I Stink at CQ Infiltrator

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  1. SocratesEverywhere

    I understand what an infiltrator is supposed to do in close range, but I'm really bad at it. I'd love to hear some tips from those of you who have the art mastered, and there is no TL;DR for me, so be as detailed as you're willing.
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  2. Van Dax

    I see you're pretty new, whats your frame rate like?
  3. SocratesEverywhere

    New comp about 10 days ago. I think I'm at about 42-48 on Medium.

    It's definitely me that's the problem. I think it has to do with placement and radar awareness. I have no certs in recon darts (I play Medic and MAX mostly). I also need to get proximity mines (just got C4 last night on my Medic--woohoo).

    I feel like an Infiltrator really wants to hit from behind, but somehow, I always end up face-to-face.
  4. Greenmachine

    Cert up the recon detect device and use it often. Knowing if an enemy is coming and getting the drop on him is the difference between life and death.

    Additionally remember that the cloak does not make you 100% invisible so don't walk straight up to a guy and expect him not to see you.

    Finally remember to always crouch behind cover to recharge your cloak

    Also go YouTube and search "the infiltrators handbook" by the koolaid line it's very helpfull
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  5. VSDerp

    recon darts will save your life man. yes get proximity mines. but i roll with medic kits since i encounter people face to face most of the time. when you encounter a heavy just hope you have descent aiming if you miss a few shots your dead most likely it seems.
  6. Liquid23

    put a flashlight on your Beamer and you will be unstopable
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  7. Mustarde

    I try to look at where the enemy is facing and laying down fire. Find a way to get behind them. Decloak and press buttan. Certs.
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  8. IamDH

    Try to shoot their backs, not their faces.

    This is what i do anyways. All you need is a silencer and an smg
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  9. Get2dachoppa

    Another infiltrator video worth checking out
  10. RobotNinja

    Shoot + Stab. Remember the ole' running up to someone while you're shooting them and then finishing them with a melee attack in Halo? Same principle in PS2. Works wonders plus your opponents get the humiliation of a knife kill.

    Not massively impressive or anything but just an example of what you can do as a CQ Infiltrator:
  11. gigastar

    • Never engage from the front. The more turning they have to do to put you in sights, the more time you have to **** enough bullets into them.
    • Engaging less targets increases your survival chances. Most SMG's are only shooty enough to take down two or three people before a reload is required.
    • Remember, youre not fighting, your ambushing. Always aim to be in places where you can jump out, cause alot of damage very quickly, then escape before the enemy realises youre there.
    • Soft Point Ammo and Silencer on your SMG are basically mandatory. Adv Laser Sight on the Blitz/Sirius/Hailstorm, extended mags and a reflex sight on the NS-7, and avoid the others.
    • Nanoweave means you can take an extra bullet or two. Get it.
    • Nano-Armor Cloak might be useful on the escape after its buff. However i was never really bothered to look into it.
    • Medkits, not resto kits (not for Infil) help you live longer. Make sure you have at least two.
    • Your grenade type is a toss-up between frag and EMP. Frag kills, if you can land it, and EMP is brilliant for escape or effectively debuffing a tight group of enemies before you introduce them to your dakkahose.
    • Your pistol, should you actually need to use it, should be silenced. No revolvers, they will reveal you on the map. Manticore might be the best bet for emegency weapon change. Cerberus is ****.
  12. Raraldor

    I did an entire write up a week or two ago about infiltrator, give it a look if you'd like. The weapons are NC but since we all have the same weapon types you still may be able to learn something from it.


    As far as certs go, they will help , but you need a certain mindset to play CQC infiltrator correctly, especially in large fights.

    When defending you are hundreds of times more useful guarding the outside and preventing people from coming into the area you are guarding in the first place. This will allow you much more freedom of movement while still doing your job effectively.

    While cloaked you never want to run directly at a person. Stay in his peripherals and you'll be much harder to spot.

    You are the most maneuverable class in the game with your cloak, so work at capitalizing on that fact. Letting your enemy know where you are by not using a silencer is actually better for you in lots of situations. They'll come charging that way and will be that much more surprised when you uncloak behind them or to the side. Mind games are the best weapon you have as an infiltrator.
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  13. Nocturn0l

    There are simple rules you have to follow my friend:

    1. Don't raise attention!
    2. Be aware of the enemy's focus.
    3. No witnesses!
    4. Trigger Discipline - Don't shot what you can't kill or escape from!
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  14. Zerran

    Keep moving. Always keep moving. Chances are very slim that you will go long without someone trying to find you, and by stopping and waiting somewhere you just make it easier for them to find you.

    Also pay attention to and learn where people are likely to look or how they're likely to be facing, and don't go that way. For example, if you know there are enemies in a building, don't go in by the closest door, look for a back entrance. Flanking is your best friend. In addition, keep in mind that your cloak is quite loud, so avoid using it unless you need to, and remember that enemies at close range will see you if they are looking at you, cloaked or not, unless they are half asleep.

    The SMGs are a great option if you only want to be fighting in close quarters, but a solid pistol like the commissioner/underboss with a sniper or scout rifle can also work very well with enough practice. Personally, I don't ever use silencers. By the time anyone who saw my dot can get to where I was, I make a point to be long gone; or better yet, in a place to ambush them as they come looking for me.

    Since they buffed it, I've been running with the nano armor cloak (with nanoweave). Short duration and long cooldown, but that extra survivability is perfect when trying to make an escape. It's also a good way to keep you from relying too much on the cloak when you don't need it, which will only hinder you.

    Finally, learn to use your knife. While every class has access to it, very few people know how to use it, and the ability to instantly cut off more than half of an enemy's health will more than make up for your 100 shield penalty.
  15. Takushi

    I'd be thrilled to write a longer post on how you can improve, but it's been a long day and you've already gotten a ton of informative replies, so I'm just going to throw a quick tip in here:

    Try to prevent the cloak from turning into a reflex and use it more based on whether or not you think you have enough cover or are easy to spot. Too many times have I both as and not as an Infiltrator killed someone who was just a bit too happy to use the cloak over and over again, even though I wouldn't really have seen them anyway, since they weren't in the open. Cloaking while you're in a safe spot is essentially just sending out a sound-based signal saying "HEY GUYS, I*M HERE! SHOOT ME!". If you're unsure about whether or not you're in a situation to uncloak, a Recon Dart can help you determine this, though not by a long shot since this has a limited range. You're generally going to have to rely on your own wits to tell you when it is and when it isn't safe. Footsteps are usually a good way to tell if people are on your a** as well.
  16. Scudmungus

    I do this up until the part where I get carried away and start hopping around, rushing folks head-on.

    Typically heavy folks.

    It does not end well x_X
  17. IamDH

    It can sometimes work. Depends on how aware the other player is
  18. Scudmungus

    Aye, and there's something very enjoyable about those bang bang stab quick kills that leave (some) Heavies going 'Wut just happened?!'

  19. Mustarde

    A few of my CQ montages (mostly pistol/knife, not SMG play).

  20. Liquid23

    why has no one mentioned the awesomeness of giraffe camo yet... you almost don't even need cloak when wearing it