I miss shotguns :[

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Xaragoth, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Ghoest

    If you think the "Stalker' is high damage you either havent used it ot you havent used any other automatic weapon in the game.

    Im not saying its abd weapon and it has its uses - but its not "high damage"
  2. Ghoest

    I used a shot gun on an inf - it was really fun.

    And I understand why everyone who want an inf hated it.
  3. Blitzkrieg

    I don't miss them.
  4. WingMaker

    I got the Stalker fully auto scout rifle and it is actually pretty useless at close ranges. The damage it does is too little to make it a viable weapon for interior combat. In one his streams, Higby said infiltrators would get carbines once shotguns were removed. Why hasn't this happend? Infiltrators have nothing that is even adequate for CQC.
  5. sosolidshoe

    I'm telling you mate, smedders really doesn't like Infiltrators, he implies as much on his twatter account every time some aspect of the class comes up for discussion. And smedders gets what smedders wants.
  6. Xaragoth

    Infiltrator is reduced to a glorified Sniper. You won't Infiltrate anything, you just hang back with the 12x Scope and snipe somebody.

    Requesting Shotguns or a rename to Sniper for the class >_>
  7. klor

    I miss the shotguns too. I have the stalker and the shadow, NC semi and full auto scout rifles. The semi auto(shadow) is decent and the full auto(stalker) is sub par. They both need work in my opinion.

    With the bolt action ammo nerf and draw distance issues I don't play infiltrator as much as I would like to.
  8. Timeraider

    In my opinion Infiltrators are sneaky, light and more focussed on accuracy then random shooting.

    Shotgun never did fit in with my look on that.

    I do have to agree that either have to change the name to Sniper or perhaps make backstabs instant kill or something while having a cloak that works better when at closer range to.
    But nah, i dont rlly wanna see infiltrators with shotguns.
  9. Hadrian

    ok so qcq is a joke right now , scout rifle is beaten 1v 1 in every situation up close apart from if they are not looking and then u could use any weapon .
    the risk vs reward for getting into a position with a shotgun more than balanced out the damage you could do with it , and you kind of took for granted that you were dead once u exposed yourself to get that small group of kills
  10. deusex2

    I haven't played PS2 that much, but what I did played, I've mostly spent trying to figure out how to be of any use at close-mid range with "infiltrator".

    And yeah, infiltrator is a joke, so is his arsenal( especially so VS, who's smg damage output is nerfed and it's even lower than other SMGs).

    So yeah, some shotgun to redeem infiltrator as infiltrator is pretty much needed. Especially for VS, who doesn't even have a decent sidearm.
  11. sideshow

    Sing it OP, sing it
  12. blzbug

    Turkey Day over, I finally got a chance to try out the scout rifles as a replacement for my beloved shotgun.
    It was occasionally convenient to have a longer range option, instead of the 5m range of the shotgun. But that just made me feel like any other grunt. The whole challenge of the shotgun inf was in taking the risks necessary to close the distance to point blank. Sneaking around, using cover, using your IFF tool to spot enemies and get behind them. So much more fun than plugging away from 30 meters like some backpack toting meathead. (apologies to all you HA players LOL)
    The scout rifles up close are junk. Mobility is the inf's survival tool, so hipfire is essential. The hipfire spread on the scout rifles is large, so if your target is moving, you empty a whole clip and still can't bring them down. You can stop and aim, but they you're toast.
    Maybe its my 4g wireless, but high ROF weapons dont seem to do jack for me. At range, I can plug someone multiple times and not get a kill, yet if I'm running and take hits, I'm down in 3 hits.
    The VS scout rifles sound "typically" VS. The TR scout rifles, particularly the semi-auto, sound like popguns. I was completely turned off by the pitiful sound of the TR semi. Made me embarrassed to even be shooting it.

    I was really hoping the scout rifles would fill the gap left by the shotgun removal. Sorely disappointed in them, and sorely disappointed in SOE for dropping the shotgun with very little discussion. Smedleys twitter seems to indicate his mind is closed on the subject. Too bad. I really enjoyed CQC inf, but what we have now is just plain weak.