I learned that you can get marksman with a RL

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Mekeji, Jun 9, 2014.

  1. Mekeji

    I was aiming for a tank and it rolled back and I saw a guy running. Since I was aiming my RL anyways I just let it go and hit him from a large distance. At the same time the crown defense timer ended.

    I kill him and all at once I get a medal for my launcher, a marksman ribbon, and a large outpost defense ribbon.

    I felt bad that I just used a RL to kill the infantry guy but I learned that you can get marksman with a RL.
  2. NyaR

    Why did you feel bad?
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  3. Mekeji

    Because the guy had no clue that there was a rocket coming. He was just running and nearly behind cover and suddenly explodes.

    He wasn't even in the main battle. Just in a ridge near the crown.
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  4. ColonelChingles

    I don't think he would feel bad if he killed you...

    I mean he might have been trying to flank you or something.
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  5. Mekeji

    It isn't that I killed him. It is that I blew him to bits with a rocket out of left field.

    Also he was running down the ridge away from the battle towards a near by base.
  6. Scr1nRusher

    if he engaged you 1v1, he would have had a fair chance at killing you.

    if he engaged you in your tank it wouldn't have been fair 1v1 unless you either had poor aim, and he had C4 or if he was a HA that had a decimator + AV grenade.

    don't feel bad about it....... Unless your tank was using HE rounds, then you might have made people stop playing the game.
  7. Mekeji

    It wasn't a tank. It was a rocket launcher.
  8. Flying Mug

    First time I got Marksman, it was by shooting an Infiltrator with the Lancer.

    I didn't feel bad. I think I cackled.
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  9. Mekeji

    Infils deserve it. They are jerks.
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  10. Silver Fox

    ...And this thread just keeps getting better and better lol.

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  11. Mekeji

    They are. I hate that I run to rez someone and next thing I know my head explodes.

    However friendly infils are great. Enemies randomly dropping keeping me and my bubble safe while people heal and recharge.
  12. Silver Fox


    I need more popcorn.

    Go on...
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  13. Scr1nRusher

    I don't think.....you understood me. 0_o.

    it doesn't matter if you killed him or not.

    if he was shooting you the fight would have went either way, especially factoring client side.

    Also Marksman gathers over time interms of long range kills before giving you the ribbon i think.

  14. Mekeji

    Oh ok I didn't get your point the first time around.

    Also it does gather over time but evidently rockets count towards it. I just happened to have gotten the last kill needed using a rocket.
  15. Mekeji

    ...how so? Do you want me to post all of my rages about different experiences with the classes.

    Like libs being annoying buggers who do nothing but ruin my day? Vanguards are evil and I hate them because they do nothing but sit there and soak up damage. Jackhammer is too damn strong. (disclaimer: useless for fighting off an assault)

    Or are you talking bad opinions that may anger others. Like the Vanu being really ugly and the NC looking like they made their armor out of old cars that were chucked in the trash. The Vanu scythe looks like it is from a generic alien b movie and the NC reaver is just a helicopter with the prop taken off. The magrider is just a failed remodel of the TX130 and the vanguard is just a poorly painted generic tank.
  16. NyaR

    So you felt bad for him because he was playing a video game? I don't understand.
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  17. Mekeji

    No I felt bad becausee I know how it feels to be doing nothing but running and then die out of nowhere.

    It is that situation of "Why me?" there was no way for him to know it was going to happen. It just happened.
  18. MarkAntony

    I got a marksman badge with a bouncing betty.
  19. Mekeji

    Really? That is very odd.
  20. Rift23

    Show us on the doll where the infil touched you.