I quit today

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by guerrillaman, Aug 17, 2016.

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  1. Gundem

    A dev response!?!?

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  2. Scr1nRusher

    I blame the salt levels.
  3. guerrillaman

    Thanks RadarX.
  4. Jake the Dog

    Being warpgated is honestly some of the funnest times I've had in this game. BRING BACK NORTHERN WEIGH STATION!
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  5. metrotw

    perfect example of someone trying to "win", instead of having fun.

    As said above....being warpgated is some of the most fun you can ever have in this game...ESPECIALLY if there
    is a full faction wide zerg on both sides.

    this game is at it's best when there is so much crap flying everywhere you dont know which direction to shoot first.

    THAT is planetside.
  6. Daigons

    Every faction gets warp gated. Grow up OP.
  7. EvilWarLord

    So the Dev's are on these forums? but don't seem to look at certain suggestion threads and give their input? im confused now.
  8. zaspacer

    I don't think I've ever lost Resources for being killed while Spawning a Vehicle. But I am not totally sure (even in the early days when Resources could be really important, I don't remember ever hitting Resource deficits after a Terminal Spawn while hitting that Spawn button). I sympathize with your problem on it thought. What if the Devs implemented a checker that would refund any Resource points lost during Vehicles Spawn?

    I think camping Vehicle Terminals is a powerful strategy for disrupting the support for adjacent battles (and something even soloers can do). But I also think it's easily something that could be removed from the game under the spirit of either (1) really frustating players, (2) being a pain for play to deal with effectively, (3) being a bottleneck to players participating in and enjoying the team game, and/or (4) not being an essential tool in strategy or gameplay.

    So much of the game throws the players into the deep end of the pool and doesn't care if they sink or swim. On many levels this is very neat, on some levels this is horrific, and I can appreciate that sometimes even the neatness comes at a massive cost that is not worth it.

    Why don't you just fight TR vs. VS then? I have 6 Characters spread across 2 Servers. I have leveled them all up and Certed them all out. And I did it because PS2 is largely dysfunctional for me, it often fails to generate or sustain fun battles, and this gives me ~6 shots to find me a fight I want to play in. (fyi I am a soloer for the most part)

    I played EQ1 and PS2, mostly solo, but at high levels. And for both games (much of the time) I had to figure out a way to enjoy the game for myself that was not provided directly by the Devs as a blueprint in the game. I was an Associate Designer on Vanguard, and I had to figure out a way to enjoy that game for myself that was not provided directly by the Devs as a blueprint in the game. (since I was a Dev on Vanguard, this meant I could also go into spammed generic spawn tables in uncrafted areas and modify them to be more playable for more players; but my efforts to lobby Vanguard's Design Adventure Content Leadership directly to formally put in crafted content for more player types failed because they had no interest in player types beyond groups and raids)

    This is probably true (outside of nuances and some new toys once in a while). It fits the outlook I have had for a while. This is one reason why I rarely attempt or care to communicate to the Devs.

    PS2 was much different at launch. Some notable differences were (1) hadn't hit massive power creep or players figuring out obscure ways to mitigate damage, (2) Devs hadn't disabled things like the functionality of Instant Action, (3) Hossin wasn't in game, (4) populations were bigger, (5) Vehicles were fewer, (6) you could sabotage bases off the frontline, (7) things like Squad Beacons weren't seen, (8) it had a really good New Player Experience (other than dropping the New Player blindly into Instant Action which confused them).

    But I do agree that PS2 is likely to change from what it is now. I don't think their content generation is prolific enough to make a new thing, I think their bias in gameplay will keep what is there stuck being the same thing, and I think the average Devs lack of knowledge and passion about the current PS2 game will continue to fail to service it.

    I actually really appreciated his post, enjoyed his insight and discourse, and I am genuinely interested in making the game (or future games) better at providing for the needs of all player types in the game.

    I know there are a bunch of people like you online who embrace the more "life is hard, nobody cares, adapt or die", and I appreciate the genuineness and frequent practicality of that perspective, but it's not my perspective.

