I need help finding an LMG for my NC.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by LibertyRevolution, Oct 5, 2014.

  1. Zecthans

    The Jackhammer is actually pretty damn good if you're accurate. Only use the 3 round burst when you're extremely close and you know you're going to hit.
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  2. cruczi

    What weapons?


    There's a learning curve when using a weapon with recoil pull that's opposite to what you're used to. Nothing silly about that.

    I don't understand what you mean by this? That has nothing to do with fighting infantry targets.

    Right, you're perfectly entitled to your opinion and preference. I'm just saying that there's probably not much to be extracted from that opinion in terms of useful information for other players because you've used Anchor for such a short time and, from what I can tell, don't have much experience with weapons that have similar recoil characteristics.
  3. NC_agent00kevin

    Except that I stated I deleted a TR previously played to BR 30 something

    Look dude, I dont know why you want to keep this going, so this is the last response you'll get from me. Im not going to play this game where you look up stats and try to pick apart and analyze me...its ******* weird.

    First of all, get off DA's nuts. Go to the players site and look at the weapons. DA is obviously missing a lot. Ive already shown you that and yet you go back again to analyze yet another character of mine. While Im flattered that this means so much to you, I still think its pretty weird. or maybe you're just one of those guys who has to 'win' every discussion he enters on the internets. If thats the case, lets just end it now: YOU WIN.

    Next step, go to the players site. You'll see I have several TR guns used enough to know they pull right, and am effective enough with them - more so then the Anchor.

    What dont you understand about 'I dont like this gun so I dont use it' ?

    By your logic I would never use any gun in Planetside 2. Every gun has to be learned. How many people should I kill before I can make a decision on whether or not I like the gun? I definitely care about your opinion on this matter and will definitely not make any more decisions on whether or not I like a gun based solely on your reply.

    ...or I can just add you to my ignored list. Which do you think is more likely to happen?
  4. Yeahy

    NC saying jackhammer is good?
  5. Fellgnome

    Don't let it worry you, the guy is just wrong, Anchor is very comparable to MSW-R, slightly higher TTK and a bit more vertical recoil, but a lot less horizontal recoil and of course more damage per mag due to 167 damage tier. If anything the MSW-R is the loser by comparison.

    And Anchor beats the SVA-88 easily now that SVA-88 got nerfed. The Orion is the only LMG NC has any business being jealous of.
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  6. NC_agent00kevin

    An opinion is not wrong. Only facts can be right or wrong, and Ive not presented my opinion as fact - instead making it quite clear that it is my opinion and recommending a trial run before buying.

    There is no reason to argue against me saying someone try the weapon and give it a real trial before buying it. Unless of course, you have an underlying agenda.

    ** maybe now that hit detection is fixed for me, Ill try it again.
  7. LibertyRevolution

    Ok guys, stop fighting, we all know that a guns fit is a personal thing, like shoes.
    Paper stats are pretty meaningless, it is really about how it works in your hands.

    I just needed to know where to try next, and it seems anchor, and failing that, the EM6.
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  8. NC_agent00kevin


    Jackhammer is an awesome shotgun in the right environment - namely when you can use that 3 round instakill to your advantage. It has a little more reach in single shot mode too, which can be useful as well.

    I like running around towers under siege with 3 round bursts...lots of fun.
  9. NC_agent00kevin

    Thats what I dont get...I dont like guns and half the forums stampede in to tell me Im wrong and should like the gun.


    I dont like Audis or Volkswagens either. Anyone care to tell me why my personal opinion is wrong and why?

    On topic: Ive had moderate success with the EM6 in CqC though I play on dual 27" monitors and use a 1x. My screen real estate is so large I dont need higher levels of zoom so the 1x is perfectly fine and suits me well for CqC too. I just have to ADS and avoid hipfire. Its typically used in situations where we have motion spotters and/or darts up so I can be ready and not get caught having to hipfire the thing.

