I think I crashed the Test Server. With bounties.

Discussion in 'Planetside 2 Test Server: Discussion' started by Capernici, Feb 9, 2018.

  1. Capernici

    On Feb 8th (2018), the live servers were down due to the Unstable Update being... unstable. I decided to spend my time with 2 of my friends in PTS, as there is no better place to test designs, loadouts, strategies, etc. On this particular day, we decided to test BOUNTIES.

    (Side Note: We later found on Reddit that 400 bounties crashes your client upon killing the target.)

    So, here is what we did:
    1. Friend 2 is on TR. Friend 1 and I are on NC.
    2. Friend 2 kills both me and friend 1.
    3. Friend 1 and I both place an absurd number of bounties on friend 2. Exactly 1100 of them.
    4. Friend 1 and I respawned.
    5. I kill friend 2. My screen immediately freezes, sounds perpetuated, and I found myself unable to access any other program or window. Thus, I could not shut down the client with task manager.
    6. Friend 2 respawns within a few seconds, and Friend 1 also kills him. Same effect.
    7. Friend 1 and I perform hard restarts of our computers, friend 2 idles in PTS.
    8. Friend 1 and I are unable to enter PTS, launcher says "Server down for maintenance."
    9. After exiting PTS voluntarily, friend 2 is also completely unable to reenter PTS. Same launcher message.
    10. The 3 of us spend the next 10 minutes or so crunching numbers and waiting for PTS to go online.
    11. PTS goes back up, and I find my NC character has gotten NO XP for the bounties, as though the operation was cancelled.
    Aaand thats what happened. As a result, friend 2 still has 1 kill left on all 1100 bounties. I do not envy the poor soul who gets the next kill on him.
  2. Prudentia

    time to loud up on stationcash, get teamkilled by a buddy, load 400 bounties on him and then send him out to get killed by BR120 Banshee Mossies
  3. Capernici

    Nah, I got a better idea. That strat has to be the best way to get rid of Canis mains.

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