I Love the New patch

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by DoomMaze, Feb 3, 2013.

  1. Cinnamon

    This game is free? I should tell that to steam customer support so they can put those funds back in my steam account.
  2. Gisgo

    You mean the hotfix or the hotfix to the hotfix?
    Im confused now...
  3. AdrIneX

    This is quite hilarious. People telling others to stop raging (whatever you call it) and go outside to have a break while they are roaming the forums themselves.

    Get a load of these guys...
  4. Gisgo

    Man i wish i had both! I probably wouldnt play videogames anymore... living in a big town suxx!
  5. joeretin101

    me to but fix the bug that tanks (prowler and vanguard as far as i know) don't shoot projectiles!!!! do it fast!!!!
  6. Katana

    whining about whining is kinda the epitome of, you guessed it, whining.
  7. DoomMaze

    its the ones crying because a f2p game is unplayable that need to take a break and go outside....I'm more than happy about the patch, even in its current state, because I know it will be fixed, and PS2 is just going to keep getting better.....if I don't feel I can play PS2 for few days until they fix stuff I dont care, because I'm not being forced to pay SOE money...I pay on my own terms
  8. QuantumMechanic

    You guys aren't seeing the forest for the trees. Did the patch cause a lot of problems? Yes. Will those problems be fixed soon? Most likely.

    Let's talk about the *content* of this patch, ok?

    I've only put a few hours into it. But I can say that I really like the new spawn room. And I had a fight at a tech plant which took quite a while before we were able to finally take it - that's also a MAJOR improvement in what was one of the biggest flaws of this game - base (in)defensibility.

    Was SOE sloppy in releasing a patch with so many regression bugs? Yes. But SOE's first priority now is fixing those. And they were up until 5am last night working on the patch, they're not going to stop working tomorrow either.
  9. AdrIneX

    My god, your syntax and your sentence construction is atrocious.
  10. Veri

    Besides the dud bullets and weird physics there appears to be an influx of cheaters on Briggs since the update, holy crap!
    So much for their national anthem Advance Australia 'Fair'....
  11. shd

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  12. Zagareth

    Are you on drugs? As almost every F2P game this is not really free to play. Of course you can play this w/o any costs, but many people already invested a lot of bucks in items and membership and their gaming experience is currently out of order.

    People are only upset, because all this could have been easily avoided by propr testing on a public test server. Many people anticipated their weekend gaming with their favourite game and now its blown by the wind...
  13. DoomMaze

    My point still stands, either play and have fun or go do something else. Personally I'm off to play PS2 and have some fun, regardless of the issues, so I'll leave you lot here to keep crying and whining
  14. AdrIneX

    Have fun man. Playing at 60-20-60-20-60-20 FPS every second is sure a pleasant experience.
  15. Takoita

    Can we please close this thread?
  16. Zagareth

    Your kind of fun is obviously to whine about the whiners? :D
  17. ArcKnight

    it's the long run we're worried about, if the short run is like this then how in Gods name will the long run be any better