I really hate C4

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  1. Weylin

    Back when I played 007 Goldeneye 64 with my friends, we ended up banning or making rules on how Remote Mines should be used, because the cancer that was detonating them in mid air, and sticking them around every blind corner for an instant kill became extremely tiresome and detracted from the game.

    In Planetside 2, I never see them used in a way that C4 would be used traditionally.

    They aren't used like shaped charges, ever.
    They don't have to be carefully secured to an object for maximum damage
    They do more damage to vehicles laying loosely on the ground than direct HEAT rounds to the rear
    Light assault just drop them from the air like bombs.

    C4 plastic explosives are for demolitions. You shape the charge for maximum effect, and then detonate it from a safe distance.

    What is this, CoD?
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  2. LordKrelas

    Well, what do you want them used for exactly?
    They are the only high-damage explosive capable of acting as severe AV or AI, but have a severe range limit in general.

    Like do you really want to have to walk up, secure, and then run away just to use C-4?
    Do you really want the shortest ranged explosive to be ineffective against vehicles, so we have only rockets & rocklet launchers?
    Like HEAT rounds aren't proper AV either.

    This is Planetside.
  3. Tankalishious

    What, demolish vehicles and troops is against your rules?
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  4. Weylin

    No, of course not.
    But, dropping it off a roof and doing ridiculous damage with it?
    Detonating it mid-air?
    Not having a warning indicator like what grenades have when used like a ******* grenade?

    I mean if it's secured to a surface it should be unmarked, but if you toss it, it should light up like a grenade.
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  5. LordKrelas

    A grenade bounces around, C-4 lands flat.

    C-4 also needs a detonation signal, and can be manually detonated by anyone or disarmed by engineers.
    That or kill the user, and it can't be detonated remotely.

    If someone is C-4ing off a Roof, get on the roof, throw a grenade, or be more watchful of the roofs?
  6. Weylin

    I'd like if it took at least half as much effort as it took to get a sunderer into a safe position while being shot at from all angles in transit, as it takes to instantly kill the ******* thing the moment it deploys near cover
  7. Weylin

    Personally I'm very watchful of this, I undeploy and move the instant I see a threat nearby capable of C4ing us, but I see it so much and it's so hard to defend against that I get really aggravated in general.
  8. LordKrelas

    Shielded Sunderer.
    Shoot the LA.
    Place Spitfire...

    And that would likely be why you get C-4'd...
    It's easy to defend against, I literally stand as an engineer around a sundy, smoking LA's for hours with a Sunderer's bassies or my sidearm..
    Hell, I've done it with an Archer.
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  9. DeadlyOmen

    You died to C4. Relax, and respawn.
  10. The Rogue Wolf

    If you placed that Sunderer where it could be easily C4'd by a Light Assault, then you didn't put it in a safe position.
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  11. Weylin

    If I have it in a truly safe position, nobody uses it, so I'm wasting my time or keeping it around as a backup.

    If it's close enough to be utilized and get infantry into the fight quickly, then there's always some single random giraffe camo LA who casually strolls through the confusion and destroys it :p
    And then it's grabbing another sundy and driving all the way back while they're already respawned and dropping C4 again, earning 20x as much XP
  12. CaptCran

    we have c-4???;)
  13. LordKrelas

    Either you put it too close to enemy infantry positions, didn't defend it, isn't using a shield sunderer for such close proximity, or all three.

    A spitfire alone works wonders against LA's.
    Shields block all but the most equipped & knowledge-able LA's from even scratching it, add in any defenders, and it is solid.
    Then simply position it ....
    Where it is balanced between defensive capability & distance to the objective from the sunderer as best as possible.
    If it is too far in either direction, Sunderer is either near useless or exploding.
  14. Pelojian

    a shielded sundie with a manned kobalt and a deployed spitfire will wreck any lone C4 fairy attempting to C4 your sundie.

    stop treating your sundie like a fire and forget spawnpoint and maybe it will live a little bit longer, i'm not saying sit there all day i'm just saying sit on it for a little bit and then go into the battle.
  15. Pat22

    Good thing, then, that to "instakill" your sundy, the light assault ALSO has to get his *** to the location you deployed your sundy while also being shot at from all angles in transit but while being in a far far less durable form to then survive long enough around the place all the enemies are literally appearing out of thin air from to plant C4 and detonate it.

    Wait, that's not half the effort. That sounds like MORE effort.
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  16. Rydenan

    I agree that C4 is too versatile. It's the 'anti-everything' grenade.
    It instakills vehicles, it instakills people. It instakills MAXes, it instakills base turrets.
    It can be placed, tossed from hundreds of feet in the air, or thrown like a goddang frisbee into a doorway.
    It can be detonated immediately, or on a precise delay of the user's choosing.
  17. LordKrelas

    It doesn't instant kill all vehicles.

    And it doesn't go far, it drops pretty quick - but the fall is slow.
    You can only detonate it with the buggy animation, and must be alive during the throw & detonation - If you respawn, you can't detonate it.
    For the doorway trick, that LA is basically on the other side... not all that far.

    For versatile, it's kinda like saying AV is anti-everything.
    It's a brick of high explosive with a short range, beyond using Bio-lab landing pads or aircraft you have no real height beyond whatever you can find.
    It's not like LA's aren't fragile nor is C-4 hard to dodge when not infantry (whom should die to it)
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  18. Pikachu

    Funny note, in real life a brick of C-4 has less explosive power than a russian 125mm HE tank shell. Even when you compensate for C4 being made of the stronger RDX rather than the TNT in tank shells. A C4 brick has about 80% the power. Just an interseting examples of when video games/entertainment really skew things.
  19. LordKrelas

    But still, Without C-4 in this game, we kinda lack an infantry explosive capable of handling tanks.
    Before you say rocket-launcher, I mean without them easily shrugging it off.
    C-4 is after all risky to use in general.

    But yup, it's skewered from hell, but hey it works.
  20. Zuprize

    A better option for sundies would be a major health increase when deployed by sacrificing it's weapons and by health increase I mean enough that one can't solo it at all as infantry. Health increase only when deployed so that it can't be abused as a roadkill machine. 95% of the sundies go down way to fast and interesting battles end with them. The only problem with this would be smaller fights as it would become really hard to destroy it unless maybe a AV MBT to take it out.