[Suggestion] I know, let's remove tanks from PSII altogether ...

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Skunkworks, Apr 5, 2013.

  1. Skunkworks

    Oh wait a moment, you already have.

    Whilst we are at it, might as well change the title from 'Planetside 2' to 'Talent-less Morons Sitting Behind a Rock with his trusty Rocketlauncher Making 90% of the BattleSpace untenable for Tankers.'

    Shame really, was a good game now utterly ruined for tankers.

    Oh and don't bark back at me with your usual twobit stock que-card responses that make you sound like customer service operatives spouting garbage from a cribsheet, I couldn't care less.
    I KNOW the game is trashed for tankers, all fulltimer tankers know the game is trashed for tankers and all those ****** rocketeers stood on top of the hill between the crown and crossroads just SPAMMING missile after missile after missile know it....

    Check the battleSpace out now, tankers even further removed from the conflict, sitting edgily on the periphery of any action waiting for some ***** with a Phoenix to pop up on a different continent and spam the missiles from 6 billion light years away so the tanker has NO CHANCE.
    And f*** your situational awareness, wasn't fair on infantry, tanks were overpowered horsesh** - It matters no more because you got what you wanted - you got the tanks removed from the battlespace and here is the thing dips**ts; the zerg is still as strong as ever so what was the point.
    I hate you infantile infantry - why should a little human being the match of a 50 tonne piece of steel. A bit of battlefield materiel that can survive a nuclear war in the real world yet gets taken out by someone who simply looks for 2 seconds - locks on - fires - then crawls back under the rock they were hiding under to perform fellatio on their horny little rocket launcher.

    The bile I feel towards you porcine interjectors has no limit.

    Well done.
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  2. Tommyp2006

    You could just remove vehicles completely, and call the game Call of Duty: Giant Map edition
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  3. Konfuzfanten

    L2P, problem solved?

    One guy in a MBT will beat any one infantry of equal skill.
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  4. Gisgo

    Phoenix = 300m range.

    Try again.
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  5. GraphicJ

    Ouch. That hurt.
  6. Vastly

    Because inside every "50 tonne piece of steel" is an "infantile" infantry. Given that every "infantile" infantryman can jump in a WTFPWN machine, the WTFPWN machines need WTFPWNed downsides.
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  7. Fluzing

    Whenever I get into a tank as TR I get sniped by invisible rapidfire rockets. I just stopped playing tanker altogether a few patches ago, because it is pointless now.
  8. KlyptoK

    My only gripe with tanks atm is people don't die when I hit them.
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  9. RedPsycho


    Scroll down you can see my runs.

    My first run 6 kills to one death, wasn't too bad, but I got flanked and lost sight of one Heavy, it happens
    Second run was 5 kills to 0 deaths. Only reason that one ended is we ended up redeploying to Amerish.
    Third run was 12 kills to 1 death. That one was interesting. I ended up running into Vanu at Bastion and help recapture, took a few of them out and their Sundy. I figured I was in the clear until I started moving up the road and found a few more. Unfortunately by the time I got enough time to pull away and repair a Lightning spotted me and was able to take me out. If I had a gunner who knows what would have happened.

    The last guy I killed with my Prowler didn't come up as dead until my rear axle was over his body. Was odd... I hate how easy it is to kill friendlies, but how hard it is to kill enemies.
  10. Phrygen

    Tanks are fine. They could use a bit more resilience on their back, maybe 5% more armor on the sides, and .5-1 meter more blast radius depending on weapon type. Thats about it.
  11. 13lackCats

    Its always a good idea to clear enemy anti-tank infantry before moving in the tanks.
  12. Radioactive Pirate

    More complaing. Nothing to see here. Move along.
  13. Skunkworks

    lovely collection of answers there, learn to play indeed:
    I am not totally hopeless at the game, Im no wizard but still ;......


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  14. Melor

    Same. The invisible rockets plinking large chunks of armor off and the maneuverability nerf made magriders a death trap. I've found that a lighting has better chances now so I run skyguard a lot. Getting a lot fewer kills but at least chasing off the air helps the sundies (and the few tanks) stay up a little longer.
  15. HadesR

    They are not ( well outside C4 but that's a diff subject ) .. and if you are dying to 1 person with a rocket launcher then you are at fault not them ..
    10 people using launcher's against one tank should win everytime ..

    I'm sorry Dorothy but we are not in Easy mode solo HEspamSide anymore
  16. Wintermaulz

    your images are a bit squished
  17. Goden

    I've noticed that tanks are becoming rarer and rarer to see. Not even the TR which used to hoard tanks in zergs uses them much anymore on Connery. Can't really blame them either. Every time I get in a tank it's a death sentence. It's not uncommon for my tank to be trashed literally 5 seconds after leaving the spawn pad by some engineer with his AT turret way up in the hills. Beyond my render distance so his rocket doesn't even render.

    Not to mention the metric S-TON amount of rocket-launchers the HA has been getting lately. Then you have the AT mines which can insta-kill a tank, C4 which can insta-kill a tank.

    I drive my tank towards a facility and I can literally see the engineers pouring out of the woodwork with AT mines in their hands, all rushing for their chance to blow me up. Seriously. Infantry now runs TOWARDS tanks so they can get the kill first.

    The people who are saying "l2p" when you get killed by a RL are talking out of their rectums. HA's can 2-shot MBT's from the rear and it's not hard to do at all. A monkey could do it.
  18. Meeka

    .... and have you tried using the Skyguard to take out Phoenix missiles? Works fantastically well.

    2 or 3 Skyguards in a tank platoon can make short work of any Phoenix onslaught.
  19. Zorro

    Tanks were implemented the wrong way. Having virtually no penalty to building one and the ability to drive and gun at the same time ensured that tanks would be unbalanced. This game needs to go away from the Battlefield direction and try for something that is realistic and teamwork-oriented.
  20. TintaBux

    Tank zergs are far less common now, as they get wasted to easy, infact tanks in general are much less common, they still used but mostly good at sitting back etc.

    Lightenings are becoming more common now though.