I must be going insane! Please help me!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by libbmaster, Jun 27, 2014.

  1. libbmaster

    I was just told in another thread that all of the requests for new content leading up to this point meant that people were asking for new weapons and items, not continents and game mechanics.

    I've seen non-stop threads complaining about how the devs have ruined the game by allowing people to lock continents, and how the game is dying because all of the fights are too big.

    I'm not trying to be sarcastic here. I'm actually really really scared.

    I cannot remember a single day up to this point where there was not at least one thread on the front page doom-crying about how Hossin's delay was a sign of the game's decline and how lack of large fights was ruining everything and how every new weapon and item that released with out major content was a sign that the devs were milking the game for money.

    Up to this point I have argued with dozens of people who were convinced that the game was being "CODified" because the developers had not pushed out Hossin and cont. lock and because of the sagging populations, and now I am being told by almost everyone I reply to that the massive battles we now have on emerald are "CODifcation" and "catering to casuals".

    I know you all think I'm being snide here. But I'm not. Honest to Vanu, I'm not. I don't know how to convey this without sounding like I'm trying to stir up drama because text can't relay fear.

    This has scared the Higby out of me. I'm actually freaking out.

    Did I remember this all wrong? Is it just a fabrication of my mind?
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  2. ironeddie

    We want hossin. We get hossin. Hossin sucks.
    We want server merge. Get server merge. Server merge sucks.
    We want large battles with lots of players. Get large battles with lots of players. Large battles with lots of players suck.

    Is it any wonder the devs avoid the forums and don't listen to us? Beginning to think a lot of people here have multiple personality disorders.
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  3. FateJH

    This man searches for logic on an Internet forum.
    He clearly must be insane.
    Appropriately, he's on an Internet forum.
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  4. Phyr

    There's 2 sides to every argument, the side that wanted those things got those things and are now being quiet. The other side is now crying because of the things we just got. Both sides should be taken with a bucket of salt.
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  5. libbmaster

    Oh. There's my problem.

    Thank you FateJH. I feel a little bit better.

    Now to go breathe rapidly into a paper bag
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  6. ExarRazor

    you are indeed going insane.

    the game actually IS being 'CODified'

    the only thing ps2 has in common with the planetside name is just that, names

    none of the gameplay, none of the meta, none of the interesting mechanics, nothing except names.
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  7. HadesR

    Well we kinda get new game mechanics piecemeal don't we ?

    Half a multi camo application here
    a 3rd of continent locking there
    A planned " bit " of resource revamp everywhere

    I know they need to test stuff , but really seem to do it in such an **** about face way .. *shrugs*
  8. PhantomOfKrankor

    It's almost like people have different opinions on the internet.
    Maybe all of those people that you never heard feedback from were happily playing the game and they weren't the ones spending half their daily allotted PS2-related free time posting on reddit or the forums about how the game is dying and needs emergency rushed content ASAP.
    Maybe they didn't go through the forums looking for the right subforum and find the right post with an OP from over a year ago and think that they really needed to post their feedback there.
    Maybe a large portion of the player base doesn't know about or think that the best place to contact a dev is through twitter or to post on the subreddit, or if they occasionally do post there, maybe their post is downvoted to un-viewable levels and mocked for being a "ghostcapper" or "COD kiddie" while constructive feedback like "finally. thank you. this should have been in at launch" or any dev post is upvoted to the top.
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  9. libbmaster

    That's not the issue.

    The issue is that leading up to the these events, people claim their delay is bad for the game, and then afterwards claim that their implementation was bad for the game.

    It's causing me to legitimately question my sanity.
  10. Udnknome

    The loudest voices are always of those complaining. The reason there are countless threads rather than one really big thread is because the people that are happy keep coming into the thread and changing the course of the discussion.

    Generally when people agree, there is one big thread.
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  11. HadesR

    Depends if it's the same people or not ..


    PS1 vet's praise continent locking as the second coming .. While myself I'm still dubious
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  12. Xrkr

    You get the bucket, I'll get the salt. Actually, forget the salt, I'll get another bucket.
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  13. Sagabyte

    This was like what happened with implants.

    At first, Devs said they'd be purely passive bonuses. Community says they should be linked to a battery. Devs listen, Devs do. Day of implant release, the bonuses are completely game breaking, the battery is the stupidest idea ever, and people are emitting rage tears due to the pure stupidity of the Devs. Settle for a week, and people are complaining how minimal the implants are and how they provide nothing important to the battlefield.

    The community hates the things it was once supporting.

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  14. Ronin Oni

    I praise it for forcing Variety.

    Before it was like loading BF4 server browser, and seeing NOTHING but "24/7 64p 2000tix Op Metro" but for 4 guys on the biggest map where obviously you won't have fun there either.
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  15. HadesR

    By variety you mean different scenery ofc .. Since the stand on cap / camp spawn TDM Arena's are still the same , all that changes is the back drop..

    Now if only each continent HAD different capture mechanics .. Or restrictions of what could be spawned etc etc .. then we might have a touch of real variety ..
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  16. Eaderout

    Only issue I have is the alert/94% con lock. Win an alert and you loc the continent that's BS, control 94% of the map that's a bit better but not really because it should be open lanes with warp gates connecting other cons. You fight your way all the way but it's not what they didj
  17. Alzir

    People come to the forum to complain when they feel the game is taking a direction they don't agree with, or if there's a problem with the implementation of something new. The guys complaining now about continent locking are mostly not the ones who were calling for it before, but I'd suspect that many of them (including myself) were quite satisfied with the idea of continent locking as it was initially proposed, but have only been horrified by the half-***ed implementation of it (i.e. lack of battle islands, plus I guess most of us did not expect 2 continents to be perma-locked).
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  18. RHINO_Mk.II

    You can make some of the people happy most of the time, or most of the people happy some of the time.

    Unfortunately, those aren't the same people, and you only need 3 angry forum users to get the front page looking like everyone hates the new content.
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  19. GhostAvatar

    The only issue I have with big fights is the performance hit it creates. If they created an engine that was capable of running on the recommended spec at a full 60 fps in 48+ fights. Then I doubt people would have as big an issue as they currently do.
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  20. Ken Photon

    In short, Mr. Libbmaster, you are not insane. It's just the usual community complaining we have around here. The thing is that there's a lot more complaining than usual... I mean, some of these threads are downright vindictive to the drvs just by the name... If I were a Dev, I would give this entire forum a figurative middle finger and never listen to it again.

    We beg for Hossin, Hossin comes, we cry the Nile River. It's freaking insane. Personally, I'm not a big fan of Hossin, the fog can get a little debilitating, but it's a change. A change that I asked for. A change that will be improved upon in the future. I'll fight a little in Hossin because it's a new challenge. But that's just me...

    I think people need to chill out a little and not have the instant reflex of b*tching in the forums when something goes awry in the game. Be patient and civil, and the devs will hear you out.

    Oh, and the great saying "be careful of what you wish for, because it might just come true" definitely comes to mind.

    All in all, Mr. Libbmaster, you are not insane. You are just confused, as many of us are, by the nature of some of the Forumsiders. We can be very puzzling creatures, to say the least.