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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by guerrillaman, Aug 17, 2016.

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  1. Wreckcenter

    All of this can be frustrating, but I think you need to look past the obvious. If the warp gate is surrounded, then you need to find other ways of getting out. Team up with people. Use a Flash with a Wraith upgrade, pump some certs into being a Squad Leader, sneak out, make a spawn point, then C4 & tank mine all those unsuspecting armors and sundies sitting there concentrating on the warp gate.

    Alternatively, grab some players, mine every inch of a base with tanks mines and AP mines, then capture a base. MAX crash it for defense.

    As for the Ants getting picked of by the tanks, don't go out a lone. Bring an escort.
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  2. The Rogue Wolf

    So, OP... you're quitting because your side lost a fair fight, couldn't recover, and quit.

    How is that the game's fault, rather than that of the players? What's the "solution"- force the winning side to switch factions?

    Also, Scrin, you said you were going to knock off posts like these.
  3. guerrillaman

    Oh no they are viable strategies. I just called them cheese. Camping terminals has to be the worst. I have lost thousands of nanites because the delay to deploy takes too long.

    I do have players on all factions. TR/VS were just too easy. I sat in my prowler and sniped an entire bases turrets from 500m away. Then I was like.... wtf, thats just stupid. Then I logged into VS as a heavy and my accuracy jumped 10%. Again too easy. The imbalance is messed up.
  4. guerrillaman

    And if you can't do any of that? I was surrounded literally by 20 low BR players all morning. Very common these days in the NC.

    I really wonder what the average BR is at any given time logged into each faction.

    What I am seeing a lot of is a bunch of vets scrub the floor with newbs it seems.
  5. guerrillaman

    Turn xp to zero when you are zerging. Triple or quadruple the xp when you are zerged.

    It is the fault of the players. Its also somewhat the games fault. Hence, the quit.
  6. HamOnRye

    If you're going to leave, which I can respect, then just leave. There is a plethora of titles to chose from. Stop with dramatic horse**** of trying to draw attention to yourself because the game doesn't cater to your tastes.

    Just because you don't like it doesn't mean your preferences matter in the least. With the exception of the last item everything on your list is considered legitimate options for the PC version.
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  7. guerrillaman

    Its a public forum. I'm voicing my concerns. This game has great potential IMO. Plus, I spent money on this. I at least reserve the right to ***** afterwards.

    Or do you commonly purchase things and just decide the reason you didn't like it was solely your fault?
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  8. Targanwolf


    Good for you. I'm treading water myself.....until until.
  9. HamOnRye

    This 4 year old game has no potential to become anything other then what is currently is. It's a ruthless death simulation and has been so from the inception. That's not going to change so get onboard with it.

    Second, while I acknowledge you have the right to whine, it's an oh so tiring act. This forum has seen literally thousands of players trot out the "I am taking my ball and going home" shtick. Nobody but you cares that the game beat up your feelings, it is what it is.

    So again, either embrace the ruthlessness of the game or find something more your speed. PS2 is not going to change because random player 9000 got mad.
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  10. guerrillaman

    You don't know that. I'm a programmer and development administrator myself. Things change when paying customers move their business elsewhere AND explain their reasoning. That's what public forums are for.

    Things DONT change because people just up and disappear.
  11. guerrillaman

    I might come back... as a freebee. Maybe after football season, ha!
  12. FailureOfEngineering

    OP if I were in your situation I would just switch continents. If you're being double-team warpgated on one continent, chances are your faction is doing better on the other continent. This is a video game. There is no shame in leaving a fight that is not fun for you. Enough dead heroes for a lost cause and all that.

    Quick story as an example. A couple days ago I was in a platoon on Indar. Nothing too exciting but a bunch of nice fights going without the usual Indar bs of zerging with multipliers. Then NC locked Indar with HIVE points and we were given a choice of either Amerish or Hossin. Hossin didn't have enough population for large fun fights that time of day so we went to Amerish. Here's the thing- We we're almost entirely warpgated. TR had the north-eastern warpgate and the only territories we controlled were Jagged Lance and Amerish ARX. We were literally 2 territories away from being completely surrounded with 0% territory control while the only NC-VS fight was a 12-24 (both teams) at Bastion.

    Obviously with the massive Indar redeploy we expanded our territories very quickly. When I logged off our border was at Sungery AMP and satelites- Crux- Mekala Tech- that north eastern bio lab whose name I can't remember. Xelas I think.

    Anywho, moral of the story is the TR on Amerish were getting dominated while the TR on Indar were having a good time. Don't be afraid to switch continents if the situation is dire.
  13. guerrillaman

    I don't know if you know much about emerald, but on that server, VS spends a lot of time ghost capping Hossin. That was the only available continent at the time. Plus I enjoy building bases and using skyguards. Not much activity in Hossin for that.

