I really hate C4

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  1. Ziggurat8

    You're right. There is no defense against c4 and any enemy carrying it is guaranteed an insta gib vs any vehicle in the game. This isn't meant towards you LaughingDead but I get the impression that anyone calling for a nerf to c4 thinks this way. C4 isn't nearly as powerful as that. Approaching and killing a manned MBT is hard ******* work unless that MBT is a complete idiot. At which point it's not C4's fault.

    How about we let infantry pull people out of vehicles. Then get rid of C4. I get close enough, I yank you out, or climb in and kill you...Sounds easy enough right? (Been playing too much GTA, I know)
  2. DrostenVS

    It's a bit faster to toss and detonate C4 on the PTS with the combined arms update than on live servers.
  3. Scatterblak

    It would be bias, except that I agree with everything you said, and again, I don't (and would never) use C4 - I'm a career inf. PS2 isn't a simulation of Real Life™ - it's a game, based in someone else's vision of a simulated sandbox. It was never intended to emulate reality other than on the minimal levels required for immersion,and railing against perceived deviations from what we would all view as fair/real/accurate is an indication that you're missing the point. Or the fun. To be fair, I can't lie and say that I haven't been C4'd and then publicly implied that some LA's parents may not have been married or impugned his sister or mother's honor as far as intimate contact with certain farm animals, but at the end of the day, it's going to be more fun if we learn to shake our heads and then hunt down the scumbag who C4'd us. The alternatives are to either alter/remove this single mechanic (which will rapidly be replaced with some other tactic, which will immediately engender the ire of those who are annoyed by it), or we can alter all of the offending mechanics, in which case that's already been done, and is available as ARMA2 (or, you can pop on down to your local A/N/AF/M recruiter, unless you're too old, like me). :)

    Brother, I'm right there with you re: some tactics are ****, annoying, affect balance, and (probably most importantly) are things that the devs never foresaw or intended. I'm just offering a humble opinion that it's more fun to come up with a tactic to fight it (or at least track down the guy who did it and kill him) than yell about it in here. :)
  4. LaughingDead

    Well even vehicle players opted for vehicle hacking unoccupied vehicles. I can't imagine a more similar method.

    If I wasn't required to be near infantry I probably wouldn't mind it much, but even then, I don't care about the run up double brick nearly as much as lights in a C4 valk, I know how durable they are, I know they can go to render and the average pilot won't find it if it has stealth, I'd literally have to pull a plane to deter because even if I look straight up like a ******* looking for a light he could possibly not render for me but my tank completely renders for him at 500, beyond that in infantry play it is rather bloodly annoying to C4 an amazing backline instead of trying to skillfully remove the medics from the back with a gun, problem wouldn't be a problem if C4 was only available to heavy and engie.

    But *sigh*, that's never going to happen, I'm just waiting for the day you'll need 3 tank shells to kill a flak armored infantry. Wonder how many steps it takes til infantry bias starts thinking "hm maybe this is pretty stupid".
  5. LaughingDead

    What's really funny is: I'm not trolling, I play far more infantry than all of my vehicles combined, I kinda have to, and even for being in vehicles for just a few hours I know how what moves, what can I do to counter and how to predict, how much HP this has, how many rockets this takes, rocklets fun fact do indeed have more dps than rockets, which will be nerfed in the next patch because rocket launchers will reload faster, so hey, you're already getting your wish, the thing is I do not need C4, you do not need a C4 ******* flash to destroy a tank, you either swap roles so that the rest of your team benefits and play a tank hunting vehicle or you play infantry and play around the tank. If it gets close it's not hard to punish, each rocket feels about as hard as a tank shell in terms of damage with the best part, they're going to struggle to retaliate if you position wisely. It's also not hard to coordinate idiots to shoot at a big hunk of metal with a rocket launcher, or at least it shouldn't be but the average planetman is an idiot so we apparently gotta balance around them. Generally I either kill the tank or it gets the idea and leaves, a good tanker recognizes a single rocket could put it in jeopardy of another tank flanking it and destroying it, the same way infantry don't engage a heavy that knows it's there while they have no shield.

    Sure there isn't always a tank to punish, punish by pulling a tank or another vehicle that can capitalize on a tank having AI weapons, trust me there are plenty.

    But the thing is, there still isn't a tank counter to C4 except apparently always be aware, but then infantry have flak which is going to protect them even if they aren't aware, totes fair rite?
  6. Ziggurat8

    Infantry is easy to farm with any MBT load out. C4 is the only real counter and it's a 5m or less counter, unless you're drifter jetting. Honestly I think the vehicle-infantry meta is pretty good right now. C4 gives vehicles a reason to be wary of just bulldozing into infantry territory and most vehicles with even a modicum of situational awareness have little to fear from infantry. You get swarmed by HA rockets...YOU the vehicle driver ****** up. You get c4'd, means you were too close to infantry, you got outplayed (getting close to an MBT is hard unless they're terrible) or you stood still WAY too long. (500m valk dropping c4...uh huh. Stay in 1 spot for 3s=dead, move a little bit=counter! You probably think getting HS by a sniper 300m away is unavoidable too...same principle. Don't stand in 1 spot...ever)

    C4 is fine. Vehicles mowing down infantry...fine...lol...I like running over C4 infantry the most...

    To anyone that says c4 has no counter...lmfao git gud scrub.
  7. LodeTria

    Yeah being insta-gibbed by a lancer squad is totally my fault when they totally render 100% of the time with no problems at all from half a Hex away.

    Thankfully most vanu are far too stupid to actually use the lancer, so that happens very very rarely.
  8. Ziggurat8

    Never. I've never seen it, or been a part of it. I've even tried organizing it. I got 3 guys willing to try it. 3 magriders is a hell of a lot more effective than 6 lancers, or 3 liberators or just about anything else. It's a gimmick at best which is why no one bothers. It i's a nice story to tell around the fire to scare the little TR's though.

    Rolling into a 48+ battle you're much more likely to get targeted by 4+ HA using RL. You get swarmed then. It's the drivers fault because HA vs vehicle the vehicle has complete control over the engagement. Fortunately most players are pretty throw away players. They play blitz style just going for a few kills before they go down in flames.
  9. Scatterblak

  10. Demigan

    Oh wow, you can kill tanks with rockets!
    Besides that I don't believe you and there's no proof anywhere, it doesn't matter even if you were capable of it. The average person, as proven by the stats of rocketlaunchers (which are "padded" because the users only pull them when they are about to shoot!), doesn't kill a lot of vehicles with rocketlaunchers at all. You can't ask for everyone to become above-average players and pull off feats with rocketlaunchers (which would incidentally also mean that these players will likely become better tankers and harder to kill). Hence the need for a weapon that can actually kill tanks before they get out of your effective range/behind cover, repair up and then start shooting people again.

    Look, I kill more vehicles per hour with my HE Lightning than most people do with the AP version, and by a large margin (the average of the AP Lightning is around 18 an hour, I get 21 an hour with my HE). Does that suddenly mean the entire game needs to play at my level when using the HE Lighting and assume it's more effective at AV than the very AP canon they use? No ofcourse not!