i shed a tear

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by miraculousmouse, Aug 31, 2014.

  1. miraculousmouse

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  2. NCstandsforNukaCola

    Hey... wait..

  3. PKfire

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  4. CrossFire

  5. Covah

    Ah ****.

    Another one down.
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  6. BobSanders123

    I read the entire thing and I can only conclude this:

    R.I.P Dasanfall 2014
  7. phreec

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  8. Boildown

    That was a lot more than 272 words. Therefore it is TL;DR.
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  9. Yuukikun

    TDDC (too dum didn't care)
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  10. vsae

    It is quite unexpected that situation with broken directives has come to this. I am myself a victim of directive reset, only that I didnt even try to restore it in any way. Some of my directives reset to first tier couple of times and I felt that the SOE customer support would do nothing anyway.
    I am glad that people are trying to change the situation.
    I understand that restoring individual progress maybe hard or even impossible, still the 1 day boost is like getting spit in the face.
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  11. FieldMarshall

  12. Champagon

    TL;DR (For everyone else)

    • Directive Stats got reset. (for some)
    • Plenty of stats got reset especially on Miller
    • SOE gave them a stat boost as an apology
    • They weren't happy
    • Wrote letter
    • Disabled DA stat page
    • Also mentioned how the game needs to move in a better direction
    Here are my 2 cents, Directives should NOT be taken this seriously. This game is so much more than simple directives, this game can be so much more....
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  13. Ribero

    Why the specfic mention of Cobalt, something in particular happen there?
  14. Bankrotas

    So in short: wails of the achievement w h o r e?
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  15. iller

    What are directives actually for? Why are they such a big deal?
    I wasn't here when that stuff came around
  16. noidea

    They're absolutely nothing, what you get out of them is worthless for the time spent.
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  17. cruczi

    You get auraxium rewards when you complete a directive category. And people view completing directives as achievements, so naturally it isn't very nice when your progress towards an achievement is lost.
  18. andy_m

    I agree.

    Not all of us even look at our directives (I certinaly don't), but for those who directives matter, being fobbed off with a 24 hour boost is not very nice. And I've had my own experiences with SOE customer care, and once they make their mind up on something, be it right or wrong, regardless of what proofs are tendered, they do not budge (I was helped, in the end, by an SOE rep here on the forums).
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  19. miraculousmouse

    Devs you are losing support from some of your best and most dedicated players because of this crap.
  20. The Funk

    Meh it's their site they can do what they want with it but I don't see how rage quitting something made by players for other players really sticks it to SOE. If I used the sight this surely wouldn't lend me to their cause.
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