I still love PS2

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  1. RobotNinja

    I've been around since closed alpha and I've had mixed emotions about PS2 over the years.

    I haven't been the hugest fan of many of SOE/DBG's decisions including some of their other games. I've expressed my frustration with them many times. My primary gripes have been bugs that are fixed one patch, broken the next patch, not fixed for 6 more patches and then broken again the next patch or resurrecting bugs from years ago...and many of their decisions in regards to weapon nerfs/buffs. Minor tweaks withstanding my biggest problem has been with taking weapons and completely changing how they function mechanically, which is especially bad when some people spend actual money on them.

    Some of the changes, I could take it or leave it. I was impressed with many of the new player friendly tutorial and cert changes...not so much Koltyr, which I think confuses new players. I was impressed with the roll-out of the base construction...not so much with charging 50 bucks for base module bundles for every single faction. ($150 total when there are no faction distinctions between them)

    I wasn't happy about some very prolific cheaters getting away with it for so long when I used to play on Connery. I haven't seen any definite cheaters recently though, which may be due to the introduction of BattlEye or simply because of the decrease in the playerbase. I'm happy that some of the bugs I hated the most seem to finally be dead for good as well as a number of exploits being patched out.

    It would be nice to see a resurgence in the playerbase and I would like it if they did some kind of marketing blitz the way they used to hype the game to attract new players. Despite the cash I've personally spent on the game, I would also have no problem if they offered some kind of special bundle deal for new players for first time purchase or something like that.

    I would also encourage experienced players not to give new players the ole', "Ha ha umadubad!" routine. I'm not saying don't riddle their bodies with bullets...but maybe give them some friendly advice afterwards. And if they yell, "Ermagerd! Hax!" instead of making fun of them, explain to them how the game works and how what they might think is a hack, is in fact just a gameplay mechanic they're not entirely familiar with. I'm saying...our newbs are a precious resource. We need to conserve them.

    All that said, I still love Planetside 2 and I still talk it up to people who will listen. I don't play it as much as I used to and even though I take breaks from time to time, I still find myself coming back to it.
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  2. RobotNinja

    Woah...just heard about the proposed changes to the implant system. This sounds like a major step backwards in terms of attracting new players and maintaining the existing playerbase.

    This is kinda what I'm talking about. It's almost like a constant teeter-totter.
  3. Liewec123

    agreed, there is currently nothing that comes close to the scale of PS2 :D

    the implant changes are mostly great, they're removing energy costs and chargers, which is a fantastic change :D
    the only 2 things that will cause trouble are "minor cloak" and "Cat-like" one allows any class to gain infinite stealth when not moving,
    the other allows you to move at 75% normal speed while crouched.
  4. RobotNinja

    Removing the energy system...sure that sounds great. Giving every class in the game (cept Max) cloak...not so much. Not only should every class not have cloak for balance reasons but there are already enough ***** Infiltrators in the game, myself included from time to time. We have enough excess Infiltrators in battles as it is. We don't need every other class pretending to be an Infiltrator too.
  5. Nabutso

    They have ideas for balancing minor cloak, but nothing they do or say will remove the stigma of "literally everyone can go invisible".

    DBG needs to accept that fact.
  6. Liewec123

    currently they've made it so you can't fire your weapon for a full 1.25 seconds once you've uncloaked, and with TTKs well under half a second it might not be toooo bad, but i agree, stalker cloak for all classes is pretty darn cheesy.

    still PS2 remains a one of a kind game, and great fun :)
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  7. BrbImAFK

    Personally, I still say that the biggest problem with the new implants system is neither minor cloak (an annoyance at best, but potentially the first step in watering down the classes) or catlike (despite the stupid new combat meta it'll introduce) but the simple fact that the new implant system is, by definition, pay-to-win.

    And yes, people argue that it isn't, because you can "get it for free", but that's not the point. If you're able to buy combat power with real cash, it's pay-to-win. That's like, the definition of it. And some of the new implants provide combat power in spades! Even the original PS2 devs knew that, which is why you can't upgrade your class / vehicle abilities, suit slots etc. for DBC.
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  8. Eternaloptimist

    I hear that it is likely to be a rare item in implant packs and that an EMP 'nade will remove it.................just sayin'
  9. BrbImAFK

    If the drop-rates I last saw quoted were any indication, it's likely there won't be more than a handful of people with Minor Cloak on each server. It was something like 0.05% drop rate, and requiring potentially upwards of $2,000 to unlock.

    That said, anybody who's really thought this through isn't bothered by the balance of minor cloak, they're worried by it's existence, in that it represents a continuation of the class dilution the devs have been doing. Well, that and the fact that the new system is P2W.
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  10. Eternaloptimist

    Can't see it as much of a dilution. I'm aware of it as I sometimes play stalker infil but it doesn't worry me. Not sure what the continuation of class dilution refers to either. I don't recall much of one class abilities being given to other classes in the couple of years I've been playing. If there have been such transfers, I imagine they must have been pretty minor impact (on my play, at least)

    But you can buy packs with certs, which anyone can earn. OK, it takes F2P players longer but I don't get the argument that people who choose to pay nothing for playing the game should get the same benefits as quickly as people like me who buy a subscription.

    Someone will eventaully say " but some people can't afford a sub" - well that sucks, but not as much as if they wanted a game that you can't play at all unless you pay the sub.
  11. OldMaster80

    The fire delay they have put on this implant will probably make it almost useless.
    The day it will go live I will go around with flashlight on a shotgun just to make those noobs cry louder.
  12. BrbImAFK

    So far, it's primarily been infiltrators that have suffered from this dilution. Infiltrators have a couple of things that are "theirs". Recon, Cloaking, Hacking and long-range combat.
    • Hacking got nerfed right out of the gate, by limiting it only to terminals (which are usually blown up when you get there) or turrets (which are usually blown up when you get there). Yes, I know you can just "get there earlier", but most of the time doing that just gets you killed without achieving anything while you wait for your incompetent allies to get their **** together.
    • Long-range combat got nerfed by the combination of 1) extending battle-rifles to all classes (except LA), and 2) adding powerful secondaries to the game which meant that taking a BR wasn't a death-sentence in CQC. Sure, BR's aren't that good, but long-range combat is already in trouble from long-range LMG's etc. plinking away at you with 6x scopes making it bloody difficult to line up that headshot (and anybody that's "sniping" from outside that range is either an FPS-god, or doing it wrong).
    • Recon got nerfed by the introduction of the Xbow and recon-darts, giving any non-MAX class the ability to do recon. They're not as good as infil recon, but it's perfectly possible to drop your squad's infil to bring another HA, and just make your engy sit on an ammo box spamming darts.
    • Cloaking is getting nerfed by the introduction of minor cloak. How long before we see "Minor Jumppack" and "Minor Overshield" as well?

    I spelled this out literally in the post before yours.....

  13. Ziggurat8

    I still love this game too. I love it enough to think it doesn't need any major changes either. So I start to get a little worried every time they start throwing crazy ideas around that change the way the game currently plays.

    With that said I don't think implants are that big of a deal. They add a bit more customizing available and I'm sure after a month there will be "best in slot" for each class/play style but it won't change that much involving the overall gameplay. It might however make it harder for new players. Which is never a good thing.