adding corrections to what you said or did. Yet I'm using a strawman? Again the word "hypocrite" is a perfect description for you.
  16. RabidIBM

    Ok, I keep getting notifications about this post, but by now I'm long since done with reading these.

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