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  1. L1ttlebear

    So as we all know, there are massive population imbalances within this game due to all of the kiddos out there who play the flavor of the month faction instead of being faction loyal.

    What I propose is making an account that we can create that is ACTUALLY a 4th faction account.

    When I first started gaming (beta bf1942), I used to intentionally chose the team that was losing because I always enjoyed the challenge of turning the game around. Well in the 4th faction account, you would ALWAYS be placed on the faction with the least population when you log in, regardless of what faction you wanted to play.

    The benefit of this account would be that all accounts traverse across all factions. So buying the sauron would automatically unlock the Vulcan when the game changes you over to the TR. Your certs and unlocks would all transfer over as you played between the factions.

    This would allow for players like me, who actually love playing the game for the CHALLENGE of the game and not just the KD, to have a fun account that would allow us to explore the game in its ENTIRETY, while also helping alleviate the stress that immature players place on the populations.

    What do you think?
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  2. j3thr0

    umm come join vanu
  3. LanceHavenbay

    I fully agree. I'm the same exact way. I'd rather be in a squad vs. a platoon than a platoon camping a squad. Far more fun, far more rewarding. Right now this game caters to K/D hunters rather than players who play it for enjoyment.
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  4. VexTheRaven

    More targets + an exp bonus? Yes please!
  5. Fantom_17

    There have been discussions about NS mercenaries. that would fit very well with working with the underpowered faction. perhaps let them unlock fraggers lol.
  6. EWarren

    Didn't they have something like this in PS1? An official mercenary 4th faction?

    I didn't stick around to see that implemented.
  7. Fantom_17

    I never playd ps1 though I will when it goes FTP. Ive just seel a lot of talk about it (~5 posts or so recently)
  8. Devrailis

    I came here hoping for a Vanoo fetish thread.

    I was disappointed. :(
  9. LT_Latency

    I agree, I would gladly play on the weakest faction but I'm not giving up my level 40+ TR.
  10. Sumguy720

    Do want.
    But maybe give the character an anchor faction so the player can reliably play with an outfit if they're having an event or something.
  11. Zaik

    i do like the idea of them just being dropped on whichever side has the lowest pop when they log in.

    it doesn't really work very well with outfits though, which is pretty much the main attraction.
  12. L1ttlebear

    Yea I get that, someone mentioned an "anchor" faction. maybe that would be the solution.
  13. AaronJaX

    Very innovative thinking. The idea is not so hair brained and actually could help the server imbalances. Having a character that would be willing to sacrifice population advantages over keeping account wide unlocks no matter the faction is a fair trade-off IMHO. There are tons of players, like myself, that would be willing to make that trade-off no matter what server or faction it is. Novel Idea broman.
  14. xXSmokeXx

    I'd rather they enforce faction loyalty. One faction per server, with the option of paid and timed (for example once per week) faction switching where you freeze your existing faction character(s) and then can create another.
    I'd even throw in a variable switching fee, so that the more of an average population advantage a faction has on the server, the more expensive it is to switch to that faction.

    However, that, and your suggestion, will not happen because by keeping the current mechanics in place, SOE gets to sell more guns to players who hop factions and don't have the patience to unlock the "good" guns by playing. Your idea of allowing certs and unlocks to be transferred directly between factions goes straight against that.
  15. Kupcake

    They did enforce faction loyalty.

    Then server mergers happened. It's hard to really reconcile the two. So they decided to give players the benefit of the doubt and simply let them play any faction on the same server.

    And of course, we abused that privelege and ****** up our game. Woot.
  16. Souleater

    Stronger faction loyalty would be great. Unfortunately, sometime early in human social evolution we realised as a species that it is often better to join the winning side.

    Which is survival and understandable but it sucks when trying to play a game.

    Another problem is that a lot of players in this game just don't seem to get the idea of the two weaker factions turning against the the bigger one. Not actively planning toghether or anything but just not attacking each other when there is a much bigger threat bearing down on them.

    I really don't like 4actioneers who jump to the stronger faction each time. Yes, they are picking up more points but where is the fun in running around in a near deserted continent - let alone as part of a uber-sized zerg force?

    The idea of a Mercenary faction is a good one. No, scratch that it's an excellent one. I'd sign up for that. I'm not that fussed about extra XP it's just something I get while playing and hopefully having fun.

    However, I do tend to pick a couple of classes plus HA to play for each of my three characters and I've often jumped onto say, LA on my NC toon and thought 'Damn, I don't have upgraded JJ or C4 on this faction." So I think the suggested account / weapon unlocking system would be a better incentive that bonus XP or whatnot.

    What about Mercs using NS system weapons and vehicles but not getting access to the Faction specific ones? That would also give an incentive to be a loyal member of the main factions. I wouldn't mind only having access to NS weapons and vehicles to be honest :D

    From what the OP has written I think you mean Mercenaries to have the armour models/weapons of the faction they are joining? This would be a must IMO to prevent confusion.

    I'm not sure just how much of an effect this would have in rebalancing populations. How many people would sign up compared to the number of 4actioneers? How are the mercs going to be treated by the Faction they are joining? What happens if the Faction I've joined stops being the minority? (I would think I swap to the now-lowest Faction on my respawn. But please, give me a big bloody sign telling me that! :D )

    But yeah, I love this idea...my only regret is that I have but one like to give for the OP.

    Nanite Soldiers, your contract today is with.... :D
  17. xXSmokeXx

    Which is why after server merges you give players a grace period to decide which faction they will stay on, and possibly refund their other faction purchases with certifications. No sense in expecting players to "do the right thing".
  18. L1ttlebear

    It seems like there are enough people who would be willing to use an account like this that, if implimented, would acctually affect the balances quite a bit :) cmon SOE...let me see every side of the game...make it a members option so you wont lose money and just give us freedom!
  19. gudman591

    OR! SOE could've just, you know, not giving us an option to make more than one character for one server.

    I can't stress enough how dumb this decision was, it's unbearable!
  20. Souleater

    Yeah...you would have thought after what has happened to populations in other MMOs they would have known not to even contemplate it... /headdesk.

    @ L1ttlebear: I think you should post this in the Suggestions area if you haven't already done so.