I like the patch so far

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Collin, Dec 18, 2013.

  1. Collin

    - The gunplay improved through nanochange
    Now you have actually move and play tactics in fear to catch a headshoot
    - Guns feels better when you aim for the head the enemy dies
    - The shift of the proxiradar is nice so lockdown and radar helps against C4 LA
    - I think the nanochanges help the NC maxes alot
    One shoot you are dead without nano
    - for some reason the sundy drives a little better


    Now I have to check the Harraser........
  2. Spacelife

    I like it as well!

    By far my favorite change is the change to MAX AV weapons, they hit the center of the screen instead of crossing. So I've been using the Falcons all day. Not the best weapon or nearly as effective indoors as the shotguns but it's really fun to use and leaves no room for ****ups. It also gives me lots of versatility in outdoor fights, they damage those things do to vehicles is ridiculous.
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  3. VonStalin

    I like it too, headshots are a bit better overall. But I miss high hip accuracy with my smg.. :/
  4. CrimsonPath1

    Finally some who aren't whiny self important children! We should start a private multi faction PSC and destroy all the little cry babies that are constantly complaining
  5. Cirevam

    I only logged in for a few minutes last night and I really like the new looks for the Flash, Harasser, and Sundy. They had white camo on at the time so they had this cool white-black-blue color scheme. I'll have to take camo off of the Harasser and see what it looks like with a black base and composite armor.
  6. BoomBoom4You

    overall, a good patch.
  7. huller

    Remind me to give you a "present" when I log back in


    Ballance changes too much too fast and they absolutely butchered vehicle colours.