I Love the New patch

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by DoomMaze, Feb 3, 2013.

  1. DoomMaze

    So much whining!!!!.....so just thought I'd say.... great patch!!! looking forward to the future of planetside!!

    There are a few issues like frame rate stutter, but it will be fixed ...things like this are expected, and anyone who thinks that every major update should run perfectly when realeased to the masses, is an idiot!!
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  2. Kalmageddon

    Let me be straightfoward... Are you high?
    Tanks don't work. ESFs don't work. Infiltrators don't work.
    Do I have to keep going?!
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  3. AdrIneX

    "Hey guys, I know this game is unplayable at 10 FPS but you're all just a bunch of whiners"

    Another idiot being an idiot.

    Next thread
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    Never EVER call anyone else an idiot. Please for the sake of humanity and all that is good in the world. Next time you have a thought please shoot yourself.
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  5. ZaltCW

    The thing is though, Its going to be fixed in the long run whining isn't going to help. All the bugs are basically known and there's a hotfix for today
  6. Merkwerk

    This forum is just like every other forum for any MMO style game. A big update comes out, it breaks a bunch of stuff, and a bunch of spoiled bratty "adults" act like it's the reckoning and whoever the game dev is just killed their first born child. Most people have no idea what it takes to run a game where you have this many active players at once.
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  7. shd

    All i can say is please don't reproduce. Ever. Nothing can be gained from you having offspring.
  8. AdrIneX

    Let me tell you something. A hotfix that's breaking the other elements in the game isn't really a hotfix, is it?
  9. AdrIneX

    Hey, look, it's another fanboy crying about the crying. See what you've done here?
  10. Cinnamon

    So the only people who love this patch are trolls?

    I love this patch because it makes the game unplayable for a lot of people, has lot's of changes that were not in the patch notes and has annoying bugs. lololol look at the people complaining.

  11. DoomMaze

    The game is f******** FREE....if you cant play for a few days so what!!!....get a life and go do something else
  12. Katana

    Yeah guys! Patch works for OP, even if it's ****e for the rest of us we should just **** because it works for him and he is the king. You are his pawns. Just **** and be his pawns.

    And no whining. It'll fix in the future so for now just play the game without tanks and be happy about it. Especially those of you spending money on this game. Lucky you.
  13. JackD

    I had to get used to the new patch, but i like it too. They finally fixed the issue were tanks could blow up my Sundy and with decreasing the damage of the AA Phalanx by 100% my ESF is now more fun to use.
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  14. Merkwerk

    Where was I crying at all? I was stating a fact. Also I don't know if I can qualify as a fanboy yet, I've only been playing the game for about a week, and really not all that often. But whatever helps you feel better I suppose.
  15. DoomMaze

    The patch doesnt work for me ...I get bad frame stutter which I never got before...used to run perfectly.....only difference is ..I'm not a whiney little ***** that pisses and moans about everything....even a FREE TO PLAY GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. AdrIneX

    You came in here to complain about the complaining. In other words, being a hypocrite.
  17. ZaltCW

    Your not understanding the point, there going to fix the bugs if you genuinely have a problem report it or if you think you've found an unknown bug report it help them fix it don't criticize them for releasing a 4G patch with bugs in it. Besides the community rushed them to release the patch
  18. Merkwerk

    Again, there was no complaining in my original post. It was an observation.
  19. AdrIneX

    How exactly did we push THEM to release it? They set a deadline upon themselves, it's not our problem. If you promise something, that's fine. Patch was delayed for several days too in case you didn't notice.
  20. D-Spirith

    OMG an issue happened - end of the world. *sarcasm*
    Go and play in the garden with your dog then.
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