    I think being Warpgate can be fun, as long as there are enough Ally forces to put up a fight. Otherwise, I just find it oppressive non-game. At least it's not as bad as when they choked off Resources when you got Warpgated.

    RadarX is performing Mod duties. So he is doing Mod duties for DBG on these forums. I don't know if any Devs actually skim/read these forum. RadarX probably passes on certain spotted trends, they might skim them if directed to something, etc. But by and large the Devs do not publicly interact here outside of Mod action/statements.

    I appreciate being a Dev, but I tend to find the fanboy culture they can cultivate can easily become personally distasteful. It's one (but only one) of the reasons I don't like to use Reddit for most things.[/quote]
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  9. EvilWarLord

    Reddit is quite a Cold place imo
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  10. guerrillaman

    Why didn't I just switch to vs or tr? Because I spent my money on nc. These things don't transfer to the other factions.

    And to all you who just say shut up and deal. Life is hard. Things aren't always fair.... when you actually do have an opportunity to express your opinion you need to do so. Because if you don't, the world you live in will actually be your fault because you don't even try.

    I want the game to improve. I don't want it to die.

    What are you doing besides thumping your chest expressing pompous elitist attitudes?
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  11. Jake the Dog

    Most of us started nc. I own a GD7F, Titan AP, and a cyclone and more due to spending most of my initial time on nc and that was with station cash. That was before I got recruited to Connery TR as a tanker 2 or 3 years ago.
  12. guerrillaman

    I honestly don't have that kind of time to grind it out. I'm not spending more money either.
  13. zaspacer

    Yeah, I had a lot of experience with the SOE/DBG Dev culture, and I could see where PS2 was headed pretty early: stunted gameplay (tuned to a small % of the playerbase) and failure to consistenly provide good fights, means you gotta stay flexible and find how to make the game fun for yourself. I knew I'd need a flexible roster to be able to pick up the crumbs of gameplay on offer at different times. So I made the 6 Characters o 2 Servers and started slowing leveling them up. I also made sure to buy mostly of NS stuff with the SC I got so it would unlock on it all, almost always waited for Sales, and was *very* frugal with what I would buy or when. My accounts don't have a lot on em, none are even 100 BR, but they all have enough to field almost any ESF, the Infil builds I like (Stalked, SMG, and Sniper... other types have been squeezed out of the game), Deploy Sundy w/ full Stealth, Engineer Repair tool maxed, and a useable HA.

    The Free Daily Passive Certs really helped level up my 6 accounts. And I did a Member Daily Certs, which was a big infusion, but by then already had the core Loadouts I needed. Also, Member Daily Cert manual login nightmare is the number 1 reason I will be canceling my Membership when it runs out in the next month or so.

    Lotta online behavior is sociopath and psychopath. I recognize it's a type of user, and I'm all for providing some gameplay for them, but I rarely ever listen to them and I definitely wouldn't design a game targeted for them: they have a drive to cannibalize a game until it's dead, strip mine it. And typically view that in itself as some kind of win.

    Yeah, I don't really like Reddit on many levels. The culture is manic, the archiving/layout is schizo, it's often rose-colored-glasses fanboyish, (most) the posters don't tend to develop much depth on topic or really think for themselves or in depth (though there are some few solid people on there), as you say it is cold (outside the fanboy brofest) and prone to attrition. I also hate the html-ish tag formatting. Though I do like the concept of a universal forum hub from which all topics can root.

    I definitely like this forum. It's been my favorite forum for a few years now.
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  14. Slandebande

    Either something is really weird on your end or you are doing something terribly wrong. I've lost nanites on such occurences only two times in total over the years, and I think it's safe to assume I've pulled many more vehicles than you (unless you have also been a vehicle-afficionado for years in this game).