    That's just today.

    Maybe it's just when I played but most of the daytime the TR and VS just don't fight each other. There might be 1 to 2 fights where more than 24 people will be involved along their shared hexes.

    That could be another issue. Seemingly my time to play is only when the double teaming is happening more often. Occasionally I would play at night and that issue didn't seem to prevail.

    Don't get me wrong though. I dont want to be the dominant faction either. I want the fights to be fair and equitable. Being the zerg is just as lame. I hated capturing a tech plant and then midstream realizing im part of a zerg in a 70/30. Woohooo. Go NC!
  14. FailureOfEngineering

    Heh, Emerald is my server. From my personal experience, with the recent NC overpop, non prime-time Hossin is an NC pop dump. Sometimes reaching 50% NC pop. So you have a a bunch of NC offensives capturing bases with insane overpop and quarter/half squads of capable VS/TR players farming them.

    But that's beside the point.

    There are definitely more balanced fights between the factions on prime time. Not many outfits play in the morning to early afternoon so fights aren't as well organized. A lot of the perceived double teaming happening in that time, I think, is just 2 pub platoon leaders from the other 2 factions not bothering with tactics and just going "pull armor and push down the lattice" without changing lanes. And because not many people play at that time and even less people play organized, a 96 man sized force pushing against your empires border is a huge deal.

    If you mostly play in the mornings, you should give Connery a try. There aren't as many people there as there are in Emerald prime time but the population numbers are more consistent throughout the day rather than Emerald's pop spikes when prime time/non prime time. My NC alt is on Connery. In the rare occasion when I play in the afternoon and no good fights are happening on Emerald, there usually are some happening in Connery.
  15. blackboemmel

    I personally like being warpgated. Whenever people ask how to get into flying i'd like to say: "Get warpgated!"
    However, if you don't like "the intentional mean-spirited nature" of PS2, you might be wrong in this game.
  16. ButterNutts

    I main NC on Connery, we practically never win even when I end up randomly joining a squad that's part of an organized platoon, we can manage to steam roll regions while avoiding the large scale battles being fought over a single region like The Crown or the bases around Mani Bio Lab. I mean sure I'm not participating in those large battles and being able to enjoy that aspect that makes PS2 unique. But at the same time I'm still moving in with an entire platoon while still finding plenty of large battles and still managing to win them.

    That's mainly why I like NC, TR doesn't really earn their wins for the sole reason of them having the highest pop on Connery and the VS tend to take Amerish and Hossin which are always void both TR and NC. Literally, 95% of the battles I'm in are against TR, rarely come across VS ( at least when I'm on at the time ).

    NC does get warp gated pretty much all the time when we're not paying attention, but then again, TR's increased pop means half of them can take empty NC regions when the majority of the NC pop is trying to defend a region overrun by TR. Being warp gated is just a means of earning certs and xp pretty quickly.

    Plus there's always 6 TR for every 1 NC, so fighting TR always gives me a nice amount of certs since there's so many of them.
  17. Jake the Dog

    I really hate seeing people leave this game. I want other people to see the game in the light I see it. Just the other day rolling around in tanks and as a medic i have the time of my life, feelings that no other fps accomplishes.

    Stay with the game, when you get punched in the face in this game punch the foe right back twice as hard! Want to be able to swing fights in your factions favor but aren't an mlg infantryman? Learn to play vehicles. Tanks are my specialty, ive turned the tide of many battles and each time gives me thrills.

    If you have problems having fun in the game find an outfit that engages you. On Connery for instance a fun outfit to play with is TLFT. My outfit tends to run a tight ship and it looks like Dingbata2 is starting too as well but its a great time. Pm me man
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  18. guerrillaman

    Thanks for everyone giving their input. I'll check in to see what kind of changes dB will make and I might come back as an unpaid sub. Not right now though.

    Spending money on a product that you can't use is a tough pill to swallow.

    IE construction... ants...g2a locks... etc...
  19. RadarX Moderator

    OP we genuinely appreciate the feedback you've provided and hope you'll check things out in the future.

    To those of you who have found their posts removed, please don't do that again. It's been awhile since I've seen such a disappointing response from the community.
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  20. Moridin6

    OP add me on your VS account, ill get you on TS. having a friend with certed stuff can make all the difference. roll with me for awhile we'll have some Fun, most importantly, but youl also learn a few things to take back to your main that i think will let you see the game in a new light.

    There are soo many ways to stick it to the enemy you may have just not considered, a lot of which leave you with that warm feeling in your belly . Theres a reason more than a few posters are like Warpgate ME PLEASE . lol

    anyone feel free to add me really im always down for new pals. i love this game its almost the only thing i play and i hate losing even one player, even if theyre mainly NC
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