I miss shotguns :[

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Xaragoth, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Xaragoth

    Seriously. Cloaking, going in and shooting people at close range felt great. I hate being mostly reduced to some would-be-sniper. Can we not get Shotguns back but with the downside that if you shoot them, your cloak is disabled for a short while? or maybe they could deal just a bit less damage for Infil?

    I just really wanna go in, shoot some people in the back to help my team and get back out if I do it right.
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  2. Khorneholio

    Try the scout rifles for closer ranged play.
  3. Xaragoth

    But ... but ... I LIKE SHOTGUNS, I CAN'T LIE! D:
  4. Kevibear

    I don't know what the other factions battle rifles are called but the NC one is called the warden, and I would like that. Its semi auto, does decent damage and hits hard. Either that or up the fire rate of the semi auto 10 round rifle available to infiltrators because as of right now it fires pretty damn slow.
  5. grin

    Or you can just use the Fully automatic carbine available to every faction infiltrator. High damage, high accuracy.
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  6. Hadrian

    yes i miss shotguns too , grab the torch's and pitchforks and lets mob up till we either burn them at the steak or get us some shotguns back .

    scout rifles just are not the same
  7. Maxi'sProteinPowder

    massively OP! im glad they removed that! Otherwise the whole server would've been Infiltrator and everyone would be cloaked and getting shot in the back! LOL
  8. grin

    RIGHT! Now i can't be shot by a shotgun ever except by every other class including an arguably better infiltrator(light assault).
  9. Kevibear

    People died to shotgun infiltrators much like people died in car wrecks, but instead of giving people seat belts soe took away cars.
    [EDIT]In this analogy I am implying the old darklight system would be like giving everyone seat belts to prevent them from dieing horribly[EDIT]
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  10. Good_Kitty

    I LOVED shotgun as an infiltrator. You had to be super sneaky. I can imagine an automatic is going to make me red and dead on that radar.
  11. Good_Kitty

    I would trade it all out for a fast swiping one hit in the back knife though.
  12. CaptainRobust

    I don't see why they removed their only real close range option without putting in an alternative.

    Why do I need a rifle at all as an infiltrator? Give me more pistol ammo and a better knife.
  13. SideOfBeef

    There is a better alternative, it's called a Scout rifle.
  14. Kevibear

    Since your name is SideOfBeef I will make a meat analogy. Me-"Hey side of beef enjoying your steak?" You-"Why yes I am kevibear, it sure is easy to cut up this steak with my steak knife" Me-"Well guess what, if you like that steak knife you are sure gonna love this spork!" You-"Really, it seems like a spork wont facilitate my steak cutting needs" Me-"Thats right SideOfBeef, It won't facilitate your steak cutting needs, but it can be used as a fork or a spoon." You-"But...." Me-"Shut up and take the spork because its all you're getting and you will never get a steak knife ever again!"
  15. Hellhammer

    Infiltrator's using shotguns for kills, took no skill. Seriously, all you had to do was be cloaked, jump around while uncloaking, and spam the fire button, and you kill stuff. I tried it a few times and got bored with it.

    I guess if that's your idea of how to kill stuff.....cool play style bro, keep it as skill-less as possible
  16. Process39

    Dat escalated quickly...
  17. Vaucent

    That's unfortunate. Was really looking forward to trying out extremely close quarters infiltration.
  18. sosolidshoe

    No skill? Yeah sure bub, it took no skill at all to carefully sneak up to within a few metres of enemies with "invisibility" which often made you just as visible as any other chump, and that was when it was working as intended and now lighting you up as a pale-grey or strobing-green silhouette, and where every third person you ran into had an IRNV scope(which sees through cloak).

    Infiltrators who behaved in the way you describe got their nuts handed to them on a platter by anyone with half a brain.

    The reality is simple; whingers with the situational awareness of a deaf, dumb, blind, elderly Mole(ironically often Infiltrators themselves, at least in name, since you can't do much infiltrating parked 500m behind the lines on a hill) didn't like that people could sneak up on them, and apparently smedders was abused by a shotgun-wielding Infiltrator as a child so he gave in to their whinges.

    And guess what, in a week, those same whingers will be complaining about the high-damage pistol "sidegrade" and the scout rifles, because the people with enough skill to get killstreaks with the shotgun will still get them with the other weapons, only now they can start shooting you from further away, while at the same time the Infiltrators who were good at sneaking but not so much at shooting who relied on the shotgun to be even remotely viable up-close, will end up either sniping, or just rolling another class. Or, in other words, the original problem is unsolved(Infiltrators have a cloak, whingers don't like cloakers as anything other than easy targets), and now we have a new issue; enjoy trying to find someone willing to sneak into that enemy base and hack the terminals for you.
  19. Hadrian

    always makes me cringe posts like this , ohh yee of elite skill who looks down on others
  20. Romalic

    i gotta say i could go either way on this, the problem in beta was the inf's who fired while cloaked, it was, rightly, a serious bug that made them immensly powerful with a shotgun, i snipe, yes but its not my main role choice, the scout rifles were very nice and useful in beta, no they werent 1 shot kills, it still took skill, planning and luck to get a kill, they made you choose where you would strike with far more care, the shotgun was, and still is a room clearer in the right hands and i cant say im gonna miss it for the infiltrator, but i can also see why some people would, it allowed you to get out of a 3-1 fight quite easily, and im not a primary infiltrator player