    I actually hope you do like the Anchor as if its not that, the only real weapons a NC HA has are SMGs and shotguns for CqC.
  10. cruczi

    I'm not analyzing you, I'm analyzing your opinion. If that's weird to you then I guess you've never had someone disagree with you before?

    The reason DA is missing a lot is because it excludes weapons where so little information is available that you can't do statistically accurate calculations on them. All your TR weapons with a couple of dozen kills are in that region of weapons that you haven't used enough.

    Well, thank you, but that didn't seem very genuine, so I think I'll interpret that as you forfeiting out of laziness.

    I admit I like discussions and like being right, doesn't mean I have to be right.

    Here's your player profile's weapon list: https://www.planetside2.com/players/#!/5428191068401897249/weapons

    You've got TRAC-5, Cougar and Rhino in there, each with a few dozen kills. (The rest you've used so little they have zero relevance here.) Of these, TRAC-5 is the only weapon that pulls right. Cougar pulls slightly left and Rhino pulls straight up. Your claim that you've used "several" TR guns with right pull recoil is flat out wrong - you've barely used one. Far as I can tell, you don't know anything about right-pulling TR weaponry.

    With only 47 kills on the TRAC-5, its KPM, accuracy, head shot rate etc. are statistically inaccurate, so it's pointless to compare it to your NC character's stats.

    I understand that, I said so in the post you just quoted. "You're perfectly entitled to your opinion and preference."

    No, you're completely misunderstanding me. I don't care at all how you form your personal opinions.

    I have nothing against you, I don't get why you're so pissed off. Take a chill pill? This is nothing personal, I'm just pointing out that using a gun for a very short period of time means your opinion on it is probably not a good basis for advice to others.
  11. cruczi

    Do you really think this comes across as mere opinion?
    If this is what you got from my posts:
    Then you totally lack reading comprehension skills.
  12. Bape

    Am I missing something here? Does the anchor have .75 ADS as well or something? or you're just talking nonsense? Also all LMG got nerfed with the SVA-88 the only difference was the SVA-88 got nerfed less then the other LMGs.
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  13. Fellgnome

    SVA-88 is a downgraded Orion - Slightly better accuracy only due to FSRM, but lower RoF and much worse hip-fire.

    The Anchor doesn't have .75 ADS but it has better TTK and accuracy. I'm sure some NC still might use an SVA-88 if they had a copy but it's really not that great of a weapon anymore. The Orion is clearly better.
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  14. NXR1

    EM1 is an amazing gun did you ever think maybe the LMG life isnt for you, especially with the high accuracy of NC LMG's
  15. NC_agent00kevin

    The Orion is better yes but Ive always felt the SVA is a watered down NS-15M; less range but better closer than the 15M. Ive never thought of it as an Orion knockoff. Its still an excellent gun, just not quite as excellent as it used to be.
  16. LibertyRevolution

    Tried the Anchor, it is a no go, it pulls to the right. Anything that pulls right is a no.
    Which is probably why I can kill anything with they GD-22S, even its minor right pull is killing me.

    I push my mouse away from my keyboard, to the down right, doing this with a right pulling weapon means I can't hit anything..
    Pulling the mouse in towards the keyboard feels totally backwards, I just can't do it..

    So that knocks out anchor.

    Does the NC even have a left pulling LMG?? Seems like strait up with ↔, or up to the right are the only options?

    This is the same reason I cannot use the Trac5 as TR.. that up right pull.. so garbage!
  17. Bape

    Yes the orion is better however the SVA-88 is still a good gun for 250/500 cert compared to the anchor which is 1000 certs. You need to take account that the SVA-88 has .75 ADS which will give you an advantage over a player that aims for the head. Yes a good shot can solve that but if the VS is also a good shot that a different story.
  18. Grunt_Alpha

    It is easy to find an LMG for your NC, just look into the depot or when resupplying your character you can unlock one there if you have enough SC or certs.
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  19. LibertyRevolution

    Thanks, I am much less confused now. :rolleyes:
  20. IamnotAmazing

    cyclone best nc lmg