I Miss Crown

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by PhilDun, Jul 21, 2013.

  1. PhilDun

    It was nice having a base where you knew there'd always be a fun fight. Really not sure why they "fixed" it.
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  2. Zotamedu

    There, I fixed it for you.
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  3. Pikachu

    Crown should never have been there in the first place.
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  4. Ravenorth

    I never wanted that my faction was the one who held it, because then majority of our players would be there defending it, while the enemy captures our other territories with hardly any resistance.

    That was pretty gamebreaking for me, so Im glad they changed it.
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  5. Dingus148

    You're right, and the solution is to make all bases equally defensible. That way, ALL bases mean a good, solid fight if you're going to try take it.

    Instead, we have SteamrollSide
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  6. GSZenith

    HA rocket launcher at the 3way crossing just south of the tower was "a fun fight"? the fudge, even i wouldn't go that far to troll forums :confused:
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  7. St0mpy

    I fought at the crown yesterday, was a 15 minute trip down memory lane while we corralled the vanu inside, pushed them back to the spawn, stood around for 5 minutes and moved on.

    Just like any other base, yawn.

    No matter what arguments people have against what used to happen there, it was a unique selling point and we can tell the devs have no idea about making their product marketable since they have no idea why they should have kept it.
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  8. DeadliestMoon

    Dude, have you seen the redesigned Esamir Munitions Corp? It's pretty awesome.
  9. CruelStriker

    I do admit, if I ever wanted to just go Zergling mode to just take a break from tactics and ****e like that I went straight to the crown, always was a good long fight there. Now as St0mpy said its just became a normal base.

    It could have been much much more, Its in the center of the Indar lattice, caping it would have been a serious advantage for the owning team, a base that is hard to take leading to the rest of the map. Now i'm hoping whatever changes they make to esamir they make the Triad even more fun than what it already is. Same for Amerish, I want the Ascent or the Bastion to be big hard to take bases but very rewarding once taken.
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  10. haldolium

    The old crown was more fun indded.

    I think they got too far with moving both B and C so far outside without altering the stupid rock appropriately. C is IMO great, but B should be better defendable/placed.

    Currently it's often just a facitily you take "walking by", and shortly after the next faction does the same.
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  11. PhilDun

    It would be nice if they made Crown have a massive reward. Like, owning Crown provides you with 100 air, vehicle, AND infantry resource s
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  12. LordMondando

    Capturing the crown should trigger a NPC boss fight, like a giant crab or something.

    After all its the most important base on the map.
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  13. JonnyBeanTown

    You do realize it was just funneling players to one farm point and the rest of points were pretty much uncontested. This wasn't how the devs originally intended the game to be played. There are countless brainless FPS shooters out there to play. PS2 was intended to be a team based game where you are constantly working together, not logging on and going to the same spot to farm infantry.
  14. IronWarrior

    Yes, the old Crown was a lot better. There was some epic fights going on there but now it's so easy to take. Sure it sucked in players like a black hole, but shouldn't change the game because players are stupid.
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  15. JonnyBeanTown

    I have no problem finding epic fights, especially during alerts. At least now these big fights aren't in the same boring place night after night
  16. IronWarrior

    Depends on the server you are on. In a lot of servers battle lines don't change much and instead of being stuck at Crown all day and night you are now stuck at X or Y base all the time.

    The change to the Crown like any changes SOE makes is always far right or far left, it would had been a lot better if they only moved one CP outside the base and kept the two inside, one in the tower and the second in the old building to it's side, this would had forced players to fight to the Crown instead of camping the two outside CP's till it caps.
  17. LordMondando

    And if only one CP was at the base of the hill, you could still just camp the top indefinitely.

    So no, thats stupid.

    I'm glad campfest 6000 is confined to the trash bin, to hell with it.
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  18. JonnyBeanTown

    That to me would still generate the same problem. If the two points are closer to the base, then the ones defending the crown would just camp them, and you would have the same problem you had originally of not being able to take it.

    I't's easy to defend it because the defenders have the high ground. By putting the points further away it forces the defenders to have to come out and fight instead of sitting at the base, mindlessly shooting things.
  19. FnkyTwn

    I'll admit it, I miss the old Crown. I like the new system because it does tend
    to guarantee epic massive battles, but there was always something refreshing
    knowing that you could find some action at the Crown 24/7/365.

    I agree that they only should have moved one point instead of two. The C point
    is just too far away from the base-proper to do anything with it. They may as
    well have put C over inside TI-Alloys. :rolleyes:
  20. Syrathin

    Crown was a camp ground, You could jump into a fight on Friday and again on Sunday without it changing hands or anything changing at all really. It was fun I'll admit but it didn't really fit the intent of the game...But I would also argue that the way things are now doesn't exactly fit the intent of the game either with the zergfest combat. Hopefully the base changes and resource revamp will make things a bit more interesting and where spamming tanks isn't the key to victory.