    So how do you propose to take out the ANT's that supply and build the bases of the enemy faction if we aren't allowed to use MBTs and aircraft? Do you want us to run after them on foot or something? o_O Why is it that you believe it is the fault of the attacker for attacking defenseless targets, rather than the fault of the ANT-driver for actually being defenseless? Nothing stops them from moving around in packs, except that it actually requires an effort. I guess that is too much to ask for. You know how it sometimes makes me feel when my tanks are taken out by aircraft over and over? It can be really frustrating, BUT I accept it, because that is one of the inherent risks I take when I break off from the zerg in order to perform flanking maneuvers. I could've either stayed near backup, or tried to rally a flanking group, but I generally prefer to perform the flanks myself (with a gunner of course), and therefore I know what I'm getting into, risk-wise.

    This whole thing about "fair fights", "duels", "not attacking defenseless targets" etc to me comes off as people wanting some form of PvE game, and not a PvP game on a massive scale. There are always going to be people getting the short end of the stick, simply by nature of the design (the scale) unless the devs implement some form of artifical system to balance it (but that would feel very weird in my opinion).

    Wait, so the TR are too easy because you could take out (stationary) targets that cannot run away or take cover at 500m with a Prowler? o_O Really?

    The other tanks can hit the turrets just as easily at such a distance (if you cannot hit stationary targets with either of the 3 primary weapons you need practice). Also, I assume you mean player-made (Construction) bases and not the standard bases, as taking out the standard base turrets from 500m wouldn't really be relevant in most fights. If it is a player-made base, they have done something wrong if you are able to snipe all their turrets from 500m away, and the system is working as intended. People really should think a bit about where they place their modules, or expect to be punished for it. The Prowler may take them out faster than the others, but it is also more vulnerable whilst doing so.

    But once you start wanting to actually have an impact on the fight (especially the larger ones) you aren't going to accomplish that sitting at 500m, as you are only going to be able to kill the most incompetent of enemies, that would die shortly after anyways. If you want to have an impact you generally have to move in closer, as you aren't going to be able to take out the important targets for winning the fight (such as strategically placed Sundies, Stealth Sundies, enemy experienced MBT crews, enemy vehicle columns/reinforcements etc etc. Then come back and tell me how you think the Prowler does. Or alternatively, come fight me in your Prowler whilst I'm either in a Magrider or Vanguard :D

    This game just isn't cut out for everyone, it's as simple as that. The game is brutal, and you are going to have to either start thinking outside the box or accept that you are going to be a casual that will be farmed. Or just quit, like the tons of people who cannot really face adversity without crumbling. Personally, I've always preferred a challenge, which is why every single time I've tried a new game, I always start out at the hårdest difficulty for instance (except for edge cases like the OLD Doom as it drastically changed the gameplay). If you really wanted to improve, the tools are there for you to use, and there is plenty of stuff you can do alone (coming from a long-time lone wolf). Or you could alternatively either join or form a group of players that enjoy the same things you do, and then try to achieve it together. It's what tons of other people have done, to great effect.

    This game hasn't ever, and won't ever hold your hand. If you insist on roaming around as a lone wolf, you are going to have to either accept that there are things that are out of your control (but often you can actually have an impact if you do it correctly) or group up with other people and fight fire with fire. What do you seriously expect? That the devs are going to forcefully remove people from a fight they want to participate in, just because the other faction didn't bother putting enough personel on that particular front? Or do you want to always be able to thwart such offenses, even with minimal effort? Your suggestion about the XP has been suggested before, but I personally don't think it's a good solution (this coming from a lone wolf, so I would actually benefit from it personally), as punishing players for such behavior won't help them stick with the game, but would rather lead to a lot of frustration from the players actually enjoying the large cluster****s.

    I personally think that the game was MUCH more brutal early on. Yeah, people were on average lesser skilled and had fewer things unlocked, but the power levels of certain things was utterly crazy (Rocket Pods and Daltons come to mind, to name a few). New players would quit in droves after their entire squads were killed by a single Dalton round, or an ESF came and cleaned up the entire squad with half the clip of Pods, and finished a tank with the rest of the clip.

