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  1. Jawarisin

    So it seems that a lot of ground players live in this weird illusory world of theirs. To help fight this, I've made two drawings for you guys using my paint skills:


    And from the aircraft's perspective (I couldn't fit everything sadly):

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  2. Cyropaedia

    A real masterpiece!

    Don't forget those NS Swarms, Annihilators, Decimators, and Archers that them Plebs keep handy in their pockets.
  3. Endlave

    If only that was true, no one would ever have to see a single damn Lib or ESF :D
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  4. oTec

    I have a dream!
  5. customer548

    Everything is way more clear now. Thanks a lot for your drawings and congrats for your high Paint skillz.
  6. Atis

    I like how only AA nest can vaporize air, since everything else is "deterrent". But where do you fined so much of that nests?
  7. FateJH

    If each base had one AA source active, there's enough overlap to create a wide area of denial nest.
  8. thingymajigy

    Someone should draw this map using the new map drawing system! :D

    It's got everything you need: zones, shapes, lines, text
  9. Gabriell

    you forgot 'random heavy in the middle of nowhere locking onto you'
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  10. Mianera

    Well made drawings! I agree!

    But it won't be long before someone gets killed by rocket pods, nerdrages crying that sh*t is overpowered, rushes to the forums and probably finds this thread :p
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  11. Demigan

    Nice drawings! Completely based on fiction but nice nonetheless!
    You draw it as if every single base on the continent has AA, as if each and every single one is occupied and has AA ready at all times.

    What you should have drawn:
    Frontlines based on the lattice connections between each faction. Now remove AA from at least 50% of these bases. That's still a very high guesstimate to the amount of AA users around but still.

    What you get: There's barely any overlapping AA sources, anywhere. There's also only some AA sources at the frontlines. These frontlines form some lines in the middle between the 3 factions, so you get 3 arms stretching over the continent. Due to the lattice connection there's far fewer and far more spread out frontlines however.

    You can actually see that this is true in pilot's own experiences. They talk about being able to set down and repair nearby the base after getting shot, which wouldn't be possible in your hamfisted imagination of an AA sources situation. We can also see in the AA statistics that dedicated AA is far from a killer, which would have been the case in your imaginary situation.

    This basically comes down to the whole "There's like 50 AA turrets on every continent! There's at least 50 AA sources available at any time!" Completely ignoring that they aren't occupied for probably 95% of the time and have a much more limited radius than you guys make out.

    If air really perceives it like this, I don't know what to say. You can fly across multiple bases, including fights, without seeing a single AA source... until you attack it for a while that is. Even then they might not show up. It's beyond ridiculous to think this dream is even close to the truth.

    AA should be changed. AA should be as omniversal as AV weapons. Ever seen a tank run because he said "oh dear there's AV weapons there, let's go to another base without AV"? No? That's because AV weapons are much better designed and do not have any of the scaling problems that AA has.
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  12. Jawarisin

    I'm lazy so all I'm gonna say is: You'd be surprised at how many wackos will sit in AA turrets 24/7 even if there's no fight whatsoever. As long as they can shoot at something every ~30 minutes, they'll stay in there. And I'm not even joking, I know at least two people like that.
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  13. Jake the Dog

    I've often wondered why people sit in phalanx turrets even in the BR100+ lvls.

    One of those circles is my AP maggie looking for you ;D
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  14. Jawarisin

    Yeah... I wondered the same, until one day I found a few of those players. Guy had been in my squad for 3 hours straight in the same burster at the same base. He shot maybe 3 aircrafts tops?
    We were talking all the while until it dawned on my he hadn't moved in forever, and when prompt about it, he just said it was "fun and relaxing" and he did it often...

    And this is me: https://www.planetside2.com/players/#!/5428417217115617345 building up a lib to hunt you down on connery
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  15. Jake the Dog

  16. Jawarisin

    To be honest though, connery is completely different to fly. It's plain weird in some ways.
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  17. Jake the Dog

    There's more lock ons and no bushido code to kill said lockons XD
  18. Jawarisin

    That, and as a result, pilots are extremely bad. I was flying in a poverty lib last night with WhatIsOurLimits, and even with a crappy lib with a crap airframe and basically nothing else, we were wrecking havoc around aircrafts. Like all of connery is big scrubs airballs that can't nor maneuver.

    Most aircrafts are a2g so there is ABUNDANCE of lolpods/AI noseguns. And they all seem surprised when you shoot them. It's like in their head, nobody would dare attack their air-ball, and even if someone came, they would never shoot them.

    As a result, AA on connery is in a permanent state of try-hard. with 3-4 skyguards out for any occasion.

    Basically, ****** air filled with scrubs, plenty of AA.

    Just to give you an idea: https://www.planetside2.com/players/#!/5428451988636045681/killboard
    That's whatisourlimit's killboard, and that doesn't include the kills I got with the tankbuster or when I switched to the tail.
    Remember this is a welfare lib
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  19. Cyropaedia

    I've been trying to say how hardcore AA is on Connery in the other threads. Some Emerald players simply call me a liar or creating fiction. Connery favors Air (or balances out) and Emerald favors Infantry (and stats).

    It's just everyone on Connery is inoculated against the constant Air Zerg game. I think it also has something to do with our Asian comrades being more patient than us stat-crazy, instant gratification 'Mericans.
  20. Cyropaedia

    You are describing Emerald/Miller. Come to Connery Demigan. AA is so hardcore on Connery. You are like John McCain flying through North Korea or North Vietnam.

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