I refuse to repair scatmax's.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by BiggggBRIM, Jul 31, 2014.

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  1. Phyr

    I refuse to heal Scat maxs because I usually play VS or TR. I tried once and he was not amused.
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  2. Yuki10

    Just TK engie that is not repairing. He has no reason to be there...
  3. BiggggBRIM

    The plural of "wolf" is wolves. The more you know! -*
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  4. Morchai

    I'm beginning to remember why I never play infantry.
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  5. Stromberg

    I was like that at start. flying at nights in ESF killing empty turrets, repairing empty AMP station turrets etc... one day you realise, you aren't even playing the game. you are just a slave to some imaginary currency. but things gonna get better after it strikes you .... or you gonna quit entirely. :cool:
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  6. Stormsinger

    I have 2 BR 100s, a couple ~50s, and over 3000 hours total played.

    I just like playing support :p
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  7. DeusExForever

    Actually, my AI turret keeps the enemy at bay, as all their zest in killing with grenades marked where they can't reach me. :)

    But FF on type games has idiot MAXes who block doorways and paths of fire more to grief than doing any good in the end.

    Just like the guy who sits at the warpgate shooting folks dead and isn't weapons locked for it.

    SOE sure knows how to ruin their own games. -_-
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  8. BiggggBRIM

    Stop cherry picking. I said I log onto alts when Im being TK'd by a whole outfit and yes I DO kill them without mercy when they think its hilarious to sic their whole outfit on ONE person! Sometimes you gotta get a bully to stop by punching him right in the face, just to show him how fun it is. Stop rearranging my posts to fit YOUR statements.
  9. khai

    Both TR and NC represent stereotypes of America. TR is the far left liberal federalists as portrayed by Fox News, as oppressive pseudo communist who hate America and are plotting with terrorists to take your guns.

    While the NC represent the far right Tea Party type as seen by MSNBC, corporate controlled malitias with clunky equipment hiding behind a smoke screen of freedom while actually fighting to replace a democratic government with corporate oligarchs. though without the religious element.

    Finally VS is obviously Scientology as viewed by basically everyone not a member. We don't really understand what they actually believe but we are pretty sure its strange. May Xenu smile on you.
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  10. EGuardian1


    You've hardly got two brain cells if you don't repair MAXes. It's easy certs, and even if they're bad players - they'll take fire before you do so you have a chance to fire back. There is NO downside to repairing a MAX, unless they TK you, in which case it's the player, not the MAX that's the problem.
  11. LT_Latency

    He is feeding you with tons and tons of free points.

    An NC max standing at a door way is scary. It the only thing stopping my pounder max from ripping your army apart.

    I have decided the bad player he............Is you.
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  12. NC_agent00kevin

    You sound like a spectacular addition to any squad or platoon. heck, you sound like a spectacular addition to your faction as a whole. Just imagine if every Engineer and Medic had your attitude! We just let those who get shot die and respawn; theres no need for healing and repairing. Its those damn fools' own fault they got shot anyway. Who gets shot in an FPS game? Idiots. Thats who.
  13. TTex11

    This is just an educated guess but somehow I don't think those ScatMaxes are going to have any trouble finding plenty of engineers willing to repair them, even with one apparently gone on strike...or protest.
  14. Oberlion

    i repair everything and everybody. i repair even ******** :D and spam ammo everywhere.
    if you dont like to repair there are other classes.
  15. WarmasterRaptor

    So, what's the point of this thread???

    You're being bad because of baddies? :eek:
  16. BiggggBRIM

    Allow me to explain a few things:
    1) Its COMBAT engineer. Combat comes before engineer. I kill more people with engineer than others kill with heavy assault.
    2) The exp I could get from repairing the scrubby, helmet wearing, window licking degenerates that comprise the Emerald NC is neglible to the exp I could be getting from mowing down enemies with my turret.
    3) Lets meet reality here: scatmax's are bad. Its SOE's fault for making them that way. Just like the vulcan is completely useless for TR, also SOE's screwup they need to fix. Unfortunately, reality says scatmaxs are bad and people pulling them need to stop being so completely ineffective outside of 10 meters. You can instagib people up close and at range with the falcons, just have to aim a bit better.
  17. Captain Kid

    The downside is it is boring as hell. and annoying. I still repair maxes off course especially when I have +70% or more XP bonus but I don't go running after each and every one any more.
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