    I've seen this thrown around alot, but lately someone pulled the numbers, and it didn't seem like there are more vehicles these days (and I cannot remember who). Something like HE and HEAT usage-levels has dropped quite a bit, whilst AP has stayed more or less the same. Even IF there are comparatively more vehicles these days, they are generally weaker than they were at launch, and therefore I don't think it's gotten much worse.

    They weren't? To be honest, they were pretty broken in the sense that you didn't even need to be a squad leader to use them at launch, and they were heavily abused by experienced people to get to places rookies would NEVER expect them to come from. I know, as I've done it myself as a sniper back in the day. Nothing like dropping down into a tree in the middle of a night-fight and sniping with a Silencer.

    How so? I personally found the game to be much more brutal than it is now. The only reason I can think of would be that there were more rookies back then, and there were therefore a few more "easy" targets for them to take out. However, vehicles would be farming them left and right over and over (splash going through walls for instance, tank-shields not working past 150-200m or so etc).
  15. Piraten Hovnoret

    Why can't we get the option to pick whatever server we want to play on ?
  16. FateJH

    You do have that option at character creation.

    If you need a more dynamic answer, based on the behavior of the so-called fourth faction, as well as how people claim they'd capriciously move around if they really had that ability, the best thing that sticking with the server you picked allows is population control. Servers would be even more unstable.
  17. guerrillaman

    Thanks for your input everyone. I'm considering what everyone is saying. I might come at this whole game differently and cancel, but linger.

    I think the most irritating thing that got me was losing the ability to use the things I've spent money on. The lack of faction sharing construction purchases especially annoyed me.

    On camping terminals and losing nanites. Yeah I don't know. I would select vanguard, click spawn, and then it would just sit there.... bink bink, headshot. Go back to terminal, and the nanites were gone. Plus everytime you re-supply you lose nanites for your grenades, etc. In a large battle, every nanite can be especially important.

    On prowlers taking out base turrets. No other faction tank can do that like a prowler. I tried with a vanguard and gunner. It doesnt work. The dps of the lockdown prowler outpaces the auto repair of the turrets.

    On taking out defenseless vehicles... You can believe whatever you want, but I know what these liberators are doing. They are not trying to win for their faction. LOL

    Think of it this way. I've spent a lot of time on construction. Thats what I like doing. Two continents available are Hossin / Indar. NC is outpopped 42 TR to 32 VS . Almost all their territory is gone. So I really have two choices. Join a battle I'm not really interested in to begin with, or login to a continent and build and have ZERO interaction with anyone whatsoever for 2 hours.

    So... my plan. Login and if things look like **** for my faction. Don't play there.

    Much easier to move onto another game or server when financial interests are taken out of the picture.
  18. H4YW1R3

    A dev reply, huh? That's like a unicorn.
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  19. Miss Atley <3

    I dont understand why/how people are brought up like this... last night we needed to kill a hive that was too close to our base (we're some of the most known basebuilders on our server for the most part) and we looks down and saw the most adorable little noob VS that made a little base with 3 walls and 2 bunkers with the turret and his little noob ant with no gun omggggg i almost cried, he filled the silo to full too and was sitting in his little crappy AP turret with no one around just making sure no one would hurt his little base... omgggggggg.. we felt so bad that we went down there and let him kill us a few times and kill one of our crappy vehicles before we blew it up.. I still feel bad, it was the cutest thing ever guys lol

    yeah I see some decked out MBT or Lib flying over some poor litttle ANT farmer and just completely destroy/gank them over and over and over and over... I just don't get it... is it like some bully mentality or something? Like I understand they have every right to I mean its a war-based game and they're on the opposite faction. I duno :( I still feel bad omg he was so cute looking around in his little turret trying to protect the hive xD
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  20. Moridin6

    Theres never a reason to play alone, ht that Insert key at Least.

    im getting on in a few, pm me if u wanna vanu for a bit ill drop a sundy at your silo and build some stuff for ya ive bought it all(certs). if nothing else youl allow me to make a squad and open it. .
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